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hair steamers

Hair Steamer 101: The Science, Best Brands, Products, and FAQ

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visage hair straightening brush

Visage Straightening Brush Reviews, Best Alternatives

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Hair brush

15+ Best Antique Hairbrush : A Hairstylist's Choice

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Hair brush men

Top 7 Hairbrushes for Men; A HairStylist's Choices

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Top 10 Kent Hair Brushes You Don't Want To Miss Trying!

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Avon hair brush 1

Avon Hair Brush Reviews : What I Liked So Much About Them

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Girl Combing

Girls Hairbrush : Top 8 from a Stylist's Favorites

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hair dryer for curly hair PHB featured

Hair Dryers for Curly Hair : Our top 5 choices

Curly haired women know just how complicated styling your hair ever can be. It is important to keep in¬†mind that proper hair drying helps you achieve beautiful, healthy, bouncy and luscious locks, while failed drying may make the hair frizzy and often unmanageable.¬†Everyone with curly hair has their own way of drying their curls without […]

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steam hair straightener vs flat iron

Steam hair straightener vs. Flat Iron : 3 Misconceptions Revealed

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dyson vs airwrap thumb

Which is the #1 Best? DYSON vs. AIRWRAP : Side by Side

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