RevAir Review- What you should know before you buy one

revair reviews
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The REVAir is a 2-in 1 Hairdryer and hair straightener. It’s supposed to work on every hair type from straight to super kinky coily hair. And save you a whole lot of time in the drying and straightening process.
RevAir launched its one of a kind hairdryer in 2018. Apart from detangling your hair prior to use, you don’t need to use any kind of brushes while drying your hair.

In this article, we will discuss basic design features, maintenance and performance, and what professionals think.

Does it do all it claims? Is it worth the money? See what conclusion we came to.

What is RevAir?

RevAir is a hairdryer but not a blow dryer since the hair is dried by suctioning the hair, similar to a vacuum.

But more than just drying your hair, the suction action straightens your hair as well. Making less work of dry with brushes or straightening with flat irons

Rev means reverse airflow. The reverse airflow pulls air down the hair shaft closing the cuticle of the hair.
The benefits of sealing your hair’s cuticle in this manner are: straighter and less frizzy puffy hair than with traditional blow drying.

RevAir does NOT use IONIC technology to accomplish their goal of straightening and smoothing the hair.

It is RevAir’s opinion, based on our testing, that utilizing any additional technology (tourmaline, ceramic, or ionic) will not improve the results or benefit hair health.

How does the RevAir work?

  • The suction action gives tension on the hair without friction. The main benefit is less hair pulling, breakage, and hair loss or shedding.
  • Ideal then for tender-headed people and those with fragile hair.
  • The RevAir uses less wattage than traditional blowdryers.
  • HIGH heat uses 800 watts and LOW uses 400 watts.
  • The temperature is gentle, and won't fry your hair. RevAir operates in the range of 140 - 195 degrees Fahrenheit. No more burns on your scalp or ears!
  • RevAir uses 360-degree drying, surrounding the hair with air thus enabling faster drying time.

Standard RevAir Features

  • Big Carrying bag
  • Ribbon ties
  • Weighted wand holder
  • 4 clips
  • Spray bottle
  • Microfiber towel
  • Instructions
  • 3 heat settings and 7 airflow/ tension settings

The hose and wand weigh 1.25 lbs. (the base weighs 6.5lbs) Some people say it’s a little heavy for them for long periods.
However, many professionals hairdressers find it easier on the wrist and back since you don’t have to use it in a bending motion and a brush. Great for carpal tunnel!

Smart sensors and Auto shutoff prevent you from introducing too much hair into the wand, overheating, heat damage, and hair clogging.

What we love about RevAir

  • Easy to use
  • NO tools or attachments
  • Does a good job straightening and drying in one pass
  • RevAir is NOT hot to the touch. It's safe enough to use around children.
  • Leaves hair feeling healthy
  • Love it Guarantee 30-day hassle free trial
  • Gentle heat
    • SinceRevAir pulls heat away, you won’t be covered in sweat while trying to dry your hair or client's hair.

What we don’t like about RevAir

  • Learning Curve
    • It takes you 4 uses to get comfortable with the technique, airflow and heat settings.
    • Learning how large a section of hair you can dry at a time.
  • Size (smaller size is in development)
    • The size of the base is large (9”x9.5”x10”). It doesn’t always fit on a counter. Bulky and awkward to store
    • Not travel size
  • Not for international use
    • Not dual voltage 120V/60Hz/13.5A USA and Canada Only
  • Maintenance
    • Maintenance of 2 filters & heat chamber cover
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