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Healthy Hair-Friendly Alternatives to Relaxers

As someone who has gotten relaxers in the past, I am all too aware of the relaxer process. The potential discomfort of the relaxer application, the risk of obtaining damage to your hair and scalp and, the annoying notion that in another six weeks, you’ll have to be back at it again for a touch-up. […]

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Top 5 Relaxers for Sensitive Scalps

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Top 5 Professional Relaxers for Black Hair

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6 Best Relaxers for Black Hair : Stylist's Choice

While it is urged that you visit the salon whenever possible for all chemical procedures, even I can’t deny having used at home relaxers on myself and my friends as well. Contrary to popular belief, the result wasn’t bad a lot of the time, in fact, depending upon the quality of the relaxer that I […]

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Caring For Relaxed Hair : The Basics

If you’re someone who has been receiving relaxers for quite some time then you are probably well aware of the possible drying effects that come after. A lot of women report experiencing dryness, brittleness, rough texture, and even breakage after repetitive relaxer applications. We know it’s terrible to hear but for a lot of women, […]

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