How The Tyme Iron Pro Works? – Explained

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The TYME Iron Pro has been a revelation in the hair styling sphere. Albeit its unique design, the 2-in-1 styler works on the same principle as of its counterparts in the market.

So, how exactly does the iron work?

Before we learn about how the styler works, let's get educated a bit about our hair; what its composition is, its reaction to various external factors.

Some insight on hair

The hair cuticles (strands) are formed with a protein called keratin. Keratin is made up of multiple chains of amino acids that are also found in your teeth and nails. The strength of hair, however, is determined by a number of sulfur-containing amino acids. These bonds which make our hair cuticles add more strength to the keratin. They help to assure that the keratin molecules remain secured in place which helps to give the shape and texture to our hair. Read more about keratin here.

Effect of heat on keratin

In our chemistry class, we have learned that chemical bonds can be broken if some form of energy is provided to the bond. The surplus energy enables the individual elements in the bond to overcome the force of attraction and be free. The same principle applies here.

Heat is a form of energy and keratin is a bonding of amino acids. By applying heat, we are providing energy to the amino acid bonds in keratin. This energy supply results in the breakdown of chains, thus, the breakdown of keratin, enabling change in positions.

The work of a styling iron

A styling iron brings the concept of restructuring keratin with the aid of energy (heat) into practice.

The metal or ceramic plates on the styling iron heat up and act as a source of energy. When you put your hair in between the plates, the keratin receives energy in the form of heat from the iron plates. This energy helps to breakdown the chemical bonds and enable movement of the keratin molecules. Apart from providing heat, the plates act as a guide for reforming the shape of the hair by sandwiching it between themselves. Thus, once the plates move over a particular part of the hair, the keratin loses the surplus energy, forming new bonds and giving the hair a new shape. All stylers have the same kind of heating setup; it's only the way of guiding the hair around the device that differs the most.

Although you can use heat to style your hair, too much of it is harmful. A higher degree of heat from any tool can cause severe damage to your hair. The high temperature will destroy the keratin and hydrogen bonds which will lead to you having brittle, weak and dead hair.

And, that is how a styler works. We hope you got some idea about your hair and how the iron works to stylize your hair the way you want.

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