In-Depth Review: HerStyler Hair Straightener/Flat Iron

herstyler review
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We love colors, and so do the folks at HerStyler company. They make their straighteners in a wide variety of colors. HerStyler, founded in 2003 in Southern California they are passionate about style and fashion.

Not only are these hair straighteners eye-catching, but they are also a way of expressing our individuality. The standard black flat iron may not convey your true creative nature.

Salon -quality, fashion-forward Flat Irons at affordable prices is their motto.

If you want to keep your style cutting edge, you need to make sure your tools are cutting edge as well.

Herstyler Titanium Hair Straightener - 1.5 Inch Flat Iron With Rose Gold Titanium Plates - Enticing Dual Voltage Flat Iron For Silky Hair

  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL Dial 180 to 450 degrees F. 

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  • 1.25-inch wide 
  • titanium coated ceramic plates
  • Dual Voltage
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • 360-degree swivel cord 
  • Textured handle for better grip



  • Temperature Dial doesn’t’ allow you careful control over the heat
  • No auto-shutoff
  • VERY HOT can burn you

Herstyler Digital Violet 1.5 Inch Titanium Flat Iron - Digital Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature - Titanium Hair Straightener for Frizz-free Styling - Digital Flat Iron - Purple

  • even heat distribution
  • Floating plates
  • Suitable for curly, wavy or straight hair
  • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE up to 500 degrees  but holds steady temp of 450F
  • Quick cool down option for safety  
  • dual voltage.
  • 360-degree swivel cord


  • No auto-shutoff


Herstyler Colorful Seasons Ceramic Flat Iron - Dual Voltage 1.25 Inch Straightener - Negative Ion Technology - Flat Iron With Adjustable Temperature - Pink

  • Comes in 5 Different Colors
  • Dual Voltage both 110-120V and 220-240V (US plug)
  • Negative Ion Technology
  • Temperature Dial adjustable between 180° F to 460° F
  • Floating Plates with round edges for no snags
  • 360° swivel cord
  • easy-grip handle


  • Temperature Dial doesn’t’ allow for careful control over the heat

Herstyler Tourmaline 1 Inch Flat Iron - Dual Voltage Straightener - Flat Iron With Floating Plates - Adding Versatility To Style - (Purple)

  • Comes in 4 colors
  • Sleek thin design for easy reach near the scalp
  • Temperature Dial heats up 180 to 460F
  • ergonomic 
  • 360° swivel cord, 
  • flexible floating plate technology
  • easy-grip handle
  • plates are made of ceramic infused with tourmaline.
  • dual voltage both 110-120V and 220-240V
  • 1-inch plates allow for curling


  • Temperature Dial doesn’t’ allow for careful control over the heat
  • No auto-shutoff

Herstyler Fusion Ceramic Flat Iron - 1.25 Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener with Negative Ions - Floral Pink Dual Flat Iron for Urbane Hairstyles - Straightener with Adjustable Temperature

  • Comes in 5 colors
  • 1.25-inch flat iron 
  • Ceramic plates & Negative ion technology 
  • dual voltage 
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial of 180-460 F.
  • long swiveling cord 
  • Works great to curl hair


  • Temperature Dial doesn’t’ allow for careful control of heat

Herstyler LED Ceramic Flat Iron - Boost Hair Growth With This Hair Straightening Iron - Infrared Flat Iron To Protect Hair - Anti-Static Flat Iron - A Delightful Tool For Silky Hair (Blue)

  • Comes in 3 colors
  • Temperature dial up to 450 degrees F 
  • Red LED technology encourages healthy hair growth 
  • These ceramic plates emit negative ions when heated
  • Infrared flat iron technology distributes heat the hair from the inside out. 
  • No snag Floating Plates 
  • Dual Voltage
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Cons

    • Temperature Dial doesn’t’ allow for careful control over the heat
    • Plates don’t always close tightly


    Herstyler Sensu Aluminum Flat Iron - 1.5 Inch Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature

    • 1.5-inch wide aluminum plates
    • heat up quickly, evenly and stays hot
    • Double insulated for 220v
    • Dual Voltage
    • This aluminum hair straightener uses negative ion technology to counter static and frizz.
    • Digital control. 5 Temperature settings to suit your hair type:
          • 250F
          • 290F
          • 320F
          • 360F
          • 450F
    • Which is better aluminum or ceramic hair straightener

     Best Answer:  Ceramic hair straightener

    • In ceramic hair straighteners, the plates are made of ceramic materials. Ceramic protects your hair because it emits gentle infra-red heat, helping lock in moisture and prolong hair color. The one I purchased has worked flawlessly till now.
    • From being told quite bluntly by my girlfriend, Ceramic ones do the job better and cause less damage to your hair. My girlfriend has very naturally curly hair and it's only ceramic ones that straighten her hair properly.
    • Ceramic plates are natural minerals that won't damage your hair, will actually make hair smooth, shiny, refined and you will have fantastic healthy hair! Once you've used a ceramic iron you will NEVER go back to conventional aluminum!!
    • Ceramic is much better than aluminum. The ceramic protects your hair from heat and runs down your hair smoothly.
    • aluminum ones can catch on the hairs and tear them out.

    Sorry, I DON’T  entirely agree with Yahoo on this one.

    The HerStlyer Aluminum Flat iron plates are coated with tourmaline.

    In addition, the floating plates make it snag-free 

    Aluminum is an excellent heat conductor and cools quickly. It’s lightweight and strong. 

    Ceramic heats up slower and retains the heat longer. Ceramic also tends to break more easily when dropped.

    This particular aluminum flat iron is a good choice since you can regulate the heat setting.

    Straightening Brushes

    2019-10-15 (11)


    Herstyler Electric Ceramic Straight Brush, Stay In Control Without Losing Control, Hot Pink

    • The ceramic surface has structured bristles that emit evenly distributed, gentler, infrared heat.
    • pasted image 0
    • easy-grip handle
    • One-touch button
    • 5 Adjustable Heat settings:
      • 160F
      • 180F
      • 200F
      • 220F
      • 230F


    • Can change the heat setting accidentally while brushing your hair
    • May not heat up enough for certain hair types

    In Conclusion

    Because HerStyler hair straighteners are low priced, they lack features such as :

    • Auto-shutoff
    • Very few are genuinely digitally heat controlled.
    • No travel pouches included.

    A significant benefit is that they back their products with a 1yr mfg warranty if you buy from a recognized dealer and register your tool online.

    All are Ionic, which makes hair smoother.

    Heats up well and works on ALL hair types make sure you keep the heat as low as possible for your hair type.

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