Etekcity Hair Curler; We tried it, here's the review!

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You have never heard of EteckCity, ok you are not alone! We had never heard of them either. But they have been around for a few years manufacturing household gadgets.

The EAC-88 Instant Auto Hair Curler is the first Hair tool that they have made.
The Instant Auto Hair Curler is an Automatic spinning curling iron or hair curling tool. The inside looks more like a flat iron.
EtekCity’s Instant Curler is supposed to be fully automatic and save you hand and arm strain of traditional curling wands.

In this review, we will show you the main features, how it works, and the pros and cons of the product.
Then you will be able to determine if it is worth your time and hard-earned dollars

About EtekCity

Standard Features of the EAC-88 Instant Auto Curler

How To use the Instant Auto Curler

Recently EtekCity sent us an instant auto curler to try for ourselves.
Here were our first impressions of the EtekCity Instant Auto Curler
*EtekCity did not pay us to review their product

Unbiased reviews

Some close friends also tested the product here is what they said:

“The rotation button is in an awkward position. I kept hitting the button on accident. It curled fine on one side but my hair got tangled in it on the other.”

Final Thoughts

The beeping timer only works when pressing the rotate button. That function did not work well for me because the hair gets loose from the barrel when it continues to rotate and therefore did not give me good curl results.

Skipping the beeping timer and only holding the rotate button long enough for my hair to wrap around the barrel allows for a tighter hold and better curl.

The curler continues to heat up and stays hot even without the timer. So if you are willing to count the seconds or use an external timer, it works well.

Very simple to use once you understand how it works

The EtekCity Instant Auto Curler is faster and safer than a traditional curling iron.

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