Where to Buy an Original Tyme Iron and Avoid Knock Offs

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If you are reading this article, I'm sure that you were impressed to buy the TYME's Iron Pro or are just curious in general. The TYME iron has gained so much spotlight in the hair tools market that the company now has to deal with its knock-offs. Much of its spotlight is owned to its unique design which has separated the customer base into two clear halves. Those who could get to grips of the Iron Pro appreciate the product and those who could not give bad reviews and asked for their money back.

where can i buy a tyme iron

Where you should buy the TYME iron

With all the knock-offs saturating the market, it is too easy for a buyer to end up with a wrong product.

You should always buy TYME products from reliable sources like Amazon (see here). Do not trust any other website especially eBay or other Chinese e-commerce sites.

tyme official

Check On Amazon

Purchase your iron from Amazon or the product website to ensure you get the value for your money with a genuine product. Moreover, there are additional perks of getting an original product.

Additional benefits

Warranty on the product

The TYME Iron Pro comes with a 1-year warranty. If you are disappointed with the product, you also have a 30-day money back guarantee. It is not something you will get with the cheap knock-offs.

Customer support

Owning an original product will enable you to avail TYME's customer support. If you are facing any problem with your device, you can contact TYME directly to sort out the issue. Furthermore, TYME provides free FaceTYME sessions to their customers who are having trouble handling the tool. You only have to make an appointment for it.

Value for money

Buying from Amazon or Tymestyle, you are directly dealing with the manufacturer. So there's no question of you receiving a knock offs.

Note: If you are buying from Amazon, only purchase from one of the following sellers:

  • TYME Style Global Limited, or
  • MMP Living

If you find a different seller for the product, kindly do not make the purchase.

Once again, on a final note, make sure you make your purchase your TYME Iron Pro, either from Amazon or Tymestyle.com.

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