Welcome to my blog about hair styling and care! I'm Stephanie Sanchez, a hair stylist from Florida in the United States. I've worked with a variety of clients and hair types over the course of my years in the hair industry to help them achieve their hair goals and feel comfortable in their own skin.

My goal as a hair coach is to help you recognize your particular hair type and arm you with the information and resources you need to care for and style your hair in a way that suits you. Great hair, in my opinion, is more than just a pretty style; it's a reflection of your general wellbeing and health.

I've had the chance to work with many well-known hair product companies throughout my career, including Kérastase. I've learned from experience that the secret to gorgeous, healthy hair is a blend of high-quality products, a reliable hair care regimen, and a little bit of know-how.
My best advice and techniques for everything from daily hair care to special occasion styling will be shared in this blog. I'm here to help, whether your goal is to control frizz, add volume, or simply maintain strong, healthy hair.

Editorial Team

led by Industry Experts

Prohairblog has always been committed to curating helpful and reliable contents. I have a pool of talented authors who are practically involved in the beauty industry.

Tara Smith

Hair Stylist
Tara E. Smith has over three years experience as a hair stylist and is always on the hunt for the newest beauty hack, secret, or product. She has a personal commitment to staying informed on personal wellness for a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically.

Stephanie Sanchez

Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists
Stephanie Sanchez has 20+ years of hairdressing experience. She began writing at age 10. Now the Lead author here in PHB and Hair Coach for Kerotin Hair care. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and learning from others.

Sandra Williams

Hair Stylist
Sandra's five years' experience as a hairdresser has taught her so much about hair care, hair styling, and the best way to take care of color treated hair. Her favorite part about being a hairdresser is that she gets to share all of her practical knowledge to help others keep their hair radiant and shining like the sun!

Noelene Peters

Hairdresser and Salon Owner
Noelene has been in hairdressing for 28 years. She has owned two successful salons and currently rent a chair in a salon to govern her hours. Her passion is hair, it’s all she has ever wanted to do.

Lauren Gilmore

Hair Stylist and Educator
Lauren has over 11 years experience in the hair industry, working with award-winning, nationwide salons in the UK. Lauren is now an educator as well as a Hair Stylist delivering hairdressing qualifications in the UK and running her own online courses.

Ashlee Z.

Skin Care and Beauty Specialist
Ashlee has been in the beauty industry since 2013. She has qualified as a health and skincare specialist and then moved on to specialize in therapeutic massage. She now owns her own mobile massage and makeup business. In her spare time, she uses her knowledge about the body to write informative articles to help people make the best choices when it comes to anything beauty related.

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