How to use TYME iron: Curl, Wave or Straighten hair

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how to use tyme iron

The TYME Iron Pro is a different entity when compared to the other 2-in-1 hair-stylers in the market. We have a complete review article on it. While the conventional stylers have a closing hinge barrel design, the TYME comes with a scissoring hinge. It closes down on the hair, with the plates traversing at an angle before they clamp down the hair between them. Because of its unique style, you need to understand the method of its operation to get the best out of it.

So, let’s get started.

Holding the Iron

The results you get largely depend on how you handle the iron. Hence, it is essential that you hold the iron correctly before operating it. You can hold the Iron in two different ways, depending on whether:

  1. You will be using it on your hair.
  2. You will be using it on someone else’s hair.

Working on self-hair

Before starting, hold the iron between your fingers. You should be holding the device close to its hinge joint with your thumb placed behind the power button. Make sure you don't have too tight of a grip over the iron; use fingers to control how much the iron closes over the hair while supporting the iron on the palm.

Working on someone else’s hair

If you want to use the device on someone else's hair, hold the device in the opposite way. Meaning, your thumb should now be on the larger of the legs of the device, facing the power button. The rest of your fingers should be behind the power button.

Note: The above handling instruction is based on right-hand use of the device.

Check this video to learn to work with your left hand.

Hair Treatment

For having the best results, it is advised that you use the iron on freshly washed and dried hair. Also, you need to apply the Upstage thermal protectant that comes with the Iron to prevent heat damage, retain shine, and hold the curl and volume of hair.

Using the Iron

Getting straights or having curls and waves going over your hair is easy once you understand how to use it.

For getting curls and waves

Start with a section of your hair, holding it out. Hold the iron at a 45-degree angle with your thumb behind the power button and the guidelines touching your scalp (you should see the TYME logo in the mirror). Grab a section of hair you want to curl with the iron.

Now, twist the iron (like you rev a motorcycle) till you can see the guidelines on the mirror. Then, gently push the iron towards the mirror (away from your face). You can hold the end of the hair while doing this to ensure all of the sectioned hair gets curled.

Note: The more you twist the iron, the curlier your hair will be.

Be it the right or left side, always hold the iron at a 45-degree angle to your head and push it towards the camera with the hair.

For straightening hair

If you want straight hairs, you need to hold the iron the same way, i.e. the right thumb behind the power button) and only vary the placement. You have to place the iron pointing towards (for right side) or away from (for left side) the mirror with your thumb between the iron and your head. You know you are holding it right if the TYME logo is facing away from your head.

Then, starting from the root of the sectioned hair, push the iron towards the ground. Do not clamp hard on the hair. You can make the hair flair out or in by twisting the iron outward or inward.

Again, here’s a video to help you understand better.

We hope this usage guide helps you to understand the TYME Iron Pro better and make the best use of it. If you have any question, feel free to comment.

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