Top 5 Protein Treatments for Relaxed Hair

by Tara Smith
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I know how much we love that smooth, sleek look that a relaxer gives us, especially right after we get it done. Sleek, shiny, straight, and beautiful whether it's a bob, shortcut, or layers!

But, that is not all we remember. We also remember the fragile state that our hair is left in following the relaxer. If you ever received relaxers continuously as your hair grew out, you are probably more than familiar with the delicate, fragile, and sometimes, ultimately, damaged state that a relaxer can sometimes result in.

The trick is knowing how to combat this! The relaxer process involves the breaking of hair bonds to retexturize the hair strand. While the hair is not left completely dead after this chemical procedure, it is most definitely changed permanently. Can you repair these bonds completely? No, and for good reason too because there goes your relaxer! However, you can strengthen your hair through quality protein treatments for relaxed hair.

By incorporating a protein treatment into your relaxed hair care regimen you will greatly improve the strength and elasticity of your hair and its health overall. Let’s take a look at the top five protein treatments for relaxed hair!

Top 5 Protein Treatments for Relaxed Hair

Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment

We love a cruelty-free hair treatment that packs a healthy punch! Olaplex is one of the most intensive protein treatments out there. Not only is Olaplex a trusted, salon-quality hair brand that you can access on those special trips to get your hair done, this treatment, designed to be used at home, can even be used for weekly maintenance.

What makes this a fantastic protein treatment for relaxed hair is its ability to nourish the hair strand on 

a molecular level. This product repairs hair bonds that have been broken through chemical, thermal, or physical manipulation. It is important to note that this is not a regular conditioner and is quite concentrated. Free of sulfates, parabens, phosphates, and cruelty-free, there is very little reason you shouldn’t give this treatment a try. Your relaxed hair will most definitely thank you!

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & YogurtHydrate + Repair ProteinPower Treatment

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Another product from the celebrated SheaMoisture brand! Once again, SheaMoisture does not fail to provide incredible strength and hydration through this protein treatment. Specifically formulated for extremely dry and brittle hair,

damaged hair and over-processed hair, this protein treatment is ideal for relaxed hair.

Manuka honey provides moisture and shine to the hair while yogurt hydrates while also strengthening the hair strand. This product also claims to reduce breakage up to 76%. Worried about your color, this product is safe to use on hair that has been colour treated and it’s also sulfate free too!

BLOOMMY HairMask - Biotin Collagen Keratin Treatment

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Hair repair is nothing for this intensive, hair structure-enhancing hair mask. Filled with three of the best ingredients for promoting strong and healthy hair, biotin, keratin, and collagen, this treatment is sure to make a difference in your hair.

Biotin is known for discouraging hair loss and thickening hair, collagen is filled with amino acids that are very beneficial to the hair, and keratin adds sheen and smoothness to the hair while strengthening the hair strand. This is great to hear for our relaxed ladies because these are great ingredients for combatting damage from chemical processes.

Testimonials claim this mask calms flyaways and prevents frizz as well so styling after using this mask is much easier and will have your hair looking fantastic. For only ten minutes of a lifetime, you can have healthy, strong hair that is both beautiful and strong.

Organic Root Stimulator HAIRestore Hair Mayonnaise

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While I have used Organic Root Stimulator products in the past, I have never used this product even though I have been wanting to for quite some time. It is the last step in their HAIRestore system to combat excessive hair breakage and hair loss. It is designed to be used on all types of hair but is especially beneficial for over-processed and damaged hair.

Star ingredients of this treatment are whole egg protein, olive oil, and wheat germ oil making this an excellent hair product that is not only protein intensive but has the moisturizing properties of glycerin and olive oil.

Another amazing plus about this product is its price range. I have seen this product go from $8.50 online to $11 dollars in the store. For the quality and amount of product that you get, I would definitely recommend this as an effective protein treatment for relaxed hair.

Design Essentials Restore Vitamin Treatment

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Design Essentials has always been a salon quality brand that recognizes the hair’s need for a protein/moisture balance. Their products range from intensive hydration to strong protein treatments such as this.

This product, specifically, is an incredibly ideal relaxed hair protein treatment. Strength is restored from the inside out through Design Essential’s HydraStrength Vitamin & Protein Complex, created to 

nourish, moisturize, and strengthen the composition of the hair.

This treatment is encouraged to use before, if possible during, and after receiving a chemical service. What this does is creates constant protection for the hair at all times. With your consistent use, your hair will already have the strength within each strand to stand up to any type of damage!

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What Are You Waiting On?

Using protein treatments in combination with moisturizing treatments will do a world of good for your relaxed hair. By keeping up with that balance, the hair will always be in a healthy, nourished state. Next time you’re in your favorite beauty supply store be on the lookout for some of these protein treatments and get that hair strong!


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