Hot Oil Treatment on Relaxed Hair : How To and Best Oils!

by Tara Smith
[ Hair Stylist ]

The usage of oil to condition and treat the hair has been a hair care method for centuries. Women have been using oil from various vegetables, fruits, and nuts to provide that extra bit of TLC to their strands whenever needed.

There are some oils that are so good at infusing the hair with moisture that they are super ideal for dry, coarse, relaxed, or natural hair. The best oils for hot oil treatments are oils that actually penetrate the hair shaft and infuse the hair with moisture and strength.

These properties are what promotes healthy hair, encourage hair growth, and create manageability within the hair. Hot oil treatments on relaxed hair, specifically, are incredibly effective at breathing life back into the hair while softening the hair and enhancing shine.

 Let’s take a look at how to perform a hot oil treatment on your relaxed hair and the best oils to do it with!

Hot Oil Treatment: How To?

The first step when beginning a hot oil treatment starts with assessing your hair. In need of moisture? Olive and jojoba oil will probably be your best bet. Leaning more towards strength for your hair? Look at coconut and grapeseed.

The point is, that understanding what your hair needs will greatly help you when choosing your oils. We’ll get into that soon!

Relaxed hair tends to be on the dry side and its chemically treated state makes strength and elasticity a big priority. Everyone is different, so choose accordingly.

Once you have gathered your oils, place them in whatever applicator bottle you plan on using and place this into very warm water. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and take it out. Apply the oil to your hair liberally and let sit for half an hour with a plastic cap.

Once time is up, shampoo and condition are normal. You may have to shampoo more than once for effective removal of all oil.


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Hot Oil Treatment: What Oils To Use?

  • Coconut Oil

Truly one of the most beneficial oils for hair is coconut oil. I personally use this on my hair and body religiously. The advantages to using coconut oil on your hair are numerous, including a reduced loss of protein when applied to the hair.

In fact, studies show that when coconut oil was applied to the hair prior to washing, it served to protect the hair from the washing process.

Hair, especially relaxed hair, is in a very vulnerable state when wet. It is because of this that a hot oil treatment with coconut oil would be amazing for relaxed heads. Coconut oil is made of lauric acid, it is this ingredient that allows the coconut oil to penetrate the hair shaft. Using this for a hot oil treatment on relaxed hair will most definitely make a difference over time and with continued use.

  • Olive Oil

Another high-quality, extremely moisturizing oil that is great for both hair and the body is olive oil. Look on the back of a few of your favorite hair products, I guarantee you that at least one of them has olive oil in it, and for good reason. Olive oil is known for greatly enhancing the health of hair because of its makeup.

Made up of emollients, or softeners, olive oil acts as a great hot oil treatment for relaxed hair because of its intense ability to penetrate the hair shaft importing moisture and strength into your strands.

The power of hot oil treatments when performed on relaxed hair is seen and felt immediately after use. Hair is softer, smoother, and shinier all thanks to olive oil!

  • Jojoba Oil

You have probably heard more about jojoba oil in regards to skincare as opposed to hair care but believe me, the benefits are just as great. Though it can aid in defending against breakage and hair loss, jojoba oils' main benefit is their ability to moisturize the hair.

Used in many conditioners and hair moisturizers, jojoba oil would be very beneficial as a hot oil treatment for relaxed hair or, really, hair in any kind of condition. Since relaxed hair tends to be quite dry, especially, when not taken care of, hot oil treatment with an oil like jojoba can truly do wonders.  Rich in Vitamin C and E, jojoba oil is an excellent oil to include not only in your hot oil treatments but also in your day-to-day hair care regimen.

  • Grapeseed Oil

Perhaps not as talked about but just as important and helpful for the hair is grapeseed oil. Put down the wine glass and pick up a comb because the oil created from grape seeds contains an immense amount of nourishment for the hair.

Relaxed hair can benefit from grapeseed for different reasons but a few of the best ones are its light weightiness, incredible makeup of chemicals and vitamins, and its ability to greatly reduce hair loss.

Grapeseed oil is filled with different vitamins and antioxidants which help strengthen brittle, fragile hair, a common result when getting relaxers. Incorporating this oil into your hot oil treatment will provide nourishment and act as a defense against possible damage.

  • Avocado Oil

A crowd favorite! Avocado oil comes in for the win again and we’re not talking about avocado toast. Already known for its amazing ability to increase your bodily health, avocados and avocado oil can do wonders for your skin.

The main reason for this is, again, because of its chemical makeup. Avocado oil contains large amounts of monounsaturated fats, which allow the oil and all of its hair-friendly properties to penetrate into the hair shaft. This is fantastic news for individuals looking to do a hot oil treatment on their relaxed hair. Since this oil can penetrate into the hair shaft more effectively than others, you will not have to worry “if it’s working”. Results are seen through softness, shine, increased elasticity, and manageability!

  • Castor Oil

Last on our list is an oil that has been incorporated into a number of hair products and treatments across hundreds of brands and collections. This thick oil is really geared toward being an incredible sealant for coarse and dry hair. It is made up of a long chain of fatty acids, which provide the hair follicle with nutrients to support hair health.

This oil’s thickness makes it an excellent addition to the hot oil treatment medley. In fact, it is recommended that castor oil is diluted with other oils such as grapeseed and coconut. This oil does an excellent job of coating the hair shaft, making the hair softer, smoother, and more manageable.

Always remember, when doing a hot oil treatment on relaxed hair, chemically treated hair, or any kind of hair, really, quality matters! Pure, organic, unrefined oils will do the most for your hair. For castor oil, try to get 100% Pure Jamaican Castor Oil.


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Caring for relaxed hair is not hard but it is commitment, patience, and love. Incorporating a hot oil treatment into your hair maintenance will greatly nourish your relaxed hair. Hot oil treatments are immensely beneficial and can truly protect and strengthen the hair.

Learn your hair as best you can to create a hot oil treatment that leaves your hair looking and feeling incredible!

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