Top 5 Professional Relaxers for Black Hair

by Tara Smith
[ Hair Stylist ]

It is important when receiving a relaxer that we look for a relaxer that is effective and still good for the hair. A lot of the time, damaged and unhealthy hair can come about because of the type of relaxer used as opposed to the way it was applied. By choosing smartly, you’ll not only have straight, sleek hair, but you can be confident in the state and health of your hair after a relaxer.

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to try to have your relaxer applied by a licensed stylist in a salon setting. There are a lot of professional relaxers for black, coarse hair that salons use to provide the best experience for you and your hair.

A lot of professional relaxers are only accessible to individuals with active cosmetology licenses. This, alone, should encourage you to seek out a great salon to get your relaxer done. Let’s take a look at some of the top professional relaxers for black, highly-textured hair that you may see in salons. Read on!

Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System

Affirm as a brand is known for its innovation in regards to the health of the hair. A lot of their products are made with a balance of moisture, hydration, and strength to protect the hair on all fronts.

This relaxer, specifically, claims to effectively straighten the hair while keeping 81% of the hair’s original fiber elasticityIn addition, this relaxer is designed to be gentle on the scalp, a win for individuals with sensitive scalp!

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Organic RootStimulator Professional CremeRelaxer

You may already use Organic Root Stimulator products in your day to day hair maintenance. They have a range of daily styling and care products, such as pomades, edge control, foam wrap, and more. I, personally, use the Carrot Oil hair cream daily! Their professional line is just as impressive, if not, more so.

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The star ingredient in this relaxer and overall brand is olive oil, and incredible moisturizer, making it a favorite for at home and professional use. Often, the best professional relaxers for black hair will include moisturizing and strengthening agents to aid the hair during the relaxer process and after.

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Design Essentials Conditioning Relaxer

Third on our list is from a brand found in many salons, Design Essentials. If you have ever used KeraCare then you have used a member of the Design Essentials team, too! What we love about this relaxer is the HydraStrength Vitamin and Protein Complex within the formula.

This relaxer includes Olive Oil and Shea Butter so your hair is left straight,strong and moisturized. One of the best professional relaxers on the market!

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Nairobi Sensitive Scalp Relaxer System

We love this relaxer for so many reasons! Individuals that are prone to scalp issues and discomfort can feel confident when using this relaxer. This is one of the few relaxers that is both salon gr.

Alons where this was the relaxer used on everyone regardless if their scalp was sensitive or not. This was because of its overall incredible effectiveness!

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Phyto Specific Botanical No-Lye Relaxer

While most relaxers are made with the typical chemicals to retexturize[Link to: how to relax natural hair without chemicals] the hair, Phytospecific relaxer is created without sodium hydroxide and is the only relaxer where the active ingredients are of 100% natural origin.

The formula is egg and soy based with added conditioning agents for superior protection while still getting the sleek straightness! A lot of salons that emphasize an organic or natural[Link to: how to relax natural hair without chemicals] approach to their hair care, which is quite common for black hair salons, will have a relaxer line like Phyto Specific available for clients.

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Getting your hair relaxed is not a huge event, but it is pretty important for the health of your hair and your appearance. Be good to yourself and your hair and search out the best professional relaxers for coarse, African-American hair.

Quality salons will more than likely have one of the relaxers mentioned and maybe even others. By being knowledgeable about what you put on your hair and the chemical processes that it goes through to get your hair straight, it’ll be easy to choose the best professional relaxer for your hair.

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