Top 9 Ionic Hooded Hairdryers Reviewed For Your Home or Salon

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

Ionic hooded hair dryers are one of the best-hooded hair dryers since they produce negative ions. When we think of something negative, usually we believe that it’s not good for us. In reality, negative ions are beneficial. Positively charged ions are harmful and cause the hair shaft to open up, resulting in the loss of moisture and shine.

When the amount of positive ions increases, the hair gets frizzy and is more likely to be damaged. Pollution is the result of positively charged ions. And Negative ions are found where oxygen is abundant. Negative ions eliminate static electricity, reducing the frizzy effect.

Summary: Negative ions help to rid the hair of the dirt and grime, sealing in moisture, closing the cuticle, and eliminating frizz by reducing static. The result is your hair will shinier and healthier. Negative ions are especially beneficial for fragile hair.

Some hair dryers give you the option to turn on and off the ion production. Control is vital because turning ion production on makes for smoother hair, and turning off the ion production gives way for more volume.

Ionic Hooded Hair Dryers

HIGHLAND 1570 Ionic Hair Dryer

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  • One-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Professional Hooded Salon Hair Dryer
  • 120 Volts, 1160 Watts
  • 500+ Cubic Feet Of Air Movement Per Hour
  • Adjustable Thermostat Including Perm Setting
  • Electronic 60-Minute Timer With Cool Down Period 
  • Removable Air Filter 
  • Stationary not easy to move about

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

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  • 16 pounds 
  • 2000 watts of power.
  • Auxiliary input connects to smartphones and MP3 players to play music.
  • 2 speed / 3 temperature settings including cool
  • lift-up visor for added convenience.
  • Built-in, adjustable airflow diffuser.
  • Heavy-duty anchor bolt to lock base and poles in place.
  • 2 locking wheels to prevent the base from moving while in use.
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to clean
  • Rustproof inner and outer stand.
  • Head doesn't rotate
  • No Timer

Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional High Heat Portable Salon Dryer

  • 15.7 pounds 
  • 1875 watt dries hair up to 50% faster
  • Adjustable front visor
  • bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers
  • Ionic ON/OFF Switch
  • 2 Speed / 4 Heat options
  • 9ft power cord, 
  • Two lockable wheels for stability
  • No timer

Gold 'N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer

  • 15.7 pounds 
  • 1875 watt dries hair up to 50% faster
  • Adjustable front visor
  • Bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers
  • Ionic ON/OFF Switch
  • 2 Speed / 4 Heat options
  • 9ft power cord, 
  • Two lockable wheels for stability
  • No timer

Ionic Pro Rollabout Tourmaline Dryer Modern Elements

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  • Most inexpensive in its class
  • Ideal as a secondary salon dryer or for home use
  • Equipment ships free, exclusions apply*
  • Height adjusts from 25-3/4" to 48-3/4"
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 2 locking wheels
  • NO Timer

TableTop Hair Dryers

Revlon Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • 8.55 pounds
  • 1875 watts 110v
  • Large Round Hood Accommodates a Set of Jumbo Hair Rollers
  • Collapsible Design Makes Storage and Travel Easier
  • Ion On/Off Switch with "On" Indicator Light
  • 3 Temperature Settings: Low, Medium and High
  • Convenient Cord Storage Area
  • Difficult to Adjust from sitting position

Red Pro 1875-Watt Ceramic Tourmaline Hood Dryer

  • 8.6 pounds
  • 2 long-lasting motors for the ultimate drying experience
  • 4 heat settings; High/Medium/Low/Cool
  • 15% more coverage to fit most hair rollers
  • Adjustable height: up to 4 ½”
  • Easy fold-up: Portable and compact
  • Dries hair quickly
  • Plastic a bit fragile

Annie Hot & Hotter Extra Large 1500 Ceramic Ionic Hood Dryer

  • 8 pounds
  • 1500 watts
  • Extra-large hood to accommodate large rollers
  • Adjustable column; provides excellent overall coverage for smooth & even drying
  • 3 heat settings
  • Ceramic ionic technology
  • Easy fold-up carrying case
  • Plastic a bit fragile
  • Hood tends to fall down
  • Not very hot

Soft Hooded Bonnet Dryer

Revlon Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

  • Adjustable Soft Bonnet Accommodates a Set of Jumbo Rollers
  • 3 Heats / Speeds Provide Drying and Styling Flexibility
  • Cool Setting to Help Set the Style
  • Flexible Hose for Easy Mobility
  • Compact and Convenient Storage Case Holds Entire Unit, Including Power Cord
  • The cord is 6 ft long
  • The hose is a bit short
  • Hose tends to fall out of the bonnet

In Conclusion

Stand up rolling hooded dryers are typically the quietest option of ionic hooded hairdryers.

However Tabletop Hooded models offer a more economical solution, they are also easier to put away out of sight for home users. Downside these have shorter cords and tend to be noisier while you are sitting under the dryer.

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