Best 8 Tabletop Hard Hat Hooded Hair Dryers compared

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

Hard bonnet hooded hairdryers are also known as portable, or tabletop hair dryers.  These are common types used as an at-home hood hairdryer.

Something to keep in mind when trying to decide which dryer is right for you is that these are not generally considered professional hooded dryers. 

However, tabletop hood dryers do excel on being reasonably priced and economical when compared to salon-style stand-up hairdryers. 

In this article, we will be reviewing some popular hard bonnet tabletop hairdryers.

8 Best Tabletop Hairdryers with Pros & Cons

1. Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer, White (Cheapest)


  • 7.8 pounds
  • 1875 watts 
  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • Extra-large hood accommodates jumbo rollers
  • Adjustable height.
  • 6-foot long cord stores in bonnet hair dryer base


  • 7.8 pounds
  • 1875 watts 
  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • Extra-large hood accommodates jumbo rollers
  • Adjustable height.
  • 6-foot long cord stores in bonnet hair dryer base

2. Conair Pro Style Collapsible Bonnet Hair Dryer, (Ultra-Compact)


  1. 1875 watts
  2. Extra-large hood accommodates  jumbo rollers
  3. Adjustable height
  4. 2 heat/speed settings
  5. 6-foot long cord stores in the base; 
  6. folds up smaller than other tabletop hairdryers and stores on the shelf 
  7. It gets hot enough to dry your hair without feeling like it's blowing fire on you, burning  your scalp and forehead (like professional salon dryers)
  8. Best for short to medium length hair
  9. allows you to adjust the hard bonnet up or down


  • Challenging to setup​
  • About a year of life when used regularly​
  • Vents only on the top part of the hood​


Some reviewers complained that the back and sides did not dry as fast as the top​

Try moving your head around and lowering the hood and holding your head down to dry the back.​


3. Red Pro 1875-Watt Ceramic Tourmaline Hood Dryer


  • 8.6 pounds
  • 1875 watts
  • Ionic 
  • 2 long-lasting motors for the ultimate drying experience
  • 3 heat settings + cool setting
  • 15% more coverage to fit most hair rollers
  • Easy fold-up: Portable and compact
  • dried my hair so quickly
    • Apparently this model has been updated and no longer includes height adjustment

4. Revlon Ionic Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer


  • 8.55 pounds
  • 1875 Watts
  • Ions to reduce frizz.
  • Large Round Hood Accommodates a Set of Jumbo Hair Rollers
  • Collapsible Design Makes Storage and Travel Easier
  • Ion On/Off Switch with "On" Indicator Light
  • 3 Temperature Settings: Low, Medium and High
  • Convenient Cord Storage Area
    • No adjustment for height
    • the lock is flimsy and tends to unlock easily

5. Gold 'N Hot GH9271 Professional Portable 1200 Watt Hard


  • 5 pounds
  • 1200 watts
  • 2 Heat/Speed combinations 4 settings (cool, low, med., high)
  • Adjustable height
  • Double vents for even airflow
  • Full-size hood fits the largest of rollers
  •  ion setting does help to give hair a better feel, no one is ever dried out and crunchy
    • ridges that keep the hood upright are not very sharp. So, use both hands to lock in place
    • Low-quality plastic
    • The weight in the back of the dryer, where it rests on a surface isn't heavy enough and must be balanced so the dryer will remain stable but that might be a common issue in these types of dryers

6. Hot & Hotter Extra Large 1500 Ceramic Ionic Hood Dryer


  • 7.8 pounds
  • Extra-large accommodates large rollers
  • Adjustable 
  • excellent overall coverage for smooth & even drying
  • 3 heat settings
  • Ceramic ionic technology
  • Easy fold-up & fancy carrying case
    • Problem staying up

7. Gold N Hot Elite Hood Ionic Dryer

No products found.
No products found.


  • 8.4 pounds
  • 1875 Watts
  • Ionic
  • Powerful, Quiet, Long-Life Ac Motor
  • High-Velocity Hair Dryer
  • 3 settings low, medium, high
  • Adjustable with one or two notches 
    • hood can not be raised or lowered. However, the arm attachment allows you to tilt the hood forward or backward giving the feel of raising/lowering the hood.

8. Hot & Hotter Professional 1875 Salon Hood Dryer #5826, Adjustable bonnet


  • 7.2 pounds
  • 1875 watt
  • 4 heat settings including cool
  • Easy Fold-up 
  • Excellent Overall air coverage for smooth and even drying
  • Full Coverage Air Vents Provide quick, even drying
  • Convenient Built-in Storage
    • doesn't always balance well

In Conclusion 

One concern for some people is whether or not it can be used internationally.  In a word NO. Unfortunately, these are 110v models and can be used in the USA or Canada not in Europe or in other countries where the current is 220-250v.


Still, haven’t decided? Then also check out Bonnet vs Hood Dryers

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