10 Greatest Hooded dryers for your Salon

salon hooded dryer
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Hooded hair dryers are a quintessential part of any salon and are necessary for a variety of processes. They both dry the hair and provides heat for chemical services.

Your best  Salon-style options are stand up hood dryers, wall-mounted hairdryers, chairs with built-in dryer hoods, as well as portable salon dryers.

In this article, we share some of our favorites from each of these categories. Also, what are Your best  Salon-style options?

Essential Hood Dryer Features

When buying a hood dryer for your salon, consider the following features:

Salon hood hairdryers

Freestanding hood dryer w/casters

A rolling or standup salon dryer gives you the flexibility to move it around in the salon and use it with existing chairs. That is why this style is the most commonly used type of salon hood dryer.

    • Air circulates instead of blowing straight down for faster and more even drying.
    • No adjustable airspeed, Hair Net recommended  
      • Not recommended for conditioning hair
    • Adjustable temperature and timer with auto-shutoff. 
    • Extra-Large rollers will fit. the flip-top visor opens slide in and close

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer with Casters, black

It always best to look for Top Rated Standup Hairdryers to ensure you get a quality product.

    • An infrared processor is comparable to a dryer but without airflow. You can adjust the temperature to accommodate the proper amount of heat for your guest. 
    • Very quiet
    • Excellent Customer service

SalonPro Orbiting Halo Infrared Salon Hair Color Processor Dryer Pro Accelerator w/Rolling Base (Grey)

    • Ultra-quiet 
    • TIME 0~60 minutes
    • 2 temperature settings (High and Low). 
    • Portable design with easy assembly

Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer Hairdressing Care Hood Color Processor Beauty Salon

Note on Hair Steamers  

    • A hair steamer does not dry the hair.
    • It is for conditioning your hair, to avoid dry brittle hair.
    • helps hydrate your natural curls for amazingly soft hair!!!

Wall-mounted or overhead salon dryers

Wall-mounted salon hair dryers are not portable but they free up floor space in your salon. Making them a great option when space is limited. They are helpful for avoiding potential trip hazards, and keeping the salon clean is a breeze.
    • 1100-Watt, Italian-Made Hair Dryer
    • 6 Ft. Adjustable Height, Flip Top Visor
    • 0-60-Minute Timer, Temperature Dial
    • 1-Year Warranty

Pibbs 515 Kwik Dri Hair Dryer Wall Arm

    • Extra-large hood with 13″ opening 
    • Multi-adjustable temperature and wind speeds
    • 1yr warranty

Beauty Salon Hair Processor Wall Mount Hair Dryer Color Treatment Processor - Capsule

    • 1000W
    • Timer: 0~60 minutes automatic shut-off
    • Temperature: adjustable up to 167℉
    • stainless steel heating element 
    • Flip Top Visor.

No products found.

No products found.

  •  dries hair quickly  and without damage
  • Speeds up chemical processing  up to 50%
  •  Infrared Ring orbits quietly
  • Digital controls 
  • adjustment of time, temperature, fan & rotation
  • 5 pre-set functions for  every type of use
  • High-quality &Heavy-duty construction  for professional use
  • fully adjustable arm and wall mount

SalonPro Orbiting Halo Infrared Hair Color Processor & Dryer Accelerator w/Wall Mount System

    • contemporary design and advanced technology
    • 1100 WATTS
    • Variable heat and timer 
    • Heat without wind

Beauty Salon Hair Processor Wall Mount Hair Color Treatment Processor - Damita

      • great for diffusing hair
      • Cuts processing time in half
      • “o3” O-Zone function helps restore dry, damaged, and thinning hair – as well as prevent hair loss.
      • 5 independently controlled  infrared heaters fans
      • digital touch control
      • Heats up faster than a regular hooded hairdryer
      • Not  claustrophobic like a regular hood
      • 5-minute Cooldown fan  for safety

SalonPro Multi-Zone+ Hair Salon Color Processor & Dryer Pro Accelerator w/ Wall Mount System

Salon Hooded Dryers w/Chair

No products found.

No products found.

For more options like these read best sit under hooded dryers + chair 

Portable Salon Dryers

A portable hood dryer also known as Hard Bonnet Tabletop Hooded Hair Dryers  are typically  the best solution for mobile hairdressers as you can bring it along wherever you go. Generaly they are lower in quality than the other options above so I would only go for this if your work requires you to be mobile.

If you like this type read Best Tabletop hooded dryers

In  Conclusion

Whichever salon-style hairdryer you are looking for there are many options for your type of salon setup and budget.

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