Best Hooded Hair Dryers; Top 3 with Buying Options

Have you ever taken a close look at some of the women’s styles back in the 1950’s and admired how noticeably voluminous and style most hairstyles were? Perhaps you’re used to the classic hand-held hair drier and always find yourself sore from holding the hair dryer after more than 10 minutes.

Getting your hair done at the salon may always feel like a luxury you wish you could do every day, I mean who doesn’t hope for salon quality hairstyles?! If only I could just find the time and money to get it done at least every other day!

But wait!

You CAN achieve gorgeous locks without muscle strains and repeat brushing. The good news is that you achieve voluminous threads with a soft hooded hair dryer. Here, we will answer all the questions you might have to help you decide if the hooded hair dryer is right for you and which one would be most suitable for your hair type and lifestyle.

Why Hair Matters

No one have the same hair type which is important to understand especially when purchasing a hair dryer. Knowing the right time and heat to use is key to achieve shiny, healthy hair. Example: While Asian black hair needs less heat and time, Thick afro black hair requires more heat and time. This also works for colored, frizzy, fine, or coarse hair, no matter what color the hair is. Just make sure to follow the instructions properly.

A great feature to look for in hooded hair dryers is those with an ionic feature with a hydrating effect to make your hair super shiny. While straight finer hair doesn’t seem to last very long with curls, the hooded hair dryer is perfect for achieving those luscious locks.

Bottom Line: EVERY hair type has its own advantages from using a hooded hair dryer.

Why does Hooded Dryers work better than regular hair dryers?

The outside air (such as fans, winds, air conditioners) won’t be able to disrupt the setting process of the dryer, due to the protective hood. There are tiny protective holes that let hot hair and extra moisture escape – otherwise you will end up all sweaty and flat, greasy hair. Since the hot air pressure is escaping, this will leave no room for outside air to get through – leaving you with warm, undisturbed hair drying.

What to look for in a best hooded dryers

Here are several key factors to consider when purchasing a hooded dryer:

  • Heat

Models with less than 2500 watts may not have the capability of providing you various options of heat and speed settings to adjust for your hair’s needs. This is especially important as you may risk excessive heat damage, or a low quality hair dry.

  • Size

Profession-grade hooded dryers have the ability to accommodate various hairstyle requires. You can use rollers for convenience, or try various hair treatments like perms, waves, and even hair color.

  • Height

Adjustable chairs are usually important, but for many of us who are planning to use hooded dryers in the comfort of our own home, height adjustment is important especially if you are not the only one to use the dryer. Choose a hooded dryer with can be adjusted to specifications very easily.

  • Hood Interior

Models with an interior coating with an anti-staining produce ensures buyers that the Most internal surface will not be damaged during treatments that involve various types of chemicals contained in hair color, conditioning, rebond, and more.

  • Portability

If you need a dryer that is portable, I suggest going for a soft bonnet type dryer will be a great choice as it is more adjustable than other models and can be carried around while traveling.

With all the helpful knowledge we’ve provided, about which hooded dryer to choose in the market that will give you the best performance, here are the three best picks you should consider:

Top 3 Hooded Hair Dryers

Most hooded dryers provide between 1200-2500 watts and come in various sizes, as some are suitable for table tops and some have long stands to be placed on floors. Here are the top five bands that are rated as some of the best hooded hair dryers. Take a good look at these to help you decide which model will suit your hair needs the best.



For those always looking to achieve perfect curls, you can add curlers or rollers into your hair and still have enough space to fit your head under this dryer. Unlike the older models of hooded dryers with just one to two settings max, you have the flexibility with this dryer. The 1,000 watt motor is dual-looped with stainless steel.

What We Like

The dryer is very versatile as it can accommodate even those who reach 6 feet as the adjustable poles are easily adjusted. We like how lightweight and economical the dryer is as it is fully loaded from great features and professional functions. There is also a timer you can set up for an hour just in case you forget to track, which is a really good perk.

The multi-bladed fan provides quiet, efficient, and fast results every time.

What We Don’t Like

The only concern we have about this dryer is how sturdy the pole is. Even though it’s quite adjustable, the material isn’t exactly the toughest as heavy as it is – I would have expected it to be more substantial to hold the dryer down firmly. With that being said, I haven’t noticed any major reports of it falling over so maybe users can found ways to add more support.


The price is lower compared to other products on the market which is great as you truly get exactly what you pay for. This may not be the #1 pick, but for only $100 you will get pretty close to it.

#2 Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer

This dryer was constructed by world-famous iconic Mohammad Ali’s daughter. With her style of style, it looks like she knows how to get your hair under proper control.


This table top dryer can be moved around anywhere while you write emails, eat your breakfast or just surf on the web. As this isn’t exactly your traditional dryer, it does have a negative ion technology to fight frizz while adding shine. With some patients you don’t need to add a lot of product to set your style.

What We Like

If you have coarse, thick hair that is a constant struggle to control, the LADR5603 may be just right for you. Roll on some curlers or add some products and just let the dryer work its magic while you watch your shows. One of the major concerns to having a hooded dryer is space. But with the LADR5603 dryer, this collapsible feature folds on itself for easier storage and a big space saver.

What We Don’t Like

Just like many dryers at the salon, you won’t get the convenience of quietness with this dryer. It is considered to be the loudest among the three.


This is the cheapest dryer among the three as you can purchase it for less than $50. This is awesome as more hooded dryers come at a price of over $100-200.

Here’s what we recommend:

#3 Tourmaline Tools 1059 Ionic Salon Dryer by Hot Tools

Among the top hooded dryers in the market is the Tourmaline Tools 1059 Ionic Salon Dryer by Hot Tools is your best pick. It’s anything but basic as this dryer not only dries hair while you sit, it offers other features WHILE looking great in pink.


The dryer comes with the standard two speeds and four heat settings which are drastically different as the low setting is basically a cool shot and the hot setting lives up to its name. It has an 1875 watt motor that will dry hair in no time with less frizz. This standing salon dryer features ionic and tourmaline Nano technology that provides an amazing hydrating treatment for hair that will transform dull-looking stands into silky, soft and shiny hair.

Although the dryer doesn’t exactly touch your hair, the tourmaline technology safely pts moisture into your hair and protects it from high temperatures. There is also an adjustable front visor with a large bonnet to offer space for large rollers.

If your hair does well under good volumes of heat then this will be great for you. If you can’t tolerate a lot of heat, I suggest going for the Laila Ali Ionic Dryer.

What We Like

The fact that this dryer has the ability to dryer hair in half the time is a major plus. Your arms won’t get sore from constantly holding it up as your style. Imagine this, you have the ability to dry your hair quickly without even having to do anything with your hands – it’s totally worth it! The 1059 is very quiet if you’re not the one sitting under it, and even if you are then it’s not that bad.

What We Don’t Like

A common issue I’ve noticed with hooded dryers like this is that the home models doesn’t hold enough strength in the pole to hold them up straight. As many are a little flimsy and quite prone to breaking due to its position and weight, this one is no different.

That’s the only downfall of this product though a lot of people are satisfied with the design of the dryer and excellent salon results. However, you must take cause while moving it or carrying it around as the pole might snap.


Priced at just over $100, this is definitely a great alternative to bigger salon dryers. If you’re looking for a “set-and-forget” type of dryer, then this might be the best option for you.

In Conclusion, if you are looking for the best hooded dryers available on the market, you can pick up any of these dryers without having any regrets. These are the best dryers in their category.

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