Dryers for Frizzy Hair; These are the Best Options Available

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For many of us, it can be a tough task when it comes to managing frizzy hair. Those will frizzy hair tend to stress more when it comes to drying and styling the hair. They want to maintain a smooth, flawless curly without having to constantly tame their hair every hour.

Luckily, today’s hair tools offer more than just simply drying wet hair. Hair dryers offer multiple heat and speed functions to suite all types of hair textures. For frizzy, curly hair – look for a diffuser option as this is the key to achieving frizzles locks and static styles.

*Our TOP RATED Dryers For Frizzy Hair*

Here are a few of the best hairdryers that help avoid unwanted frizz:

#1 Babyliss Pro BAB2000

Rated as one of its kind in the market, this dryer can be used for both professional as well as daily personal use. As many dryers it offers many features at an affordable price.

Babyliss Pro BAB2000 Features

  • Ion Shine Technology

The Ion shine technology releases negative ions from the dryer to make hair static-free and feel extra lustrous. The dryer features two ionic ports which gives double coverage and double the shine.

  • 2000 Watt Motor

The powerful motor provides a high amount of energy to make the dryer worth efficiently. It works quietly without giving off any vibration making it easy to use without feeling sore hands.

  • Immersion Shock Protection

This is one of the most important features of the dryer as the Immersion shock protection safety plug reduces the risk of electric shock in case of any dangerous technical errors.

  • Stylish Body Frame

The long, narrow body for easy handling and a colorful end, the body of the dryer is extremely stylish. The overall look is attractive and completely presentable.

  • Fast Drying

The commercial grade porcelain ceramic is used to save the hair from any risk of damage caused by the dryer. The dryer controls the sir pressure and distributes high amounts of heat in less time.

  • Easy to Use

Among other babyliss hair dryers, this Babyliss Pro Bab2000 comes with three buttons for settings, speed, and temperature. There is five temperature settings with a two speed level, making it very convenient to choose the proper amounts to suit your hair needs.

Pros: Why We Like It

The noise isn’t as loud as compared to other dryers. There’s a better air flow with excellent height of above 115F in medium settings and 170F for the hot settings. The low setting provides a soft breeze and dries hair very well. The dryer comes at an affordable price as some that offers the same features are more expensive.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

This dryer isn’t as travel-friendly as compared to the others as the body is not very portable. Like many dryers, it will make hair brittle when used for long periods.

Price Range

With so many features, the price of this best rated hair dryer is below $50, making it the ultimate dryer for everyday use.


The Babyliss Pro BAB2000 is the complete package as it works well and really affordable. With so many different features, it’s definitely worth the money. What I like about this dryer is that it can be used professionally as well as personal daily use, saving stylists money for their tools.

#2 Infiniti Conair 223XR

Rated as InStyle’s Best Beauty Buys of 2009, this dryer provides a powerful and speedy results. It uses Tourmaline Ceramic technology that releases negative ions to fight frizz and enhance natural shine.

Infiniti Conair 223XR Features

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

This reduces most heat stress to the hair. The Tourmaline technology helps smoothens hair by offsetting the positive ions that are present in damaged hair. It provides a good amount of nourishment as the hair dries and helps retain needed moisture to help reduce frizz.
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  • Infrared Heat

The infrared heat is used primarily for quick drying. It helps to protect the natural shine of your hair and produces acceptable amounts of heat to prevent damage to the scalp – which makes this dryer safe to use on a daily basis.

  • High Torque DC Motor

This Conair dryer has 1875 watts with a powerful DC motor to provide multiple speeds

  • 3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings

The multiple settings is extremely useful when it comes to drying frizzy hair. You can easily control the settings to your needs without over drying the hair. The cold shot option releases cool air that is used to set the style.

  • Removable Filter

The filter cleans the air to remove any dust particles that might dry into your hair. It can be cleaned easily after every use for longer usability.

  • Attachments Included

The dryer comes with two attachments for various styles, such as the concentrator and the diffuser. The concentrator’s main purpose is to focus on areas of drying while the diffuser is meant to reduce frizz and add volume to your hair.

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Pros: Why We Like It

What I like about this dryer is that it offers a 4 year manufacture warranty, while other dryers only provide 2 years. The product is warrantied against electrical and technical defects. The Infiniti Conair 223XR is definitely a powerful product that provides features used in professional hair dryers.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

One issue I don’t like about this product is the dryer is a bit heavier when compared to other dryers. Although the dryer provides different settings to suit every hair’s needs, styling may be a little time consuming. The concentrator attachment is a little narrow which can make drying slower than expected.

Price Range

The price of the Infiniti Conair 223XR is quite reasonable with the good amount of features and attachments. If you’re more of a routine washer, this is the right dryer for you.


The brand is known for its good quality dryers, such as this. It’s definitely a good hair dryer if you want a nice blowout without having to go to the salon.

#3 Vidal Sassoon VS505

This is one of the best dryers in the market today as it is designed for all hair types. The hair dryers comes with two attachments which is very usual for styling frizzy hair – whether curly or straight.

Vidal Sassoon VS505 Features

  • Hinged Filter

The filter is what cleans the dryer from dirty in the air to protect the hair from harm.

  • Ceramic Technology

This is what saves the hair from unwanted damage that is caused by overheat.

  • 2000 Watts Motor

The dryer uses a high wattage with a controlled power of 1875 watts.

  • 3 Meter Cable

The professional style long cable provides ease and flexibility when handling. This is very convenient when your switch is quite a far distance from the mirror.

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

This makes the hair static-free so that hair won’t stick to your comb, which causes tangles. With this technology, negative ions are released to add in luster and shine to the hair.

  • 3 Heat and 2 Speed Settings

You can choose the right temperature and speed to your needs with the option of a cold blast in set the hairstyle.

  • Swedish Kanthal Wire

The elements of heating are made up of Swedish wire that is completely safe and reliable, thus reducing the risk of over-heating.

  • Attachments Included

The dryer has a long and narrow mouth that is meant for easy heat distribution. This helps prevent unwanted burning sensations as compared with other hair dryers. It also comes with a focus concentrator and a diffuser.

Pros: Why We Like It

With the high wattage this dryer dries hair faster without overheating the hair. I like the long, thick cord as it doesn’t get tangled easily and easily accessible.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

As most dryers, using this hair dryer for long periods of time can ultimately cause damage and breakage of hair strands. The heat may take away moisture – resulting in split ends. This dryer is ideal for frizzy, fine, and curly hair and is not as effective for thick hair.

Price Range

The price is around $15, which makes this dryer such a great deal for the features and results.


This hairdryer is a good deal as it is affordable and provides many advantages. There is very little damage when used properly and the heat buttons make it easy to control.

Best Alternatives

If you haven’t found exactly what you’re looking for, I suggest taking a look at these two dryers as the best alternative choices to tame frizzy hair.

Revlon RV544

This Revlon dryer is light weight and compact with settings with two heat and speeds. The powerful motor helps the hair dryer faster as the hanging ring and compact design makes it ideal for travel and storage.

Remington AC2015

The Remington ac2015 t studio hair dryer gives a smooth salon finish every time it’s used. The dryer offers ceramic pearl technology that nourishes the hair with micro-conditioners and gets rid of frizz while adding luster and shine. It provides 3 heat and 2 speed settings with a cold shot button for setting the style. The dryer also comes with a powerful concentrator for quick drying and the diffuser for volume and curly hair.

Final Words

Fight frizz by choosing the right hair creams and using hair dryers that offer infrared heat. Make sure to avoid cheap hair tools as they will often leave your hair feeling dry and brittle, or breakdown on the second use. Ionic hair dryers will give hair the glossy effect and cut drying time from 30 minutes to a solid 15 minutes.


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