Remington Ac 2015 T Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

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The Remington Company is known to design inventive hair dryers for all types of hair. If you are searching for an 1875 watt AC Motor type Professional Hair dryer with ceramic features that has multiple settings, light weight and effective performance – the Remington Ac 2015 T| studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair dryer is your best bet. While many are still getting used to the innovative porcelain and titanium features that many new dryers have, this time it’s a pearl hair dryer!

The Remington Ac2015 T|studio Salon collection pearl ceramic hair dryer grabs hold of all the benefits a pearl has to offer to help you achieve an ultra-sleek style. So, does this dryer live up to its name? Let’s head in and find out.

Complete Review of Remington AC 2015 T| Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer


Works Best For

Basically all types of hair except thick, coarse hair – Curly, long, short, wavy and fine.



Features of Remington AC 2015 T| Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer

​The Remington AC20115 is a hair dryer that is designed for home and personal use to mimic the high-quality results you can get from the salon. The dryer comes with a good amount of extra accessories which includes a great air flow diffuser to maintain lush curls and a concentrator meant for styling precision and drying. The pearl ceramic and ionic generator is a professional grade top feature that is hard to find for this price.

Ceramic Pearl Technology

What exactly is ceramic technology ask you? This technology takes a step forward with mixing crushed pearl concentrate into the formula which is present in all of the Pearl Collections by Remington. While many hair products contain pearl extracts, the hair dryer itself contains pearl extracts, Now, when you start the dryer, the hot air reacts with the pearl formula along the ceramic grills and energizes the air blowing out. This will interact directly with your hair and leave it styled with silky smooth results.

Powerful Motor

The salon-grade mother has a concentrated air flow that can go up to 40% faster than most dryers in its category. We really like how time-saving this dryer can be to help you cut down spending more as you would with a professional dryer with the same features.

Multiple Heat & Speed Settings

The dryer comes with three heat settings and two speed settings – with desirable combinations. The cool shot button comes in handy for styling with a cold blast or setting the style in place.

Easy to Use

The dryer weights less than 2 pounds which may be the heaviest in its collection, but is still extremely lightweight. The ergonomically handle design and flat switches make the Remington Ac2015 salon hair dryer practically weightless and less prone to being pressed on accident.

Ionic Conditioning

If the pearl technology wasn’t enough for you, an ionic conditioner might will. It works to make sure your hair is styled with silky smooth results – much like a salon treatment. As the ions are blown directly to your hair, this will not only remove frizz but relaxes your hair into straighter, less tangled stands.

Great Style & Accessories

The Remington Ac 2015 Salon Hair dryer offers two add-ons to help you create the ultimate style. The diffuser helps you achieve effortless curls and waves while the concentrator maintained a focused nozzle for ultra-sleek straight styles.

Removable Filter

The dryer has a removable rear filter that can cut cleaning time and maintenance in half. It is important to keep the hair dryer clean as this will not only filter the air going in but also reduce unwanted noise from the dryer.

Quiet Operation

Traditional hair dryers are known for being loud and noisy. Now, many brands are trying to defeat the sound. Remington has designed the AC 2015 hair dryer to create minimal noise whether in a high or low speed operation.

Pros: Why We Like It

I like how the ceramic pearl technology can easily surpass the traditional ceramic hair dryers while the ionizer technology is used to reduce unwanted frizz and static. I also like the ergonomic design of the dryer as well as the shaped handle to prevent any unwanted heat and speed combination switching. The motor is quite powerful for an extended work life and fast drying, while the multiple operation is ideal for most users. The additional diffuser and concentrator accessories make the hair dryer even better deal as the company offers an excellent 4 year warranty.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

Of course, no hair dryer is perfect so we should expect things we may not like in the dryer. In this case, users have said that the dryer is known to stop working after six months – which isn’t what many want to hear coming from such a great dryer. However, with the 4 year warranty you can claim it and the company will replace the defective product right away. Other than that – there doesn’t seem to be another other downsides.

Who Should Buy Remington AC 2015 T| Studio Pearl Ceramic Dryer

This dryer is recommended for everyone – except those with thick, coarse hair who require a much powerful wattage. The features are excellent as they are surpassed by company support. It is important to remember that this isn’t for professional use as using it on multiple customers a day could result in a short running life.

Price range​

At the hefty price of below 50 you can’t go wrong if you give this model a chance. you can think of it as the best affordable hair dryer. The style looks great and the features included definitely makes this dryer a good competition among other models in the same category. It performs much like an expensive blow dryer with great attachments that adds value – making it a total investment.​

Final Words

​In short, The Remington Ac 2015 is professionally designed with ceramic pearl technology and a dominate AC motor to define this expert dryer. You can easily dry your hair quickly and achieve a soft, sleek, voluminous, and polished look – all by just one dryer. If you don’t that the Remind AC 2015 is not for you, we also suggest the Remington Ac9096 Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer. Although between the 2 dryers, the Remington AC 2015 T studio Hair dryer appears to be more superior in terms of its powerful salon type motor and extremely light weight. This is a great dryer that’s wallet-friendly and provides a great airflow.

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