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Top 3 Babyliss Hair Dryer Reviews & Ratings

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With this year’s Oscar’s red carpet pictures all over the internet, we all are eager to learn the hairstyles of our favorite Hollywood stars as one of this year’s resolutions. Be it complicated plaits of Olivia Wilde, a simple bob cut of Cate Blanchett or simple messy and wavy look adapted by Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, these new looks are the forthcoming trends for the ladies to wear in their next occasion. Some hairstyles that apparently look simple turn out to be a daunting task while others that look complex on the outlook can be as easy as a pie.

Nevertheless, whatever hairstyle you desire to have at home, it is simply impossible to have it without the use of hair styling tools one of which is the most necessary one – The Hair Dryer. Believe it or not, but half of the hairstyling process entirely depends on it. So you ought to have a hair dryer that is worth the investment.

With a plenty of hair dryer brands out there, it becomes a challenging task to hunt for a hair dryer that suits to your needs. We all tend to look for an all-in-one type hair dryer that not only does the basic job of blow drying but also make-over any hairstyle, not to mention at a reasonable price. Here, we have short listed top three BaBylissPRO hair dryers with detailed reviews of each in an effort to make this daunting task easier for you.

  • What makes Babyliss different from others?

For one obvious difference that I have found from my personal experience, besides the remarkable transformation it does from your dull and dry hair into silky, shiny and healthier hair, Babyliss is specially tailored to cater convenience. As a subsidiary of Conair productions, Babyliss produces a wide array of hair styling tools which includes curling irons, straighteners, brushes and dryers with different technological series or as a combination of these technologies.

*Top Rated Choice from BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer*

#1 Babyliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000-Watt Dryer


While some hair dryers are built around a single hair technology, BaByliss Pro’s BABP2800 is a rich combination of Ionic and Ceramic technology. BaByliss hair dryers significantly outdoes most other competitors in the market with its variety of unique that are common in most of its models:

Pros: Why We Like It

  • Rubber body-its outer body is made of rubber which makes it a hefty look and feel. But this also adds convenience and comfort in holding it and minimal chances of breaking it. It is made for a rough and tough use.
  • Ionic plus Porcelain Ceramic- All standard hair dryers are now built ionic but this one with a combination of porcelain ceramic makes it even more resistant to static so your hair dries in half your original drying time leaving your hair frizz-free. It emits a greater amount of ions giving smooth hair styles.
  • 2000 Watts Power- Compared to the standard 1875 Watts found in most hair dryers, BABP2800 is more powerful in terms of Watts. This enables faster drying by emitting stronger heat that lacks in typical hair dryers. It's very powerful which makes it easier to style and give volume to your hair with just a round brush.
  • Concentrator- For focused drying on sections of your scalp, this model comes with concentrator nozzle, as an attachment in its front. It has a good grip and doesn't fall off easily.
  • Warranty- BABP2800 comes with a 3 year limited warranty so in case you are not satisfied with results, you can get a refund. Usually, there is no warranty provided with hair dryers and if there is, it is limited to a one-year period only.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

  • Gets too hot- Though it is extraordinarily works as powerful thick curly hair dryer, for those with thin hair, it is too hot to burn your hair. It is better to try it first with medium heat settings.
  • Lacks Instant Cool Shot- The Cold shot button begins to cool down the hot air after few seconds which makes sense. Instant switching from very high heat to cool air would naturally take at least few seconds.
  • Heavy- It is definitely not lightweight as compared to most hair dryers I have talked about. It weighs 2.9 pounds. But it isn’t too heavy to hold or cause cramps. It still is lighter than a lot of hair dryers.

Price Range

BaByliss Pro BABP2800 has a price range between $70 and $80 on Amazon.

#2 BaByliss Pro BABFRV2 Volare Ferrari Designed Professional Luxury


BABFRV2 is called as one of the luxurious models of BaByliss PRO for its numerous amazing attributes.

Pros: Why We Like It

  • Ferrari designed V12 Engine- It is extremely powerful like it will literally blow you away. That’s because it has an ultra-powerful engine exclusively designed by Ferrari.
  • Reduced Drying Time- Although it depends on the texture and length of your hair, it cuts your drying time by half on an average. Where inexpensive basic dryers take 30 minutes to dry, this one dries in 15 -20 minutes.
  • Nano Titanium and Tri-port Ionic Generator- A fusion of Nano-Titanium and Tri-port emission of ions results in even faster drying and ensures frizz-free, smoother, shinier and fuller hair.
  • ​Extra-Length Cord- Its 9-ft long cord makes it extremely convenient to maneuver it while you roam around in your room.
  • 2 Concentrators- Instead of a diffuser and a concentrator, it comes with 2 ultra-slim sized concentrators.
  • Extraordinarily Quiet- ​One of the salient features of BABFRV2 is that with a highly powered Ferrari engine, anyone would expect it to be noticeably noisy but to my surprise, it turned out to be astonishingly silent.
  • Salon- One of the most remarkable features of BABFRV2 is its salon-quality amazing results that leaves its every user more than happy.
  • Turbo-Shot button- Instead of a cold shot button, it has turbo-shot button which gives an instant intense blow of air for speedy drying.
  • 4-Year Warranty- Its provision of 4-year warranty keeps you on the safe side of investment. Just keep the payment slip with you until the warranty period ends in case you want to return and want a refund.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

  • Heavy weight- On its downside, BABFRV2 is heavier but you might want to trade it off with its amazing results and less drying time.
  • Expensive- BABFRV2 is a product of Italy with a Ferrari-designed engine. Obviously, the brand name makes it a pricey product but its long lasting results and durability makes it worth the price.

Price Range

BaByliss Pro’s BABFRV2 costs between $180 and $200.

#3 Babyliss Pro BABNT6610 Portofino 6600 Hair Dryer


Named after the famous Italian resort and a fishing village, Portofino, BABNT6610N is exclusively made in Italy. The model is built around some striking features that makes it a professional choice of hairstylists. It comes in two elegant colors, black and blue both of which gives it an attractive and nice, sleek and shiny look.

Pros: Why We Like It

  • Italian-built AC Motor- The motor of this model has been built in Italy. I don’t understand how this makes it a plus point as Italy isn’t a brand like Ferrari but the results of this motor proves the high quality of Italian-made tag as its salient feature.
  • 2000 Watt Power- The 2000 watt motor gives an immense pressure of air blow that cuts down drying time significantly.
  • Concentrator and Diffuser- As a bonus, it contains, not one or two, rather three concentrator nozzles and a diffuser as well. It really is a surprising treat worth the price.
  • Nano-Titanium Technology- Combined with the ionic technology, BABNT6610N contains Nano-Titanium technology for an even heat distribution, faster drying and zero-frizz hair.
  • Extra-long Cord- The cord is 9 ft. long which makes it easy and convenient to operate.
  • Noiseless- It is quite beyond your expectations with a high- powered motor, one would expect it to be noisy enough to wake up the neighbors. On the contrary it is as quite as a mouse
  • 4 year warranty- Babyliss Pro does justice with its customers by giving extensive four year warranty

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

  • Hefty- It looks as well as feel bulky and heavy but thanks to its specially designed high-quality motor that cuts down drying time to half and saves one from shoulder sprain and cramps caused due to holding it for a longer time.

Price Range

BaByliss Pro BABNT6610N hair dryer costs can range from $120 to $140 on Amazon.

What we recommend

BaByliss Pro caters to a market with all types of budgets. It offers affordability with no compromise on quality for its limited budget clients such as its BABP2800 model (Read in depth babyliss pro 2800 review). But then you might find yourself spending on hair sprays, irons and tongs to make up your hairstyle.

On the other hand, BABFRV2 model is pricey. But after you try it, you will be glad with your wise investment and compelled to say that it is worth the price.





Final words​

Being both economical as well as remarkable at the same time, BaByliss Pro is a first-class choice of hairstylists that promises to give salon-quality results at home. It grooms you into a step-up from your usual look. Whether used in your daily routine or occasionally, BaByliss Pro hair dryer results in a clear and a visible difference every time you use it. BaByliss Pro undoubtedly makes it easier to achieve the red carpet looks from Oscars 2016.​

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