5 Best Blow Dryers for Fine Hair Reviewed

Hair dryers are a necessity in most women’s lives as every type of hair requires proper styling. One of the most common hair textures is fine, thin hair that is usually smooth and flat. Sadly, not just any hair dryer won’t for fine hair. It important to understand what type of blow dryer is best suited for fine hair as the specific features to dry and style thin hair must be chosen. While every hair dryer has its positives and negatives, the right hair dryer should nourish the hair while it dries and provide a silky, smooth finish. Hope this review of 5 best hair dryer for fine hair will help a lot in deciding right dryer for your fine hair.

  • What Features To Look For in Blow Dryers for Fine Hair
  • One of the top features needed for fine hair is the adjustable temperature. This is the ability to avoid extra heat damage, as lower settings is perfect for styling as higher settings are for powerful drying. With multiple speed settings, this will tailor to your hair needs and control the heat that is safest for fine hair in order to keep its healthy luster. Ceramic and Titanium heat helps generate infrared heat by gently drying the hair from the inside out. This will help protect against damage while creating a smooth, silky finish and eliminate frizz.

    Hair dryers with less wattage work best for fine hair. Keep in mind of how heat plays an important role. Warm and hot temperatures will dry hair quickly as cool air will be gentle on fine hair. The right blow dryer must be durably and sturdy to help with long term use, with a careful analysis of the given features, this guide has been made to help you select the right product.

    With thorough research, we’ve got the Top 5 Blow Dryers for Fine Hair that will give your locks ultimate shine and volume.

*Top Rated Choice for Best  Hair Dryer for Fine Hair*

#1 Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Hair dryer


Women spend hours on their hair daily, now with the Babyliss Pro BAB2000 you can get voluminous hair in minutes. This dryer is considered one of its kind in the market as it is used for professional and daily use. The Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme is among the high quality affordable dryers.

Features of Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Hair Dryer

Ion Shine Technology

The Babyliss Pro dryer uses ion shine technology which releases negative ions from the dryer itself. This results with static-free hair and lustrous shine. There are two ionic ports which gives it double the amount of coverage with double the amount of shine.

Sleek Body

The body of the hair dryer is extremely stylish with a long, narrow body for handling and a nice colorful end. The look overall is extremely attractive and professional.

Easy to use buttons

The dryer provides three buttons as one is for the setting, second is for temperature, and third is to control the speed. The five temperature variation and two speed levels works perfect as you can choose the amount of heat and speed to suit your needs.

Multiple Heat and Speed Setting

This dryer comes with six heat and speed settings that can be adjusted according to texture and the length of your hair.

Immersion and Shock protection

Another important feature is the Immersion shock protection safety plug as this reduces the risk of electric shock even in case of any technical fault.

Attachments included

It provides a micro concentrator, narrow nozzle to provide maximum air pressure to help speed up drying, with the cold shot button that allows you to lock in style, volume and add shine. Unlike other dryers, the attachments stays put once you put in on.

Pros: Why We Like It

The design of the Babyliss dryer is just as stylish as it is useful as one can use it professionally. This dryer is very powerful as it cuts drying in half the time compared to regular dryers. Despite its high power, the dryer is actually very quiet with great attachments.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

The body is not very portable and you cannot carry it easily. With the high heat and speed, the hair dryer should not be used for a long period of time.

Many users consider this dryer to carry the complete package as this can be used for personal use as well as styling new hairstyles daily. Another great feature is the slide styled buttons, which keeps you from not accidently changing the switches.

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The dryer comes with an affordable price at $37 while other products that offer the same features come at a much higher price.

#2 Infiniti Conair 223XR Cord-Keeper Hair dryer


This hair dryer uses ceramic technology to minimize heat stress and smoothens the cuticle. This dryer is very suitable for fine hair and makes the hair silky and shiny while reducing frizz.

Features of Infiniti Conair 223XR Cord-Keeper

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

This dryer offers tourmaline ceramic technology which helps to reduce heat stress and smooth hair. It emits the negative ions that offset the positive in damaged hair, resulting to shiny and smooth hair. The tourmaline ceramic technology provides nourishment to the hair while it dies and helps retain moisture without leaving frizz.

Infrared Heat

The Infiniti Conair 223XR uses infrared heat for quick drying results. With short term drying, this helps to protect the natural shine while producing heat in acceptable amounts to prevent scalp and hair damage. This makes the Infinity Conair dryer safe to use for an everyday basis.

DC Motor

This Conair hair dryer has 1875 watts and has a powerful DC motor that provides multiple heat and speed settings. The increased airflow helps minimize excessive heat exposure and reduce hair damage. There’s one cold shot option that releases cool air that professionals use to set styled hair. For thin hair, lower temperature settings will benefit as you can also opt for high heat ranges when needed.

Heat & Speed settings

It has a 3 heat and 2 speed setting used for quick drying and to optimize styling power along with a cool shot button to set styles and pinpoint styling.

Attachments included

The Infinity Conair Cord-Keeper comes with two attachments which includes a concentrator to help on focused drying and styling to achieve sleek, smooth hair, and a diffuser to add volume, enhance curls and waves without the messy frizz.

Pros: Why We Like It

This dryer is comfortable to maneuver and features a removable filter that makes it easy to clean. The filter can be cleaned after every use to prevent any possible lint deposits and prolonging the product’s motor life span. This dryer features a 5’ retractable line cord with a push button for easy storage. This versatile hair dryer provides a 4 year manufacture warranty while other products only provide a warranty for 2 years.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

Perhaps one of the major drawbacks of this dryer is that it might be a little heavier when compared to other hair dryers. The concentrator attachments may seem a bit narrow, making it more time consuming when drying wet hair.

The rating for this dryer was an amazing 4.7 out of 5 as users definitely consider the Infiniti Conair 223XR dryer to be one of the most powerful dryers as it has all the options of a professional hair dryer. For those who wash their hair on a routine and want to reduce frizz while getting it straight, this Conair dryer is the right choice for you.

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For a bargain at below 50, the Infiniti Conair makes it very easy to choose as it provides the necessities required for a lightweight hair dryer.

#3 Remington AC2015 Hair dryer


Remington is highly recommended as it is known for high speed, quality efficient dryers that provide salon quality blow outs.

Features of Remington AC2015 Hair dryer

Ceramic Pearl Technology

The dryer uses advanced ceramic pearl technology that helps nourish the hair as it dries. This technology uses real crushed pearls to provide ultimate stylish with fast air flow. The micro-conditioners are emitted by heat airflow that gets transferred to your hair instantly in a process that seals the cuticle producing a pearl-like luster. The advanced pearl formula helps eliminate frizz and gives your hair body and shine.

Powerful Motor

This powerful dryer is 1875 watts with a robust motor. It has the same quality of a salon professional dryer as it works 40% faster and lasts 3 times long than most normal hair dryers.

Ceramic Heat Settings

The Remington AC2015 comes with 3 different temperature settings and 2 level speeds. With proper adjustments, the dryer can be comfortably used for any hair texture. Radiant Ceramix heat settings will help you to create any hairstyle effortlessly as the technology regulates the hot hair without any heat damage. There is also a cold shot button that will release a blast of cool air to set your style in place.

Attachments included

This dryer comes with a concentrator and diffuser attachment as these two add-ons will allow you to change your style with ease. The concentrator is used to focus on drying fast and styling as the diffuser can set natural curls. Along with these two, the dryer comes with a collection of styling tools you will need to style your hair.

Pros: Why We Like It

The Remington AC2015 is very affordable as it performs just like those of an extremely higher price. The extra attachments also add to the value as it was built to last, making it a great investment.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

One of the main problems is that this hair dryer may be the loudest amongst the top 5, depending on what mode if heating is used. With a great motor, the dryer comes with a price of a little extra weight.

From a quick dry and easy style, even busy people can find a variety of ways to style their hair with ease. It helps maintain hair hygiene and provides a salon quality blow dry at home for a reasonable price.

Customer reviews


For about below 50 you can have a salon quality style every day without ever having to go to the salon.

#4 Revlon RV544 Hair Dryer


The Revlon RV544 is a great choice as it is budget friendly while providing salon quality style. It is efficient in drying and styling for different hair types, and works great especially for fine hair. As a professional hair dryer, the Revlon RV544 offers total customer satisfaction. The dryer has proven its excellent performance in hair dryer as it was demonstrated to be 40% faster than normal hair dryers.

Features of Revlon RV544 Hair Dryer

Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

The 1875 watt Revlon hair dryer uses state-of-the-art Tourmaline ceramic technology that offers even drying while still retaining moisture in the hair. This also helps reduce frizz as the tourmaline ionic technology generates negative ions to nourish the hair from the roots while adding luster to the hair.

Multiple Heat Function

This super quiet hair dryer features multiple heat settings that improve its heating function significantly. It features a Triple Baked Ceramic Plate along with ionic and tourmaline technologies. When combined, these technologies dry your hair faster while giving your hair a healthy shine and more volume.

Light Indicator

The dryer features in Ion indicator light to make use an even more convenient use.

High Power Output

The power output is 1875 watts, which makes this dryer extremely powerful. It gives you fast results and style.

Attachments included

For more functionality options, this dryer includes a concentrator and a diffuser attachment to help you achieve a more precise hairstyle when needed.

Pros: Why We Like It

With a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, this dryer is safe and reliable against electrical and hardware defects for 24 months. Many recommend this dryer as a lightweight, quick and easy hair dryer that provides effective styling.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

Though the positive reviews are overwhelming, the Revlon dryer does not make hair as shiny and smooth compared to competitive dryers. The speed and heat settings may accidently turn off and the nozzle attachment slip off easily. Some customers have complained their dryer product broke down after a few months, but with a 2 year warranty you can get a replacement easy.

The dryer works well to dry hair quickly as this well-equipped dryer is economical. The light weight, and quiet motor gives a high performance at a low price that is worth buying. The overall rating at Amazon is 4.2 out of 5 stars, which makes this a top choice amongst dryers.

Customer reviews


The listed price of the Revlon RV544 is below 40, which is relatively low compared to other high-end dryers.

#5 Vidal Sassoon VS505 Hair Dryer


The Vidal Sassoon VS505 hair dryer is considered one of the top rating dryers out on the market today. Though it is especially designed or all types of hair, those with fine hair will greatly benefit from it as the heat control makes it easier to use less heat than required.

Features of Vidal Sassoon VS505 Hair Dryer

Tourmaline Ionic and Ceramic Technology

This makes the hair static free so that your hair doesn’t frizz when you comb or stick to your shirt. With this technology, negative ions are released to add luster and shine. The ceramic technology saves hair from heat damage.

Heat and Speed settings

The dryer comes also a 3 heat setting and 2 speed setting like many hair dryers. One can simply choose the temperature setting to their needs and finish off with a cold shot to set the style.

Removable Filter

The hinged filter helps clean the air to prevent any harm to the hair. This is easily be cleaned every day to prolong the products lifespan.

Pros: Why We Like It

This dryer is able to dry the hair faster without overheating and ultimately protecting the hair from heat damage. It has a thick 3 meter long cord that doesn’t easily get tangled.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

Using this dryer for long periods of time can cause hair breakage as the heat takes away moisture and causes major split ends. This product is perfect for fine hair, but not effective on thick hair.

The Hot heat settings is really hot as the cold shot setting is adequately cool. This dryer is known to dry faster compared to other hair dryers. The advantage of this hair dryer is the various heat settings as many often only provide two settings of high and low.

Customer reviews


Overall, this hair dryer is affordable at below 25 as it provides many advantages. There is little damage as the heat regulator buttons make it easy to control the settings.

Overall Conclusion

Choosing the best hair dryer fit for fine and thin hair should come with a combination of an ionic generator, with ceramic and tourmaline elements that provide infrared heat. These top 5 blow dryers will help nourish the hair while drying. Remember, fine hair does not need high-intense heat to style hair. A lower heat setting is a definite must to accomplish sleep hair.

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