Five Top Hair Dryers with Comb Attachments

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

I have to say I’ve enjoyed searching and discovering the different models of hair dryers with comb attachments, and to be able to share my opinion of them with you.

Being a stylist for many years, I was never exposed to so many options and had to just learn the good old fashioned way of managing and blow waving hair.

So when I say I have researched this, I truly have put some long hours into this in order to share my opinion with you.

My passion is hair, it has been ever since I was a little girl and if I can share just a small tip with you that can make your life easier when it comes to your hair, then I have done my job.

The same keywords still apply when choosing your hairdryer with an attachment being IONIC AND CERAMIC.

The ceramic hair dryer uses ceramic heating elements to warm the air and create even, controlled heat. The ionic hair dryer works by generating predominantly negative ions which work to break down the water molecules on the hair.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hair dryers in my opinion, designed to help your hair, whether it's thick, fine, lacking volume or damaged.

FHI Heat Platform Nano Pro 2000

The comb attachment for the FHI Heat Platform Nano Pro 2000   is compatible with  their other models of dryers, including The Platform 1900, Platform 2000 and the Elite Professional Series, which makes so much sense especially if you have a holiday home which you can leave a dryer at and only pack the attachment when you travel or if you need to replace your dryer with another model you already have the attachment.

The Platform dryer is powerful and suitable for all hair types with tourmaline ceramic, which gives off infrared heat and negative ions, softening the hair while creating more shine and reducing frizz.

This range also comes with a handless blow dryer, which makes it easier for you to use the comb attachment as you can style your hair at various angles.

Remember to section your hair when using comb attachments as the hair won’t straighten or dry very well.

Nition Professional Salon Hair dryer

This dryer comes with three attachments which is always handy.  A diffuser, if you want to bring out the natural curl in your hair, a comb attachment to create volume and a nozzle for a more controlled direction of heat when drying your hair.

It has a ceramic coated air outlet grill meaning it creates a far-infrared heat that penetrates the air shaft while still taking care of the hair's natural elements.  A definite must-have blow dryer for volume in the hair.

Dyson Supersonic

This is still a great investment especially if you are someone who blows dry their hair regularly. 

This dryer is made to protect your hair with fast drying and controlled styling while eliminating frizz leaving the hair smooth.

I would say this is one of the least damaging hair dryers for hair.

The Dyson Supersonic comes with a side tooth comb that can be purchased separately.  This comb has side teeth designed for curly hair to help straighten the hair as it dries.


This dryer comes with most accessories.  It’s a powerful motor with 2000W releases negative Ionic Ceramic heat, meaning it breaks water molecules in the hair down to dry quicker with the added bonus of sealing the cuticle at the same time.

Also great for frizz control

Berta 1875 Tourmaline Hair Dryer

This hair dryer has a lower wattage than the rest of the dryers I’ve chosen.  I do believe a slower dryer is also great for fine damaged hair.

It is powered by millions of negative ions which as mentioned before control the frizz in your hair.

It has a 2-speed button and 3 heat control settings.

What Comb Attachment Is Better For My Hair ?

When choosing the most compatible dryer for your hair keep in mind a few factors and benefits of the comb attachment.

  • Choose a shorter comb for shorter hair styles
  • Choose a longer comb for longer hair.
  • Use the comb attachment especially if you want to create volume.
  • You have one free hand
  • You are combing the knots out of the hair whilst blowing it.
  • A wider comb is better for thinker curly hair

The comb will give volume to your hair and leave it silky and smooth while still retaining its volume and shine.

Remember when creating a volume that you will still need to section your hair off as this is a common mistake made which can lead to disappointment in this attachment if not used properly.

Comb your hair upwards from the root while applying the heat in even strokes from roots to ends until the section of hair is dry.

I’m sure you could even flip your head upside down which will automatically push the hair in the opposite direction to which it falls, using the comb and dryer to dry the hair giving maximum volume. Start at the nape of your neck.  When you feel that the hair is dry, move to the front of your head and continue to dry your hair.

For straight smooth hair, you will still need to section your hair, but instead of pulling the comb up against the root, you will comb the hair down in even strokes from roots to ends. You may need to go over the section a few times before it is completely dry.

In conclusion, the market produces so many different hairdryers and attachments aimed at helping you manage your hair better while protecting it.  At your next hair appointment, it would also help you to talk to your stylist about which hair dryer is best suited to your hair type and lifestyle.

I would also advise that you always use a heat protector before you begin to style your hair.

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