John Frieda Hair Dryer Reviews & Best Deals

If you lose something, you can get a new one but that’s not the case with your hair. Unlike Hollywood celebrities who are used to replacements and transplantations of body parts, for most common people losing a god-gifted blessing is beyond imagination. That is why, it is far better to invest smartly in your hair care instead of being stingy and regretting later.

John Frieda is a hair-care products line named after the hairstylist and entrepreneur, John Frieda. Though not quiet old as other competitors in the market, due to its breakthrough hair products that John invented himself, it established into a credible brand within its first few struggling years. John has successfully gained attention of mass consumer market by introducing similar hair products that are used in fashion shoots like Frizz Ease Serum and Beach Blonde.

John Frieda’s hair dryers are also something that are unique in resolving hair issues of its customers. One notable thing, though not relevant to hair dryers, is that late Lady Diana and Jacqueline Kennedy were amongst the rich clientele of John Frieda during his tenure as hairstylist. This certainly says a lot about the quality of the brand ranging from shampoos to irons, brushes and blow dryers.

*Top Rated Choice from John Frieda’s hair dryers*

#1 John Frieda Full Volume Hair Dryer JF1R


John Frieda’s full Volume hair dryer has a sleek silver metallic look which makes it attractive at first glance. It features all standards of hair dryers including Ceramic and Tourmaline technology, 1875 Watts AC motor, cold shot button, three heat settings and two speed settings.

Pros: Why We Like It

  • Adds volume to hair- With no waste of extra time, you can get volume in your hair with this hair dryer in few minutes. Just lower your hair upside down and focus on the roots. it works like magic.
  • Powerful motor- It features a powerful AC motor that reduces drying time of chest-length hair to as short as three minutes.
  • Lightweight- It gives a bulky look. However, it is not. It weighs 2 pounds only. Though, not as light as hair dryers weighing 1.6 pounds, it is still lighter than those weighing 3 pounds.
  • Add-ons- It comes with two concentrators and a diffuser to get straight shiny hair or bouncy curls. 
  • Zero Frizz- It gives amazing results on your hair with 0% frizz.
  • Control for different types- With the combination of three heat and two speed controls, you can dry hair of different types – from thick curly to thin, straight or delicate hair.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

  • The only complain that you can have with John Frieda’s JF1 is the location of its control buttons. Since they are located right where you hold it from, you tend to change the settings to on/off.

Price Range

From $30 to $40, you can get a good deal on John Frieda’s JF1 hair dryer for the perks it comes along with.

#2 John Frieda Salon Shine 5125BU AC hair dryer


John Frieda’s Salon Shine model promises for an ultra-shine and smooth results just like you get from a salon treatment. It has a glossy metallic silver body which gives a pretty look to your dressing table. It features Ionic and Titanium-ceramic hair dryer technology to help control frizz. It has three heat and two speed settings and a cold shot button to lock final hair style.

Pros: Why We Like It

  • Ultra-fast motor- John Frieda's Salon shine hiar dryer consists of 2200 Watt power AC motor which makes it work pretty fast on blow drying contrary to the typical 1875 Watt motors in most hair dryers.
  • Add-ons- It comes with attachments including a concentrator with an ultra-slim nozzle and a diffuser for making curls
  • Long cord- It has a 3m cord length which makes it quiet handy and convenient to use.
  • 5 years warranty- John Frieda provides a warranty of 5 years with this piece of model.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

  • Heavy weight- Its biggest turn-off is its heaviness. It weighs 2.6 pounds which causes strain while drying.
  • Wrong location of button- The switch and heat and speed setting controls are located right where you hold it. This causes one to accidentally switch it off or change settings.
  • Noisy- While its high power motor makes it fast on drying, it creates a quiet noticeable sound. Loud enough to wake up your family in the morning.

Price Range

Between $60 and $70, John Frieda’s Salon shine hair dryer is a good buy.

#3 JOHN FRIEDA Salon Shine Hair dryer JF2


Named after the famous Italian resort and a fishing village, Portofino, BABNT6610N is exclusively made in Italy. The model is built around some striking features that makes it a professional choice of hairstylists. It comes in two elegant colors, black and blue both of which gives it an attractive and nice, sleek and shiny look.

Pros: Why We Like It

  • Italian-built AC Motor- The motor of this model has been built in Italy. I don’t understand how this makes it a plus point as Italy isn’t a brand like Ferrari but the results of this motor proves the high quality of Italian-made tag as its salient feature.
  • 2000 Watt Power- The 2000 watt motor gives an immense pressure of air blow that cuts down drying time significantly.
  • Concentrator and Diffuser- As a bonus, it contains, not one or two, rather three concentrator nozzles and a diffuser as well. It really is a surprising treat worth the price.
  • Nano-Titanium Technology- Combined with the ionic technology, BABNT6610N contains Nano-Titanium technology for an even heat distribution, faster drying and zero-frizz hair.
  • Extra-long Cord- The cord is 9 ft. long which makes it easy and convenient to operate.
  • Noiseless- It is quite beyond your expectations with a high- powered motor, one would expect it to be noisy enough to wake up the neighbors. On the contrary it is as quite as a mouse
  • 4 year warranty- Babyliss Pro does justice with its customers by giving extensive four year warranty

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

  • Inappropriate button location- The control buttons are located on the external side of the handle so when you hold it, there are high chances that your hand will keep pushing it to on or off.

Price Range

Its price ranges from $26 to $36 with most retailers.

What we recommend

John Frieda’s Full Volume hair dryer is the trending styling tool in the fashion industry because of the marvel it does to your hair by making your hair fuller, healthier and shinier. It consumes only few minutes on average to dry your hair because of its AC motor.

John Frieda’s Full Volume hair dryer

Final words​

John Frieda hair care products aim to resolve hair issues of its consumers by inventing unique features at affordable price and add confidence to your personality as you wear the brand. Just like its hair cosmetics, John Frieda’s hair dryer also give outstanding results and is certainly a great choice for everyday use.

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