4 Reasons You Need a Hooded Hair Steamer : Top 7 in 2023

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

Hooded hair steamers have a wide range of uses, from chemical processing to textured hair hydration and conditioning.  Do you need one? Well, it’s only on one of the greatest hoods to buy.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and uses of a hood hair steamer and show you some top-rated hair steamers for home or salon use.

Why should I buy a hooded hair steamer?

For Dry or Brittle Hair

  • When the weather is hot, prevent unnecessary damage. Avoid washing your hair daily. Steam allows you to add moisture without doing your whole wash and condition routine.
  • Steam adds moisture without Hygral fatigue. Hygral fatigue wears your hair out due to the constant expanding and contracting (when wetted and then dried).
  • Steam promotes proper moisture balance and hair elasticity. Whenever you add water to your hair, you are adding moisture — eliminating dryness, brittleness, and breakage.

For better Conditioning Hair treatments

  • Soft heat opens the cuticle so Hair treatments and conditioners can penetrate deeply without the product drying out on your hair.


Pro Tip: For super soft hair, choose a good quality conditioner and stay under the steamer for at LEAST 25 minutes. If you use a steamer twice a week, your hair texture and dryness will change.

For Better Curl Pattern

  • Steaming enhances your natural curl pattern and promotes clumping without sacrificing volume.
  • A key to excellent curl definition is moisture. Steam moisturizes without making your hair dripping wet.

Source: BGLH marketplace

Hood Hair Steamer For Chemical Processing

  • Heat-activated color
  • Heat-activated Perm 
  • Steam Perm
  • Cut regular color  processing time by up to half

Steam processors, unlike hood dryers, there is no need to cover the head with plastic while processing. You still need to use cotton strips around the hairline to avoid drips. 

Some say that using a steamer shortens color processing time.  However, preliminary testing helps you determine the best processing time for each service. 

Less processing time means more money in your pocket.

Top-Rated Hooded Hair Steamers

KINGDOMCARES Large 3-in-1 Hair Steamer (Tabletop)

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  • Steamer generates an ultra-fine mist that is easily absorbed. The large capacity can also serve as a room humidifier or chamber to warm towels
  • Steamer provides nano-ionic steam. The nano steam contains ionic water particles that are up to 10x more effective in penetrating the skin.
  • Built-in ozone generator; controlled release of negatively charged oxygen reduces itchiness and prevents dandruff.
  • One press button operation
  • A facial spray rod attachment is included.
  • Intelligent Safety Warning System: steamer shuts off automatically if no water is in the water tank, preventing any injury. Beeping sound reminding your water will run out soon.

DevLon NorthWest Rolling Salon Hair Steamer

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  • 18.7 pounds
  • 620 Watts
  • 2 Power Levels for steam Adjustment
  • Durable and Easy to clean
  • 4 caster wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Dryer Opening: 27 IN ;
  • 1 year warranty

SSLine Professional Salon Hair Steamer with Hood,Portable Color Processor Rolling Floor on Wheels

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  • Product Weight: 5kg / 11.02lbs
  • 650W
  • 110 v and US Standard Three-prong plug
  • Made from premium ABS plastic and strong iron material,
  • The water bottle has a spring that can successfully prevent leakage. 
  • Portable, compact design, easy to operate
  • Water Shortage Protection Technology
  • Power Cord:1.7m
  • Head Cover Size: 36cm Diameter

Artist Hand Professional Hair Steamer Color Processor

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  • Timer 0~60 minutes,
  • temperature High and Low settings
  • Swivel rolling base for mobility.
  • easy to assemble or disassemble.
  • Ultra-quiet operation .

Mefeir Professional Salon Hair Steamer Stand Up with Hood,Rolling Base

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  • 600 Watts
  • Made from premium ABS housing, caster, and strong iron base.
  • Timer up to 30 minutes
  • 2 speeds adjust fog mist (power 2 produces more steam),
  • height adjustment from 42.5'' to 50.4'
  • UPGRADED LEAKPROOF - Water bottle with a spring 
  • 13.4" Diameter Hood Opening.
  • Easy to CLEAN & SAFE - with the help of stopper and wastewater cup, remains can be handled effortlessly, preventing mineral deposit buildup
  • UPGRADED LEAKPROOF - Water bottle with a spring 
  • 13.4" Diameter Hood Opening.
  • Easy to CLEAN & SAFE - with the help of stopper and wastewater cup, remains can be handled effortlessly, preventing mineral deposit buildup

BR Beauty Melissa Professional Hair Steamer and Color Processor

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  • 620 Watts
  • Extremely Durable Base w/ Rolling Casters
  • 60-Minute Auto Shut Off w/ Silent Timer
  • Fully Adjustable Height & Neck Extension
  • 1-Year Warranty,

Deluxe Hair Steamer with Timer with ONE YEAR WARRANTY By Skin Act

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  • Power: 650W
  • Adjustable steam with High and Low switches
  • Adjustable Timer up to 60 minute
  • Vented hood to adjust the steam level

*The most common complaint with hair steamers is water leaking out of the machine. Leaking is usually caused by incorrect assembly. Make sure you know how to set up correctly.

In Conclusion

A hair steamer is very useful for conditioning and softening curly, coily and 4c hair.  In a salon setting, it is a wonderful tool to process all types of color without drying it out. 

If you haven’t already check out some of the fantastic hooded hair steamers we found.

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