Best Bonnet/Hooded Dryer For Curly, Natural or Black Hair

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

If air-drying your hair hasn’t worked out for you in the past, and you are scared of heat damage, these are good reasons to find yourself the best hood dryer you can for your natural curly hair.

Hooded hairdryers and bonnets dissipate excess water from your hair and stretch your curls without drying your scalp or hair out. Hooded Dryers help prevent kinks from matting by sleeping overnight on your hair while it’s still damp.

What does natural curly hair need?  To be hydrated, to retain moisture, to promote smoothness, and a diffuser effect so curls stay in clumps and won’t frizz.

In this article, we will talk about features that promote beautiful curl formations and eliminate the frizz effect. 

Main features to look for when choosing a hood that best suits curly, natural and kinky coily hair are:

  • Hair Steamers​
  • Ionic Setting​
  • Speed Control or Low Wind Effect​

Best Types of Bonnet and Hood Dryers For Natural, Black and Curly Hair

Hair Steamers

Hair steamers are a great way to moisturize your hair and enhance curl without the whole washing/conditioning process. 

Hair steamers are also a great way to do your weekly conditioning treatments. The steam allows products to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft and no worries about products drying out and getting hard.

BR Beauty Melissa Professional Hair Steamer (Freestanding)

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  • 620 Watts
  • Great Economical Solution for Home & Light Salon Use
  • Extremely Durable Base w/ Rolling Casters
  • 60-Minute Auto Shut Off w/ Silent Timer
  • Fully Adjustable Height & Neck Extension
  • 1-Year Warranty, 
  • Requires distilled water 
  • Steamer only no drying features

SUPER DEAL PRO 3 in 1 Multifunction Ozone Hair Steamer with Bonnet Hood Attachment (Tabletop)

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  • 350 Watts
  • 3 in 1 Mini steamer: Hair Steamer + Facial Steamer + room humidifier.
  • UV ozone generator; controlled release of negatively charged oxygen which helps reduce itchiness and prevents dandruff.
  • The 1-5 um ultra-fine mist generated by this ultrasonic atomizer can be quickly and easily absorbed by your hair or skin.
  •  Temperature up to 40-degree Celsius

How does Ozone therapy affect the hair? Ozone has a germicidal effect that helps in eliminating flaking and itching by destroying funguses. This improves blood circulation, stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair re-growth.

For more information to determine if a hooded hair steamer is right for you, click on our link.

Ionic Hairdryers 

 The main purpose of ionic dryers is they reduce frizz by eliminating static and promote smoother hair and speed drying time.  However, negative ions also help close the cuticle of the hair shaft and thus help you retain natural moisture in your hair.

Gold N' Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

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  • 3.4 pounds
  • Adjustable Soft Bonnet Accommodates a Set of Jumbo Rollers
  • 3 Heats / Speeds Provide Drying and Styling Flexibility
  • Cool Setting Releases Cool Air to Help Set the Style
  • Compact and Convenient Storage Case Holds Entire Unit, Including Power Cord
  • 40-inch flexible hose

Gold N Hot Elite Hood Ionic Dryer (Tabletop)

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  • 1875 Watts
  • Powerful, Long-Life Ac Motor
  • High-Velocity Hair Dryer

Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Portable Salon Dryer (Stand-Alone)

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  • 1875 watt output dries hair up to 50% faster while leaving hair silky, shiny, softer and less frizzy
  • Adjustable front visor and large adjustable bonnet accommodates even the largest rollers
  • 2 Speed / 4 Heat options
  • Includes 9ft cord, 
  • Two lockable wheels for stability and legs removable from base for compact storage

For more options see "Best Ionic Hooded Hairdryers"

Airspeed Control and Low Wind Effect

D Salon Portable Professional Hair Dryer Hood 980 Watt Salon Beauty Bonnet Style

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  • 29 pounds
  • Dryer Hood opening is 10-1/2 in. x 9-1/2 in.
  • 980-watt dual-looped stainless steel heating element w/multi-bladed fan
  • Adjustable timer,  temperature and fan settings
  • Can operate at 110V/880 W
  • Dryer Hood can be adjusted from 50 in. to 64 in.

Ovente Professional Ionic 3-Speed Hair Dryer Stand, Black (HDS223B)

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  • 1000-Watt
  • UPWARD AIRFLOW** – Gives hair lots of volume and prevents flatness while quickly and evenly drying hair. Make sure hair is PINNED DOWN AND COVERED by either a hair net or plastic cap so that hair won’t be sucked up and tangled into the air holes.
  • 3-SPEED TURBO (low, medium, high)
  • Adjustable temperature up to 167°F.
  • Dual heating stainless steel elements with a multi-bladed fan,
  • Auto-shutoff after 60 minutes,
  • HIGH QUALITY – construction. This hair dryer stand is made of Polypropylene (PP) and general-purpose Polystyrene (GPPS), while the stand pole is made of Iron and Electroplating.
  • ADJUSTABLE – height.

For more options check out top rated stand up dryers or best professional hood dryers

In Conclusion

Keep your curls looking their best by choosing the right features on your best hooded hair dryer for curly hair.

For other essential information about hood dryers see: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Hooded Hair Dryer

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