Top Hair Dryer Reviews & The Ultimate Buying Guide


Hair tools have evolved from their earliest days. Years ago, it was the whole dryer attached to a hose that dried hair while you were tied to a cap filled with air. Now, blow dryers have evolved into more efficient, fast, and user-friendly tools. As the saying goes “hair is only as good as its tools.” While prices may vary as some cost as low as $15 and some even $500, it’s often leaving unsure if you’re truly getting the quality you pay for. We usually purchase products based on price or availability, without taking into account what all of those descriptors on the box actually mean – watts, ceramic, ionic, tourmaline.

Some dryers may often leave your hair more damaged and frizzy, which is something you don’t exactly want to achieve. In order to determine the best hair drying experience – like little heat damage and shortest styling time for example. With an intense amount of product research and reviews, we scoured the research to see which hair dryers really leave our users with shiny, voluminous hair, cut down drying time and fight frizzy hair. Here is what you need to know before you buy the best blow-dryer for your hair type and budget. First, let’s talk about what those features on the box really mean.

Hair Dryer-101 (Things to Know Before Buying )

Lets get through some basics. You won't regret knowing these 😉 So lets begin ...

What Do The Watt Numbers Mean?

​The more watts a dryer has, the more heat and power it provides. For thick hair, you will want a dryer with more wattage. Though there isn’t necessarily a specific wattage for every hair type, if you let your hair air-dry often then you don’t need a high watt dryer.

Why The Right Dryer Matters

It is important to understand that while blow dryers are used to dry and style your hair, they can also make your hair turn frizzy and/or dull. Choosing the right blow dryer can help fight frizz, add volume, and keep your locks healthy.

Features of The Best Blow Dryer

Here’s what your ideal blow dryer should have:

  • Diffuser- For those who have curly hair, then you will definitely want to buy a blow-dryer that comes with a diffuser as it gives the hair more volume. In this category, you may want to have a look at T3 Veloce Tourmaline Dryer or the Conair Infiniti Pro Salon Performance.
  • Comb attachment- Having a comb attachment can be very convenient as you will no longer need to use a separate comb to style your hair. Make sure to choose a dryer that comes with a comb that glides smoothly through your hair.
  • Cord- A retractable cord is very convenient because is enables you to style your hair without the struggle of whether the power cord can reach a certain length. You have more flexibility and room, and also make storing your dryer easy.
  • Thin nozzle- Generally, Dryers with equipped with either non-nozzle or nozzle air flow systems. The Nano Titanium by Babyliss Pro comes with a classic style nozzle is one of the most popular in this category.
  • Low EMF- Nowadays, more and more women are worried about EMF, electromagnetic field. If you tend to use your dryer daily or frequently, then choosing a dryer with low EMF is a must. The CHI TOUCH SCREEN is one good example. Most CHI products have low EMF levels.
  • Quick drying- Quick drying is a must-have feature for busy women. You may want to look at the Harry Josh Pro Tools PRO Dryer 2000 which is a bit pricey (it costs about $300) but does its job of drying your hair really quick. Check out the 3 Featherweight Professional Hair Dryer and BIO IONIC. Both of which have been reported to dry faster than regular dryers by at least 40% faster compared to leading brands.
  • Dual Voltage- If you travel frequently, choose a dryer with dual voltage. Make sure to choose the best travel dryer with dual voltage that ill also suit your hair type. I highly recommend BaByliss Nano Titanium Travel Dryer to fit the job.
  • Picks- The pick attachments help to add volume to hair starting at the root. Short hair only requires a short pick while longer hair uses a long version. Chances are many blow dryer sets include these in ranges.

What is the difference between ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline?

To help hair stay looking and feeling its healthiest, find a dryer that is a combination of each of these.

  • Ionic-

    Ionic dryers help break down water molecules which allows hair t dry faster.

    This will also allow moisture to penetrate deeper so that you will dry your hair and still maintain moisture on the inside. Ions help neutralize positive charged ions in your hair, thus restoring shine and helping hair feel conditioned.
  • Tourmaline-

    This type of dryer has a gemstone coasting which contains minerals that naturally rid of negative ions.

    Beauty scientists created blow dryers built with crushed tourmaline to coat the interior of the dryer. In recent tests, tourmaline blow dryers have proven to dry hair 40% faster than an ionic dryer.
  • Ceramic-

    Ceramic dryers contain technology that helps dry the hair on both the inside and outside.

    The heat is mild so it doesn’t damage the hair. A ceramic dryer uses ceramic coils with superior heat conduction. This means the hair will dry evenly without any hot spots that can damage it.

Are more expensive hair dryers actually better?

​Higher prices do pay for better quality and better warranty. The higher end dryers will give you better, long-lasting results. The better the tools are, the better your hair can look.

Find the Right Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type:


BenefitsGreat For:We RecommendIf you want the product, just click the image


Breaks down water molecules which allow hair to dry faster.Dry/Damaged hair1. Revlon Laser Brilliance Ceramic Ionic Dryer
Generates – ions to smooth and lock in moisture.Frizzy Hair2. Revlon RV544 Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer
Minimizes drying time.Coarse/Thick Hair3. CHI TOUCH SCREEN

Ceramic & Titanium

Create smooth, silky hair & eliminates frizz.Tames frizz & Flyaway hair1. Babyliss Nano Titanium Pro
Generates infrared heat, drying hair from inside out.Keratin treated hair2. Remington T-STUDIO Silk Ceramic

Adjustable Temp.

Ability to control heat to avoid heat damageFine, thin hair1. BabyBlissPro TT
Getting the most use out of your dryer2. Revlon RV544 Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

Multiple Speed Settings

Ability to control speeds for your hair’s need.All hair typesConair Infiniti Pro Salon Performance


Small, compact and ergonomic.Committed blowoutsDry bar Buttercup
Easy blow dry experience

Dual Voltage & Travel size

Easy travel without converter issuesTravelers1. T3 Veloce Tourmaline Dryert3-veloce-tourmaline-dryer
CompactThose who can’t rely on hotel dryers2. BabyBlissPro Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Are You Ready to Buy?

Now that you know what kind of dryer you need, here’s a few things to consider before making your next purchase. First, how much time do you have to dry your hair?

Second, what is your hair texture?

Fine hair should forget the ionic and tourmaline dryers and opt for ceramic for the even heating without making fine hair turn flat. Curly hair should opt for tourmaline or ionic with attachments with high wattage.

Here is a list of the Top Rated Hairdryers

Best Blow Dryers for Your Money!


The Remington Silk Ceramic Ionic AC Professional Hair Dryer is infused with authentic SILK proteins. With this advanced technology, hair dryer can smooth frizz and leave you with silky smooth salon styles every time. The dryer’s salon quality AC motor provides maximum speed and power of airflow giving you 50% faster styling versus standard dryer without ion generator feature. The AC motor is also guaranteed to last, giving you a chic salon blow-out look for up to 4 years.

The dryer is comparatively quieter than others as you dry the hair faster. I like the useful two speeds with three temperature settings and attachments. Though the dryer may seem a bit heavier than others and a big too long especially with attachments installed. This may be a problem especially if you have bald hair as it makes risk getting stuck,

Reviewers say...


  • 1875-watt AC salon motor for 4x longer motor life
  • Silk protein-coated grill plus super ionic generator for silky-smooth results
  • 3 heat and 2 speed settings
  • Silk Ionic generator for maximum ions and cool shot to set style in place
  • Diffuser and concentrator attachments for multiple styling options

Best Blow Dryers Under $100

  • BabyBlissPro TT
  • T3 Veloce Tourmaline
  • Revlon RV544 Tourmaline Ionic
  • BabyBlissPro TT Tourmaline 5000

The BabyBlissPro TT gives powerful heat conductivity with the ionic generator emits higher concentration of ions for more effective frizz eliminating and hair cuticles.

The combination of tourmaline and titanium helps achieve salon professional results on any hair type or texture.

Users recommend this dryer with high kudos. I like that this dryer dries hair without feeling over dried, but smooth and controlled. The dryer gives plenty of volume and shine with efficiency and fast heat. Reviewers claim it takes only 10 minutes to completely style the hair, while on average users take about 30 minutes or longer. Users love how shiny and healthy the dryer leave the hair even with thick, coarse hair. For the price, you really get what you’re looking for in all aspects. Many have relied on Baby Bliss for years as the quality of the products match up to their name.

Reviewers say...


  • The infrared heat makes drying time faster, helping to avoid unnecessary damage to the hair
  • Engineered with professionals in mind, you'll enjoy the incredible drying power from the high-torque, 1900 watt motor
  • Its ultra-lightweight body design and well-placed 6 heat/speed setting switches ensure extra-comfortable handling and easy styling
  • An easy-to-clean back filter affords hassle-free maintenance

Dryers by Hair Types

Frizzy Hair

Thick Hair

Curly Hair

Fine Hair

Dryers by Hair Dryer Types

Hooded Hair Dryers

Travel Hair Dryers

Lightweight Hair Dryers

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Final Words

Before you begin your blowout, always make sure to let your hair air-dry as much as possible. Try wrapping it in a towel while you are getting ready as the towel will absorb a nice amount of moisture and will take less time to dry. Make sure to find the right dryer that fits your hair type as using the wrong kind of dryer may lead to damaged, over-dried hair. Pay attention to the wattage for speedy results. Choosing the best products is just as important as to how you style your hair.