Here's our Reviews on Absolute Heat Flat Iron

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

I must admit that I have battled to find a lot of information or reviews about this brand.  It is not an iron that I am familiar with so I’ve had to troll and read over many opinions and reviews about it before I can put my 5 cents forward to you.

Usually, Amazon, Google, and many other websites will post something about the company but I haven’t found much to be honest and their website is under construction at the moment as I usually like to read up on a company first.

Living in South Africa I have not heard of this brand yet, however, I can buy it off a site at a price similar to a GHD so for me that says enough about this product already and I am hoping I have stumbled onto something good here.

Together we are going to discover the world and works of Absolute Flat Irons!

Not only have I been a hairdresser for many years, but I’m also a typical consumer when it comes to buying things.  I have to like the look of a product and the color needs to stand out for me.  I love the funky color choices of this iron. 

I’m sure when you choose a shampoo for yourself the first thing you do is smell it and if you like it, it goes into your shopping basket.

I have to be honest I’m a bit like that when it comes to choosing beauty products for my client’s hair.

Obviously, I look at the technology which is a big must have when it comes to choosing a flat iron.

Remember before you purchase any investment for your hair that you are looking for something that will last a great length of time, give you fantastic results, shine and protect your hair!

I have always believed in paying more when it comes to Stylers and have had many of my irons for 20 years or so.  It's been a long time I know and most of them I don’t use any more as technology is forever changing but I just can’t part with them.

The Technology behind the Absolute Heat Intelligent Professional Series Flat iron has some super features!


  • It has solid ceramic plates infused with black tourmaline gemstones which enables it to distribute heat evenly.  This is so important as it will straighten or curl your hair evenly
  • Comes with Ionic technology to give silkier and smoother hair.
  • Comes with a variable temperature range meaning you can set the heat to just what your hair needs in other words digital,
  • Temperatures ranges from 140 degrees to 450 degrees so be extra careful if your hair is compromised
  • A swivel cord
  • Safe for use of Keratin and non-treated hair – interesting! We will have a look further into that explanation a little further on.
  • One-inch plates so not suitable for very long hair
  • For all types of hair
  • Automatic shut off.
  • Dual voltage which is great if you travel

Keep in mind when selecting a flat iron what the different technologies can do for your hair.

For hair that is compromised, meaning hair that has been over-processed or damaged due to color or previously burnt with a dryer, choose a plate/ flat iron with ceramic and tourmaline plates.

For hair that you don’t want to be damaged, choose a plate/flat iron with ionic functions or infrared heat.

For coarse or difficult to straighten hair choose a plate/flat iron with titanium features.

While this iron has some amazing features don’t forget to look at Babyliss flat iron reviews as there is a variety of different irons for many types of hair and features.

The reviews on the Absolute Heat Flat iron are a 50/50 split.


  • Solid Ceramic Plates infused with black tourmaline
  • Ionic Technology
  • Digital LCD temperature settings
  • For all hair types


  • The Auto shut off seems to be a problem
  • The size of the plates as they are a one inch so it’s a big no for long hair
  • It’s too light

Not sure what the fuss is about with regards to using it on Keratin hair as for those of you who don’t know what Keratin is, it is a protein treatment that is applied to the hair and flat ironed into it several times to help eliminate frizz.  It can last up to 3 months on your hair and helps reduce styling time on your hair. 

I have always been trained and do believe that any iron can be used on hair that has Keratin on it. 

Some professional stylists believe that due to the size of the plates and weight of the iron that this is an entry level iron for first time purchases.

Amongst the negativity I must admit that I like what I see and again must stress I love all styling tools!

The price is right for home users and the biggest draw card for me is the technology.

Other reviews are more positive with people absolutely loving this iron and its functionality right up to someone wanting one in every color.

The appealing point on this iron is the temperature heat setting which makes all the difference when it comes to healthy looking hair.

Take a look at my previous article on heat settings for hair types in the 10 Best curling irons that won’t damage your hair for a guideline.

I think based on the price and all the other brands out there that compared to the Babyliss (although they have a huge range) that the Absolute Flat iron should you be willing to try it out could be a great investment.

Another great Styler to look out for is the perfect fusion styler review if you are looking for a dual styler and want a comparison.

The Absolute Flat iron is streaks ahead in technology, affordable and compact.

Again, we are fortunate to have so many options out there when it comes to irons but its always going to boil down to your hair type and needs.


  • Must I always use a heat protector with a flat iron?

Yes absolutely

  • Why are some flat irons cheaper than others?

The cheaper flat irons don’t always have advanced technology behind them

  • What is the best size plate to choose when you buy a flat iron?

1 inch plates are more suitable for shorter to medium length hair, 2 inch plates are more suitable for longer hair.

  • Why is the technology behind a flat iron so important?

The better the technology the more protection you have on your hair.

  • What is the difference between a straightener and a flat iron?

A straightener is any device that can make your hair straight such as a tool with a brush on the end, hot combs and even hair dryers.  A flat iron is a styler with two plates on opposite sides used to iron the hair straight or give it a curl

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