BaByliss Flat Irons | An Honest Review By ProHairBlog

by Lauren Gilmore
[ Hair Stylist and Educator ]

BaByliss has really evolved when it comes to professional hair styling tools.

They offer a huge range of different flat irons which is great to have, however can be a bit daunting when it comes to choosing the perfect flat iron for you as well as all the technology it offers.

Living in South Africa the hair stylists here tend to stick to brands only available from reputable product houses, GHD,Parlux and Dyson to name a few.  Brands like BaByliss, Remington etc which are great brands are available in our super markets at a high-end price so I’m excited to see what they have to offer.

BaByliss has been around for 55 years offering professional expertise in hair.

They have a few different size plates on their irons from 1” to 1.25” and 1 ½”.

Their technology includes ceramic , nano titanium and porcelain ceramic.

It all sounds a little confusing doesn’t it and why on earth would we need a choice of so many different plate sizes?

That’s why I am here, to help you find the perfect flat iron for your hair.  I’m sure with the variety BaByliss has to choose from we are bound to find you something.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1” Ultra thin Straightening Iron

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• lightweight making it easier to work with
• ha extended 5” inch long plates this enables you to take wider sections – wow! This is a great feature.
• 50 heat settings up to 450F
• Smooth titanium plates that conduct ultrahigh heat
• Available in 1”, 1 ½” and 2 inch plates
• Ceramic heater for instant heat and recover
• Nano technology protects the hair from damage
• Can be used to straighten hair and for loose beach waves

Although this iron has many great features there are mixed reviews on it.  While most people started off loving it due to its high heat, it has been said that it loses it within a year.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima Ionic

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• Plates are 1.25 inch
• Features Icon Multiplier technology and aircraft grade warp resistant titanium plates. This allows quick heat transfer instantly smooths and conditions the hair.
• Allows for straightening or curling the hair
• Dual ceramic heating, has temperature’s up to 465F
• Ideal for resistant hair types
• Heats up instantly with millions of ions giving shine to your hair.
• Perfect for all hair types

Some great reviews are noticed with this iron.  One lady said it relaxes her split ends making them smooth and not so noticeable.  I would never have guessed that could work so I’m thrilled to have learnt something.

That result is coming from the ions in the plates for sure.

It has been reported the plates don’t fully meet but the iron still works well – interesting! Perhaps she is taking thicker sections as with fine hair I can't see this working.

I do advise to keep your plates clean on your iron as heat protectors can and do build up on the plates.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Digital Straightener

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• Has 1 inch plates
• Nano titanium technology giving even heat distribution
• Has directional plates meaning they move slightly giving 100%contact with the hair. This saves you from going over your hair a few times.
• Negative ions leaves the hair soft and shining
• Has digital memory function to store frequently used heat settings
• Digital temperature adjustment offers precise control
• Smoother glides through your hair and no pulling
• Titanium plates last longer

While we are always quick to judge reviews, I always prefer to trust my own. 

The reviews are from one end to the other.  Some people can’t get enough of how fantastic this iron is and have had perfect results as promised.

Others have had their iron stop working within months where the temperature doesn’t go beyond a certain number.

However, if you take the time to mail BaByliss their return policy seems to be fair and service is great!

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 ½ inch Ultra-Thin

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• 1.5-inch plates
• Slim design helping to eliminate your hand or arm getting painful
• High heat levels giving great straightening results
• Nano titanium to protect the hair from damage
• Extended 5-inch plates
• 50 heat settings
• Ultra-high heat resists corrosion, I’m assuming to the hair
• Ceramic heater for instant heat and recovery.

This iron is exactly the same as the Pro Nano Titanium Ultra thin so don’t be misled when you see three different ones at the shop.  They all have the same features!

The only difference is the plate size,

Reviews on this model state pulling of your hair.  Plates not touching, slightly different problems to the 1 inch model where reported heat settings stopped working.

It’s beginning to look like the wider the plate the more it doesn’t touch.

Also reported that those who love it will not change brands ever and have had great results!

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Plated Ionic Iron

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• Comes in 1 ¼ inch plates and 1 ¾ inch plates
• Combined ionic technology with benefits of pure titanium plated plates which deliver smoother, sleeker hair. Something a bit different
• Ions reduce frizz – this is built in.
• Outer coating doesn’t get hot to handle
• Instant heat and fast heat recovery
• Extra long plates
• This iron is better for coarse hard hair

So far this is the only iron amongst the whole selection that offers a slightly different technology being the pure titanium plated plates.

I’m impressed by what this iron has to offer, however the reviews are mostly negative. 

Again, the main complaint is that it just stops working.

Perhaps we need to look at royale hair straighteners reviews  and what those irons have to offer.

I’m not even going to go further with showing you the balance of the irons available.  I’ve decided to just look and see what other models offer that are different to the ones listed instead and perhaps post pictures of those ones instead. 

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There is a mini flat iron – nothing different apart from size.

Great reviews on the dual voltage if you travel that’s a plus.

Reported plates don’t line up and the opening is found to be a bit small.

Again, those who love it haven’t had any problems.  Have also found it great for short hair.

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic 1 ½ inch

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• The porcelain ceramic generates far infrared heat which is less damaging than other heating methods
• Anti static removable comb
• Ceramic has instant heat up and recovery

Far better reviews on this model with everyone loving it.

If I understand correctly the comb bristle is only on one side of the comb making it a bit tricky to use on the other side of your hair, I advise you to swap hands when you move to the other side of your head to get the most out of this feature .

Don’t forget to check out the perfect fusion styler if you are looking for a dual purpose iron.


  • Is it better to use a ceramic iron on thick coarse hair?

No I wouldn’t advise it

Yes of course, it's better to look for an iron that has heat control to help you find the right setting for your hair along with a heat protector and your hair will be great. Always keep in mind that any heated up styler needs to be used with caution and care.

  • Why must I use a heat protector?

While irons offer great technology in protecting your hair, this isn’t enough.  Direct heat on hair can cause damage.  A heat protector will protect the hair further

  • Can you get volume from a flat iron?

Yes if you are curling it and no if you want to straighten it.

  • Is it better to blow dry your hair straight or flat iron?

From a time point of view it's far easier to flat iron.  It goes quicker causing less damage

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