Perfecter Fusion Styler Review

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

As previously stated I’m blown away by the huge selection of tools we have access to which enables us to create beautiful styles.

However at first glance of this styling tool I can’t say it would be at the top of my list.

I do agree that there are so many styling tools out there and manufacturers are trying to give us styling aids that are compact and more compatible but sometimes one part of the product works really well and the other is a dud!

When I choose a new styling tool I look at what it can do for me.  I consider my hair length and thickness as well as the technology behind it.

At first glance I would say this styler is more suitable for fine shoulder length hair.

The iron would be good for straightening your hair and the brush side possibly to give you root lift or to go over the ends of your hair and tuck it in should you not want a dead straight look after flat ironing your hair.

The brush side doesn’t blow hair it simply heats up like a hot brush did in the 70’s and 80’s which was great back then, but this is a different era where you have been exposed to greater things including royale hair straighteners which can offer more.

Let's take a look at the technology of this baby while I research the reviews before we make up our minds.

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The hot bush provides a strong ionic ceramic body allowing for smoother and easier handling of all hair types

The nylon teeth provide faster hair styling, in my opinion I don’t think the teeth are long enough to really grab the hair allowing the heat to access the hair very well.

The Hot brush uses dual heat to spread the heat evenly without heating the nylon tips.

It has digital temperature control giving 3 temperature options being 380, 400, 420 degrees which is super hot.

It features a reliable auto shut off system for safety which you don’t always find.

To access the flat iron part all you need to do is unlock the brush. 

The plates on the flat iron are tourmaline offering incredible energy efficiency which is always a plus.

Having researched some reviews I have to say I wasn’t far off of my opinion in the beginning of this article.  Some have found that while having the flat iron in use their hand touches the on/off button causing it to switch off.  Others have commented that the flat iron plates don’t meet well enough to glide your hair through and find there’s a slight gap.

Its also been reported that the latch pops open every now and again forcing you to hold quite tight while using the brush side.

There are pros to this dual styling aid and again I must state this is preference for you.  If you travel often this product is compact and easy to store.  It will give you what you need.

Its heating is phenomenal up to 400 degrees so be careful when using it.

It is said to by long lasting smooth frizz free hair

High quality on curly thick textured hair

One of the few hot brushes that actually gets hot enough to curl hair.

So there you have it and as I bend my head in shame, if this styler came across my path I would give it a try. 

Another item in the Perfecter range is the Fusion Styler

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This hot brush/styler can be used for curling hair as well as straightening your hair.

It takes just 2 minutes to heat up.

It has a ceramic and ion coating, allowing the heat to spread evenly giving long lasting curls or lasting straight hair.

The outer bristles stay cooler than the inside allowing you to manipulate your hair without getting burnt.

This hot brush is great for all hair types

Also comes with an auto shut off button after 60 minutes and a fold away handle which can double up as a rest on your table while it cools down.

You can bend, smooth, shine, increase volume and so much more in a fraction of the time.

Best of all this is the only styling tool you can hold with both hands and not have to avoid burning hot plates.

Apart from one or two petty reviews about a plug not lining up and someone not knowing if you could use it on wet hair, the reviews are promising.

This styling tool is worth the investment for a quick on the go styling machine.


  • Does the barrel turn automatically?

Not it does not

  • Does the barrel blow hot air out of it?

No it doesn’t, the barrel heats up

  • What is a fusion styler?

It’s a heated up round brush to help style hair and eliminate frizz

  • How do you clean the brush?

You remove the hair with a pin or toothpick, then take a Q tip and dip it in some soapy water and run it along the rows to remove any build up.

  • Can you style your hair from wet to dry?

I’m sure you could but I wouldn’t.  Rather dry it off and apply a heat protector then style

  • What is the size of the barrel on the combo styler (flat iron and curling brush)

The barrel size is 1.5” wides

  • Does the combo styler dry hair?

No, it only curls and flattens hair.

Being a fan of the absolute heat flat iron  as well as Royale Hair straighteners, I feel I will get the more out of these ranges and tools as opposed to a curling tong/flat iron or even a hot brush as we used to call it.

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