TYME Hair Styler Review; Things You Must Know Before Buying.

tyme iron pro reviews

Ever canceled plans because you were too lazy to style your hair? Or tried a fun hairdo but went for the same casual ponytail instead? There’s no doubt there are hundreds of different styles you can change your hair into, but we all know you need about four different types of tools and a five-hour notice to pull it off.

It’s about tyme someone noticed these difficulties and made them easier. Get it? So you must have gotten the hint; today we‘re reviewing a hyped up hair styler by Tyme called the Tyme Iron pro. Tyme Iron pro caught our attention because it claimed to remedy exactly the issues common in our everyday life, so we decided to give it a try. It arrived in an appealing rose gold color, bound to attract our attraction. Its titanium plates and the curve at the edge were built to both straight and curly hair. The TYME Iron pro is soft on the eyes but when it comes to functionality we did had some issues.


TYME Hair Styler; Easy to Use?

Not particularly, every device that is both straightener and curler in one comes with a learning curve. Let’s face it, those of us at home, we’re not professionals, it takes time to know what we’re doing. In our case, we took help from multiple YouTube tutorials, prior to ordering the Iron pro. We suggest you do the same. Always watch a tutorial online before you start using a new product.  Do not turn it down and view it badly because you aren’t able to use it properly. Give it time. The most helpful is probably the free one-on-one appointment with a virtual hair stylist that TYME offers its customers. The appointment can be set at any time of your convenience. The hair stylists are extremely accommodating, they advised us on the proper way to hold and handle the TYME Iron Pro, which made our life much easier as we felt there aren’t enough instructions on the box. In short, it took us a while to get the hang of it, a week at least, and if you need those long-lasting curls, you need to use it right.


Does Tyme Iron pro Heat up as fast as mentioned?

Definitely. When we used the TYME Iron pro, we felt its plates were slightly short in length, but what it lacked in length it made up in its quick heating ability, in about 45-50 seconds it quickly heated up to the chosen setting, and we thought the temperature memory thing was just good advertising, but it actually worked. The next morning, in less than a minute, it heated up to the same temperature it had been used the previous night.

You can see that they’ve made an effort to make the TYME Iron pro more efficient. The multiple temperature settings for different types of hair is very necessary, we found it worked for us best at 350 but that’s just consistent with the hair type.

We experimented with beach waves and tight curls and the silky straight look and found that it all worked out well if you use the TYME Iron pro the right way, but they aren’t as long lasting as one might hope. They can be, with the right conditioning and hairspray.

 To cut it short:

Overall, TYME has aimed to provide its customers with a safe tool but it isn’t as efficient as we’d like.

With so many more professional stylers out there we do not recommend TYME Iron pro. It’s not for ladies who are new to styling their hair at home and definitely not for beginners who’ll find it difficult to handle. Our advice? Check out this article on our blog on ‘Japanese Hair Styler. You’ll find some efficient and professional options there.

We also really like Philips HP8698 6-in-1 Hair Styler, Curler, Straightener which can do almost anything! Its 190 degrees centigrade temperature retains your hairstyle for much longer than others. Another styler we recommend is the HIS Professional. This baby straightens, flips, and curls the frizziest of hair with such elegance. If you’re looking for only a curler then the Harry Josh curling iron has topped our list since it came out! No curls have ever lasted this long!

We hope you got effective insight into this TYME Hair Styler and that our advice works out well for you!

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