10+ Top Cheap Sit Under Salon Hair Dryers to fit your Budget

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Starting your own business is never easy, and in addition to being much work, there are many upfront costs in opening a new salon. Here are some top cheap salon sit-under hairdryers to get you started.

There’s more to a business than furnishings and studio space. Especially in the beginning stages, startup costs require careful planning and meticulous accounting. Many new companies neglect this process, relying instead on a flood of customers to keep the operation afloat, usually with terrible results.

Some startup expenses that are common to all business types:

Equipment and Supplies

Every business requires some form of equipment and supplies. Before adding equipment expenses to the list of startup costs, decide whether to lease or buy outright. Finances play a significant role in this decision. If you don’t have enough money to purchase equipment, the unavoidable expense may make a lease-to-own the most practical option. It is essential to remember that a lease will not always be your best option. Depending on the terms of the contract. investopidia.com

Top cheap salon sit under dryer & chair  picks under $250

Box Hood Dryer (only)

    • 2 minute cool down cycle
    • Stylish functionality
    • 60-minute timer
    • 8 Amps
    • Undefined

No products found.

No products found.

    • 980-watt
    • heats up to 140 F 
    • In the 45 min timer, The last 10 minutes blows cool air
    •  60-minute timer, a dial setting for perm processing cycles, and 2-Minute cooldown cycle
    • chemical-resistant powder-coated finish
    • stainless steel heating element  UL and CSA approved
    • Fits most dryer chairs perfectly:
    • hood inside diameter: 12 inches works ok with large rollers (unless you have a large head)
    • Hood neck range approx 10 inches
    • No plug outlet on top
    • No wheels included
    • it doesn’t display the temperature

Highland Venus Plus Hair Dryer

    • Build with 2 Wheel Kits Making It Portable
    • Adjustable Head Bonnet for Different Customer
    • Max. Power: 1000 Watt
    • 0-60 minute Timer with Auto Shut off
    • 12Amps the dryer work out and the Max. Watt. is 1350W

SalonStar Adjustable Hooded Floor Hair Bonnet Dryer Rolling Base with Wheels Salon Beauty Tool

    •  25 pounds
    • Very Quiet 1000 watt very hot hooded hair dryer serves as salon conditioning hairdryer.
    • Hood has 12″ diameter and can be raised an additional 8″ for tall clients.
    • Dryer Body: 12″W x 6.5″D x 25″H + 4″ wheels kit addition
    • You can use this industry-standard sized hairdryer in your existing dryer chair or utilize the included FREE Wheel & Handle Kit
    • 60-minute auto-shutoff timer with adjustable temperature from 32° to 162° F

Hooded Conditioning Hair Dryer By Skin Act

    • 28 Lbs
    • 980 Watt Extra Hot Dryer
    • UL & CSA Approved
    • Timer and 4 Temperature Settings on Dryer
    • Thermostat Settings: Low – 85 to 90 degrees, Medium – 98 to 110 degrees & Perm 140 degrees plus.
    • Extra Large Hood with Fully Adjustable Arm
    • Dryer Hood Inside Diameter: 12.5″ Dryer 
    • Hood Arm Range: 2.25″ (Lowest) to 11″ (Highest) 
    • Air Velocity: 375 / 400 CFM 
    • BTU / Hour = 3334

Buy-Rite X-TRA Hot Dryer, 980 Watt Dryer for Salons and Stylists, Timer and 4 Setting Temperature Control, Extra Large Hood and Fully Adjustable Hood Arm, HL-1500 for Salons & Spas, HL-1500

    • 32.3 pounds
    • 1300 Watt Hooded Hair Dryer
    • 0-60 minute timer with automatic shut off
    • 3- heat settings 
    • detachable wheel kit included
    • adjustable height
    • runs very quiet,
    • one year manufacturer warranty
    • Sits at an angle no too low to cover the face with heat
      • No digital reading

Standing Professional Hair Salon Adjustable Conditioning Hooded Box Dryer with Detachable Wheels

Salon Dryer Chairs (chair only)

    • Heavy Duty Wood Frame for Extra Durability
    • Fits Most Salon Dryers
    • Quality Construction & Built to Last 
    • Each unit includes one chair measuring 23.5 inches wide (18.5 inches arm-to-arm), 30.5 inches deep, and 31 inches high (with an 18-inch tall seat back)
    • 1-year warranty.

Buy-Rite Kate Professional Hair Dryer Chair for Salons, Heavy Duty Wood Frame & Comfortable Black Cushions, 31 Inches High, 23.5 Inches Wide, 30.5 Inches Deep, OD-431 for Salons & Spas, OD-431

    • Classical style to fit in any salon
    • Made in the USA
    • It sits very low.

Pibbs Dryer Chair Model 1098

  • Arm to Arm: 23 1/2″
  • Seat: 21″ W 
  • Seat Height: 16″
  • Back Height: 33″
  • Weight: 60 lbs

No products found.

No products found.

For more stylish options check out Best salon hooded hairdryers + chairs       

Hood Dryer + Chair Combo Sets

    • Dial setting for perm processing cycles
    • Removable Air Filters for cleaning
    • Low/Medium/High/Perm settings

No products found.

No products found.

In Conclusion

There are affordable salon-style hair dryers for every budget. 

Another type of salon dryer you may be interested in is stand up rolling hairdryers.

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