Here's Our Reviews on Royale Hair Straightener

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

I always find it difficult when it comes time to replace my flat iron.  Being a stylist, I always stick to brands that I am familiar with and have had training on. 

However, in saying that, as the years have gone by I’ve learned to look or buy “out of the box”. I look at particular features that suit my needs and my clients hair needs. Technology is constantly changing with added features and benefits.

Reviews can be endless with everyone’s opinion on any given product.  All flat irons are guaranteed to work providing you dry your hair off properly, apply a heat protector and section your hair off in small sections if you have thick curly hair (for best results) and slightly thicker sections for fine hair. I prefer to use a comb first followed by my flat iron for smoother results.

The Royale Hair Straighteners come with advanced technology such as Far Infrared, ceramic plates, negative ion and Nano silver technology. You will find these features listed in the below straighteners that Royale has to offer.

I’m sure you are wondering why purchasing this product is a must buy for you?

  • They have Far Infrared technology, meaning it locks moisture into your hair shaft while protecting the cuticle from damage
  • Ceramic plates which radiate the Far Infrared heat
  • Negative ions which reduce static and lock in shine
  • Tourmaline gives off infrared heat protecting the hair from heat

Things to look out for

Adjustable heat settings, thick curly hair needs heat settings that can reach 230 degrees and higher especially if you want to eliminate frizz and get your hair salon styled straight for days.

Technology that the iron has to offer which we have covered already.

Plate size, smaller plates I find useful for shorter finer hair and thicker plates for long thick hair.  Remember though with the thicker plate that the root doesn’t always straighten so you will need to put the plate right up onto the root to eliminate the curl.

Price, what you are prepared to spend without damaging your hair in the process.

Royale Platinum Genesis Heating Element Hair Straightener

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This comes as a duet set which is rather handy, the brush is an add-on for when you feel like adding volume to your hair instead of straightening it.

Features are:

  • Ceramic plates which I’ve explained
  • Far Infrared heat – ensuring condition is maintained while using this iron
  • 25” 100% ceramic plates
  • Nano silver technology which styles and cleans your hair
  • Negative ion technology to eliminate frizz
  • Floating plate for active movement along the control axis
  • Temperature control being 80 degrees Celsius – 232 degrees Celsius
  • Dual voltage
  • For oily, dry and normal hair.

The final result will leave your hair shiny, silky and static free.

Royal 100% Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

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This popular Royale Classic Peacock Patterned flat iron promises the same shiny, glossy frizz free results as the Platinum iron.

Its lightweight enabling you to move more freely and straighten or curl your hair.

Features are:

  • Ceramic plate
  • Nano silver technology cleaning and styling the hair
  • Infused negative ions eliminating frizz
  • Temperature control up to 230 degrees
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Ideal for chemically treated hair, curly and thick hair as well as straight.
  • Single pass floating plate to enable the hair to move easier and not get caught.

I like the fact that the plates on both flat irons can move, this makes it easier for you when you are curling or doing a loose wave in your hair.  Often we are holding the iron so hard that as we pull the hair through to create a curl it gets stuck and a line is left in the hair.  Movable plates eliminate that problem all together.

While researching reviews on the Royale Flat iron versus for example the Babyliss flat iron reviews and absolute heat flat iron review – it is not difficult to see how these products come up with 5 star reviews. The technology offered in all these ranges is fantastic.  One down side most models of these ranges do not come with a glove or heat protection pad for you to place your flat iron on.  They will need to be purchased separately.

I must stipulate again that the best flat iron for you boils down to your hair type, technology behind the flat iron and the amount you want to spend.  I believe more expensive products work better however this is my opinion and it's great to see that there are more affordable products out there that carry the much needed technology to keep your hair healthy and look great at a more affordable cost.


  • Which is better, ceramic or titanium flat irons?

Titanium irons heat up slowly but evenly, while ceramic irons are safer as it's more difficult to damage or burn your hair.

  • Are more expensive flat irons better?

Yes of course they are.  More extensive research has been done on professional ranges.  Don’t buy cheap, rather save for a more expensive iron that will give you great results and last for years

  • Does a flat iron make thin hair?

Yes it can if the iron is used incorrectly, it can break and damage your hair

  • How do I know which size plate to choose?

1” inch wide plates are good for most hair types

2” inch wide plates are best for long hair

  • Can I flat iron my hair every day?

No It is not advisable to put direct heat on your hair everyday even if you have used a heat protector

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