Mestar Iron Pro review – STOP! READ THIS before you buy one

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The Mestar Iron Pro is an affordable 2-in-1 hair straightener and curling styler. Mestar not only straightens your hair like a flat iron but also gives soft Beach waves.  The Mestar Iron Pro is a budget-friendly alternative to your those high priced styling tools.

We werenot sure it does all that it claims to do. But after you read this article, you can decide for yourself.

In this article, we will discuss basic design features of the Mestar Iron Pro, it’s lack of authenticity, performance problems, and where you can buy one. We will also show you some reliable alternatives.

See what conclusion we came to about The Mestar!

The tale of Mestar Iron Pro

The Mestar Iron Pro has a somewhat similar-looking design to that of a name brand 2-in-1 hair styler. But don't be deceived; they are not the same thing. Initially, Mestar Iron Pro was a highly preferred, cheap 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler. Then Mestar got some unfavorable report resulting in the fact;they are now difficult to locate on the internet for purchase except on eBay.

When we recently looked for this product, we got conflicting information about the specifics of what it does or doesn't do:

Some features we are not sure about


  1. Originally this was marketed in a rose gold color. Now the Mestar brand comes in black, adding to the confusion. Some Reviewers also mentioned that the iron they received was indeed black.
mestar color issue Copy
mestar color issue 2

Safety grips 

A plastic grip at the end of the heated plates.  The advertising for Mestar sometimes includes heat protecting tips, and sometimes don't. I even saw different Mestar youtube videos; one had them, and one did not. Plate material 

mestar review -safety grip issuemestar iron review – safety grip issue 2

Plate material

Mestar Iron Pro heating plates are supposed to be from titanium with ceramic and tourmaline coating. We could not confirm anything but this; the plate material is ceramic.  Ceramic is an excellent choice for fine hair since it gives a lower continuous level of heat.


  • Mestar is supposed to remember what setting you had it on the last time you turned it off. However, the manufacturer doesn't say whether or not you have to leave it plugged in to remember.
  • We could not confirm that this design is a wet hair styler. Using an iron of any kind on wet hair is NEVER a good idea no matter what brand you buy.

Basic design features of the Mestar Iron Pro. 

The infamous learning curve

If you have had considerable experience using hair tools like me. It’s frustrating if you can’t get the hang of a device within minutes of using it.

  • With ALL 2-in-1 straighteners, including the Mestar Iron Pro, it’s essential to learn the technique for curling you hair or, you will be dissatisfied with your purchase.

Once you have the technique mastered, Mestar can give you lovely beach waves.

Quality and Performance

Let's consider the bigger picture of manufacturing. It may turn out that the iron doesn’t have the same features, performance, quality, or longevity as another more expensive model.

The reason why it’s more affordable,it was made with less expensive materials, soget what you pay for.It is unreasonable to have the same expectations of a budget brand like the Mestar Iron Pro, as you would expect from a name brand iron.

Other affordable yet excellent 2-in-1 hair stylers we have reviewed-

If you are looking for lower-priced alternative 2-in-1 irons, be sure of the originality of the product.

As a writer, originality is essential. Original ideas are often hard to come by, and when you run out of them, you tend to copy what others are doing.  Being a copycat is not right in any business.

Unfortunately, we have seen instances where a Mestar Iron Pro product pictured in the advertisement, clearly has the name of another company.

Mestar Iron Pro is available for sale on eBay and direct buy websites. If you are unsure about any aspect of the Mestar Iron Pro, you will be safer purchasing a different 2-in-1 hair straightener brand.

I lost confidence in the Mestar brand, mainly because of the conflicting information and lack of transparency.

I am not against budget hair tools. But be informed, know what you are buying.

Here are some other highly recommended affordable options :

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