Mestar Iron Pro review – things to know before you buy one

mestar iron pro reviews
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The Mestar Iron Pro offers a budget-friendly alternative to your daily hair styling needs. Mestar Iron Pro is a 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler which costs between 30-50 USD. So it is supposed to not only straighten your hair but also give you those sought after Beach waves.  

The 2-in-1 hair straightener and curlers have definite appeal.  Unless you need super tight curls or prefer the crimped look, these irons are much safer to hold than the Marcel curling iron or even a traditional spring curling iron.  I remember having to protect my client’s ears and scalp from burns with a comb. 

In this article, we will discuss basic design features of the Mestar Iron Pro, performance, and where to buy one.

See what we found out about Mestar!

The tale of Mestar Iron Pro

The Mestar Iron Pro has a similar body design to that of a name brand product. But don't be fooled they are not the same thing. In the beginning Mestar Iron Pro was widely promoted. Then Mestar got some bad reviews and as a result, they are hard to find on the internet for purchase except on eBay.

When we recently looked for this product, we got conflicting information about the specifics of what it does or doesn't do:

Some features we are not sure about 


Originally this was marketed in a rose gold color.  However, now you can find irons with the Mestar brand that are black. Some Reviewers also mentioned that iron they received was indeed black.

Safety grips:

A plastic grip at the end of the heated plates. Some of the advertising for Mestar have the grippers, and some don't. I even saw different Mestar youtube videos one had them an one did not. 

Plate material

Mestar Iron Pro plates are supposedly made from titanium, with ceramic and tourmaline coating. The one constant thing that seems to be true is that the plates are made from ceramic. Ceramic is suitable for fine hair providing a lower consistent level of heat.


  • Temperature memory (it's supposed to remember what setting you had it on when you shut it off) The manufacturer doesn't specify if you have to leave it plugged in or not, for it to remember.
  • For use on wet or dry hair. Using an iron of any kind on wet hair is NEVER a good idea no matter what brand you buy

Basic design features of the Mestar Iron Pro.

  • Four temperature control settings
  • Dual voltage
  • Select from a Variety of plug configurations to suit your needs. Or it may come with a universal adapter.
  • Negative Ions (always a useful feature to reduce frizz and create smoother hair)

The infamous learning curve

We are accustomed to picking up a tool and within minutes we get the results we want.

With the Mestar Iron Pro and ALL 2 in 1 stylers You MUST learn the technique. Otherwise, you will be disappointed and frustrated with your purchase.

For tips on how to use it your 2 in 1 styler, see our article

  • How to use your 2-in-1 iron correctly

Quality and Performance 

All features aside, it seems to give you some Beach waves if you can master the technique.

Let's consider the bigger picture of manufacturing. One thing to remember is, the price of a product reflects the effort put into development, production along with some intended profit. It may turn out that the iron doesn’t have the same exact features , performance, quality, or longevity as another more expensive model. That's because it was made with less expensive materials, and this is why it is more affordable. You get what you pay for. It is unreasonable to have the same expectations of the Mestar Iron Pro as you would expect from a name brand iron.

My Advice!

If you are looking for lower price alternatives for 2-in-1 irons, be  sure of their originality. If you are skeptical about any aspect of the Mestar Iron Pro, do some research. If you are not entirely convinced that it does what it says, you may be better off purchasing a different 2-in-1 iron.

We found this product for sale on eBay and China direct websites. We found one listing as a 2nd generation version, indicating that it was redesigned. We found several websites for Mestar Iron Pro, with name of other companies clearly visible.

I lost confidence in the Mestar brand, mainly because of the conflicting information and lack of transparency. 

I am not against budget hair tools, in fact this design is very intriguing. But be informed, know what you are buying.

Here are some other highly recommended affordable options:

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11 thoughts on “Mestar Iron Pro review – things to know before you buy one”

  1. I ordered the MeStar flat iron, but in black. The flat iron I received looks absolutely nothing like the rose gold flat iron in the ad. When I contacted the company, they said I received what I ordered. That’s not true. I ordered the flat iron as pictured in the ad, only in black. I recently a cheap, thin, black flat iron. DaddyRecommend refuses to refund my money or exchange the flat iron. When I asked them how do I go about getting the flat iron as pictured in the ad, but in black instead of rose gold, they don’t answer. This is a total scam.

  2. I had a very similar situation with the comment from “Suzann”. I purchased a MeStar Flat iron & receive a something completely different (does not look or compare to what was ordered. When i contacted the company, they said that I received exactly what i ordered but pictures dont lie!!! DO NOT BUY THESE KNOCK-OFFS!!!

  3. I ordered one of these 2 in 1 curling irons from Lij Co and they sent me a cheap black flat iron in a broken box. Since I used PayPal I disputed the claim.

    PayPal said I needed to return the item to the seller at my cost to be refunded. What I did not know was that they were located in China and shipping it back would cost more than the cost of the original item.

    Since Lij Co sent me the wrong item (not my fault), I think they should pay for the return shipping to China. They refused to do this so I am stuck with this crap & out of $30. I did sign up for PayPal’s return shipping open (for free) for future purchases.

    If you search Lij Co or LJ Co on PayPal, there are 7 pages of people reporting being scammed by this company. They sell other items as well, not just curling irons. Buyer beware.

    • Jessie
      Thanks so much your comments.
      I’m so sorry about your horrible experience with Mestar/ Lij Co.

      This illustrates how irresponsible the company is when you have a problem with their products.

      We love low cost items and realize not everyone can afford to spend the higher price of the name brand. But our goal is to help you make an informed decision about your 2-in-1 styler. So you don’t have the same experience

    • There is a bit of technique involved. But you can get curls even with a regular 1 inch flat iron with a bit of practice.

  4. Thank you for your article. I saw a ad in Pinterest earlier and I was skeptical which is why I did a search for reviews and happened upon your site. I also thought it was going to be difficult to get the technique down. In one video where the woman has short hair, if you look closely another hand reaches out to help her curl the front. It’s obviously not her because she is wearing a short sleeved white shirt and not a long sleeved black shirt. Anyways, I feel bad for everyone that got ripped off and am thankful for all your reviews which helped me.

    • Jessica
      Thanks for your feedback
      We want to bring you information that can help you make the best decision on your purchase

  5. I have just received my order today and like many of the comments above i received some cheap nasty hair straighteners although looking at my order via paypay it clearly states 2 IN 1 MESTAR IRON that is clearly what is advertised and clearly what I paid for but is nothing like what I ordered I agree with many of the above comments that this is a scam my advice is avoid at all costs.

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