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We have "two" open position for part time article writer (work from home basis.)

The project duration is at least 3 Months. We will then plan our next move observing the performance of previous 3 months and provided that you are available for more write-ups.

Writing Experience :  Any

Article Length and Quantity:

Each article will length around 700-1200 words. Sometimes there will be topics that need more than 2500 words each.

So, roughly there will be need for writing 15,000-20,000+ words a month.

Content Type: 

You will be given list of topics from our editorial Team once you have been selected. You will write general how to..., tips, guide type articles.

Some will be product review articles. For product review articles, you will first check the product on and other eCommerce website, read what the users/reviewers are saying about this product on that product page. And Then you will write your own review based on what you've learned. We welcome you sharing your own experience/opinion in the contents.

Example for General type contents : 
Sample 1 
Sample 2
Sample 3

Example for Review type contents : 
Sample 1 
Sample 2
Sample 3

The Task Process:

  1. We provide you list of topics
  2. You do your research and create unique article for each topics in google doc/ms word file.
  3. And submit to us.
  4. We review, design, add images and post them on the blog and disburse payment.


The Pay

Rate: We pay a rate of $7 for each 1000 word.

Payment time:  Weekly or Monthly

Payment Method:
1. Paypal
2. Payoneer
3. Project (milestone/upfront basis)

Willingness to improve skill:

Before we start the project we will provide you with simple guideline on how to write each types of articles. It will help you write articles even if you don't have previous experience in writing for web/blog.

During the course, we may find issues with writing styles, structuring of contents, tone etc. We will do our best to guide you on how to improve.

Who is this position for?

If you have any sorts of experience of working in the "Hair salon/styling studio etc" field you are welcome to apply for this position.

Benefit from working with us:

  • Opportunity to work with us for long term on part time/full time basis as you prefer.
  • Write at your free time or alongside your other job.
  • Flexible working, temporarily pause writing when the situation demands.
  • Increment of pay rate after each 80 posts.
  • Offer for partnership if we see possibility in you.

How to Apply for this post?

Please fill up the form below and we will get back to you once your application has been reviewed.

If you face problem seeing the form properly, please use this form instead.

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