How to Volumize Hair with a Straightener

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

I have never been a fan of creating volume with a straightener because if you do not work quick enough you can damage your hair and put lines in it so please be very careful and follow the below steps.

There are two results of creating volume with your straightener.

One is keeping your hair straight and the other is making your hair curly.

Straight technique

  • Step 1

Prepare your hair by shampooing with a Hair volumizer shampoos and conditioner

Dry your hair off (upside down is always better)

  • Step 2

Make sure you have applied a heat protector to your hair, please don’t skip this step. You can also use a volumizer root lift spray or mousse to give you more volume.  Be careful not to use too much product for either the heat protector or the volumizing root lift as we don’t want to create a build-up of products on your hair.

  • Step 3

Section off your hair starting at the nape.

The smaller the sections the better volume you will get

  • Step 4

Hold your piece of hair up at a 90-degree angle, slide your flat iron directly onto your root area.

Begin to slide your flat iron up towards the middle lengths.

If you are able to, you can use a comb which you can put on the roots first followed by your straightener and glide the two together at the same time.

The comb will smooth the hair out better.

This takes practice!

Remove the flat iron and start again on the same piece at the root once small pulling up towards the ends.

I do prefer going over the hair twice.

Be careful not to burn your fingers and wear a glove if you find a comb too difficult to work with.

  • Step 5

Continue taking relatively small sections and complete your whole head.

  • Step 6

Finish off your style with a finishing shine spray or oil for extra shine and movement or add your volumizing spray.

If you however feel that you are using too much heat on your hair, you can also blow dry your hair using a large round brush and blow wave your hair again in sections creating your volume off your root.

Some people battle with frizz when the blow dries their hair, but if you get volume on your roots you are halfway there.

Once you have dried all of your hair creating volume, you can then section your hair and go over it with you straighter, always pulling it in an upwards motion to keep the volume the dryer has helped you create.

The flat iron will just smooth out the ends and lock in the volume on the roots giving you a longer lasting effect.

Achieving volume with your straightener by making a curl

  • Step 1

Prepare your hair by shampooing with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.  Use your best volumizing mousses concentrating on your root area only.

Dry your hair off (upside down is always better) and make sure it is completely dry before you use your straightener.

  • Step 2

Make sure you apply a heat protector before you begin with your curls

  • Step 3

Section your hair starting at the nape

Take one piece at a time, you don’t have to hold it at a 90 degree angle but at least out by 60 degrees

  • Step 4

Place your flat iron onto your root area lifting your hair up slightly and pull right through to the ends

Again, go over the same section starting right from the root, but this time twist your flat iron in towards you at least once making sure your hair glides through evenly while holding the end of your hair for tension. This will help you make your curl and the iron would have lifted the root area all in one motion.

  • Step 5

Continue through your whole head creating curls.

This does take some time to master.

Keep in mind when you get to the sides to continue pulling upwards and not to section vertically or you will get drag on the front pieces.

  • Step 6

Throw your head upside down and shake out your curls and finish with a spray or oil for best results

Just a reminder :

  • Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner
  • Use volumizing root lift spray or mousse
  • Use a heat protector
  • Use a heat glove
  • Do not pull your hair, be gentle
  • Make sure your hair is dried off completely before you begin any straightening
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