How to use a Bonnet Hair Dryer or Blowdryer Attachment

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

Although Bonnet dryers have been around for a long time, a new generation is discovering how great they can be.  

So we want to help all you new bees to learn just how to use and get the most benefit from this fantastic hair tool

Soft Bonnet Blowdryer Attachments

Uses for a Soft Bonnet

  • Deep conditioning treatments/ Conditioning Sessions
  • Wrap Sets
  • Roller Sets
  • Drying Extensions
  • Natural Hair

How to Deep Condition with your soft bonnet

Step 1: Wash your hair, keep it 70% wet;

Step 2:  Apply hair conditioning treatment on your mostly wet hair;

Step 3: Wear disposable shower

Step 4:  Wear the Bonnet hood 15-30 min.

Step 5:  Rinse well and Style as Usual

For more timing suggestions see: How long do I sit under hooded dryer

Bonnet Steps


Step 1 :  Open and Unfold bonnet attachment

unfolded bonnet attachment

Step 2 : Wear our hat on the head

girl wearing bonnet hat

Step 3 : Fix the drawstring and or chin strap

fixing drawstring and chin strap

Step 4 : Let your handheld hairdryer meet with the Elastic connection port mouth of the hood;  These fit on most standard blowdryers.

fitting blowdryer on hair

Step 5 :  Open the hairdryer to start your hair care. Make sure you don’t bock the air intake of your handheld dryer

opening hair dryer

Steps 6

  • Best used on the dryer's LOW setting
  • Let the hood inflate with air
using the blowdryer

Steps 7

  • Sit back and relax and wait till the bonnet attachment has done its duty
  • You can be hands-free if you place your dryer on a counter or table nearby.
girl sitting while using bonnet

Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

These units are self-contained with cap hose and cord all fitting inside.

self contained cap hose

Some bonnet dryers open like a suitcase

bonnet open like suitcase

Others have a compartment for cap and a pullout hose

compartment for cap

​After you find the hose you, Attach it to the bonnet cap

attaching hose to bonnet cap

​ Fit the Cap over your hair

covering hair with cap

​Adjust the drawstring

fixing drawstring and chin strap

​ Locate the heat setting switch

heat setting switch

 Since these dryers can get HOT it is recommended to use Low or Medium Heat settings.

low or medium heat setting

​You may have a separate ON/OFF switch as well

switching on off

​ Then you are ready to let the dryer do its work.

girl using bonnet hair dryer

In Conclusion

Bonnet Hairdryers and Bonnet blowdryer attachments are super convenient and space-saving to be sure.  We hope that we could help you with your new experience. Happy Drying!

Need some tips on finding the right dryer for you? Read the Ultimate Guide to buying a Hooded Hair Dryer.

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