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Who doesn’t dream of having a great blow out every day that looks like you stepped out of the salon? I might admit choosing the right tools may come at a high quality – mainly due to the quality of the tools. While the lucky few can start their day with newly washed and air-dried hair, most of us can’t even walk out the door without at least a 30-minute blow dry.

When you add in humidity to summer scalp sweet – that sleek, straight hairstyle you had this morning has now become frizzy and flat. But with an 80 mph hair dryer, you can achieve straight, voluminous hair fast and will last all day – at cost of course. But let me assure you, Harry josh pro tools 2000 could be the last hair dryer you ever get. Let me explain why…


The creator of this miraculous hair dryer is celebrity stylist, Harry Josh himself. With a clientele longer than Santa’s list he reputably kills one high-quality blow dryer month after month – as we works almost 24/7. This inspired him to develop his own dryer to fit his expectations of what the ideal hair dryer should be – thus resulting to his Pro Tools Dryer 2000 with a motor that pushes air at a whopping 80 miles per hour and said to last over 2,000 hours while the average blow dryer lasts around 1000 hours.

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Who the Product is For

The Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000 works on all types of hair for both professional and personal use. Models including Gisele Bundchen, Helena Christensen, and the Olsen’s are all fans of this product. If you are looking to speed up drying time with a quality dryer that works for the long run – this dryer is the one for you.



  • AC Motor

The 1875 watts A/C motor offers long life as it lasts 2,000 hours making it the most powerful dryer in its class. With the speed of 80 mph, this dryer blows hair 60% faster than other leading brands.

  • Settings

The dryer provides 3 heat settings, 3 speed settings and an Ion setting for efficient, maximum styling versatility.

  • ON/OFF ION generator switch

This Innovative, lab-tested switch is used for sleek, smooth styles when turned on or to create voluminous styles when turned off.

  • Lightweight

The weight of the dryer makes it easier for users to maneuver for longer periods if needed.

  • Travel size

The size of the dryer is also compact as its about 10 inches high and 7 inches long, making it desirable to travel and carrying to other destinations, unlike other high-quality dryers that are larger and heavy in size.

  • Dual Filtration

The dual filtration system is efficient and eco-friendly as it reduces energy 70% less than other dryers.

  • Cold Shot Button

Like many top hairdryers, this dryer provides a cold shot button for finishing touches and setting hairstyles. Once you done drying your hair, you want to blast your hair with the cool shot to lock in style and set in place.

  • Attachments

The Pro Tools dryer 2000 comes with two concentrator nozzles with an extra-wide nozzle that is used to increase air flow for smooth results. There is also a couple of duck clips included to help section your hair.

  • Cord length

The cord length extends at a professional length of 9 feet, which is great for users who don’t want to stick too close to the wall sockets.

Style of Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000

This compact mint-green dryer is considered the pastel colored Rolls Royce of blow dryers as this dryer gives you salon-quality results at home, every time. Each hair dryer is handmade in France where it has been tested as there were actual drop tests to make sure it could withstand wear and tear. It was also awarded in Best of Beauty for 2014 and 2015.

Pros: Why We Like It

This dryer is top of the line as each is handmade, making the quality top notch. The air speed blows out at exactly 81 miles per hour, which means your hair will dry quicker up to 15 minutes – so you can sleep in longer. The dryer is eco-friendly just as it is stylish with its pretty mint-color. The dryer offers ION technology to reduce frizz and static that is often left with average dryers. Its cool-shot button blows COLD air instead of room temperature.

With a two-year warranty to cover any damage done to your dryer, it lasts double the life of a regular dryer, which equals to 2,000 hours. It’s lightweight and still full-sized, so you can take it everywhere on vacation with an ergonomically patented handle that is extremely comfortable for you to grip.

Cons: Parts We Don’t Like

The button placement is probably my biggest peeve about this dryer. The design of the button panel looks like it is meant for someone using the dryer on someone else, rather than someone using it at home.

The buttons that control the power, speeds and ion functionality are a bit tiny and all the same size – all crunched into a small area. This may seem a bit difficult but you should be able to get the hang of it. While the heat is really an advantage of the dryer, it can get incredibly hot and make your head feel hot. Make sure to keep the dryer moving at all times so you don’t risk burning your hair.

Price of Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000

The Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000 is truly a great dryer and definitely shows in its price. This pretty and petite hair dryer will cost a hefty price, but due to its longevity and durability, it will definitely last. If you plan on having a blowout every day and expect salon-quality results, this dryer is absolutely worth it.

Best Alternatives to Harry Josh Pro Tools 2000

If you’re more into cost-efficient dryers that will still get the job, check out the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Dryer (which is in our best blow dryers list) if you are looking for a sturdy model that will give you a professional blow out. (This is actually my first professional dryer I used since Cosmetology School and loved it ever since.) This pairs well with the BaByliss Nano Titanium 1-inch Flat iron.

Final Words

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty much sold on this Harry Josh tool. This pretty mint-green hair tool may be small in size, but with thorough drop tests, this dryer ensures durability, and can blast air at over 80 mph while using 70% less energy.

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