Top 10 Professional Quality Hooded Hair Dryers

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

Professional hooded hairdryers

What does professional mean?

Professional means having the qualities that you connect with trained and skilled people, such as effectiveness, skill, organization, and seriousness of manner.

Professional as relates to work that needs specialized training or education. Someone who has worked hard in the same type of job for a long time and has become skilled in dealing with any problem that might happen.

Professional is synonymous with quality, performance, and durability.

I’d venture to say it’s industrial, except people don’t get there hair done in factories as of yet. 

As the word professional relates to salon tools like a hooded hair dryer, I can’t help thinking of the Timex motto, ” it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

Professional dryers are definitely some of the greatest hooded hair dryers around.

In this article, we will feature high-quality hood hairdryers that the pros use. 

Professional Standing Hair Dryer

Pibbs 516 Dry Express

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  • 1200-watt,
  • 115 Volts, 60Hz, 20 AMP
  •  2-speed motor
  • UL/CSA approved
  • the double hood allows for air to move more efficiently
  • Decrease drying time up to 33 percent.
  • the hinged opening hood design makes it easy to access the 
  • high density, molded plastic hood.
  •  1 Year Warranty

Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri

  • 25.9 pounds
  • High-Quality Italian made Dryer
  • 1100W 
  • CE Certified & 110-125V
  • Fully Height Adjustable Stand 
  • Dryer Head Visor
  • 0-60 Minute Timer & Temperature Control Dial
  • 13"x16" Base with 5 Caster Wheels
  • Hair should be pinned down or restrained with this dryer due to the upward airflow
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Pibbs 512 Ez Dryer with Caster

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  • 30 Lbs
  • 900 Watt 
  •  **MADE IN ITALY**
  • CE Certified & 110V
  • 60 Minute Timer & Temperature Control Dial
  • Fully Height Adjustable, 
  • Hair should be pinned down or restrained with this dryer due to the upward airflow
  • 1 Year Warranty

BR Beauty Meredith Salon Hair Dryer with Casters

  • 880-Watt Salon Hair Dryer
  • 60-Minute Timer
  • Numerical Temperature Control includes cool setting
  • 6 Option Fan Control
  • Fully Adjustable Height 36" to 56" to Work w/ Any Dryer Chair
  • Hood Inside Diameter: 11"


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    • 1000 Watts, 100 Volts
    • Down-Draft Hair Dryer No Hair Net Required
    • on Casters
    • Variable Time & Temperature Setting
    • 2-Minute Cool Down Cycle
    • Oversized Hood
    • 12.5” Inside Diameter, 17.5” Diameter at Largest Point
    • 8’ Power Cord
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • non-tipping base with casters

Gold 'N Hot Elite 1875-Watt Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer

  • 1875 watts. 
  • The dryer has a removable air intake grille
  • Ionic generator with On/Off switch
  • 4 styling setting
  • Tourmaline infused
  • Adjustable bonnet.
  • 10 ft. cord

Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional High Heat Portable Salon Dryer

  • 15.7 pounds
  • 1875 watt dries hair up to 50% faster
  • Pre-Moisture System with tourmaline and ionic nanotechnology transforms dryer's airflow into a hydrating spa treatment for hair (steam setting)
  • Adjustable front visor
  • accommodates even the largest rollers
  • 2 Speed / 4 Heat options
  • 9ft power cord
  • two lockable wheels for stability

Babyliss Pro Ionic Hard-Hat Dryer

  • 16 pounds 
  • 2000 watts of power.
  • Auxiliary input connects to smartphones and MP3 players to play music.
  • 2 speed / 3 temperature settings.
  • Lift-up visor 
  • Built-in, adjustable airflow diffuser.
  • Heavy-duty anchor bolt to lock base and poles in place.
  • 2 locking wheels to prevent base from moving while in use.
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to clean
  • Rustproof inner and outer stand.

Professional Salon Hood Dryer


  • 1030 Watts, 20 Volt, 10 Amps,
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible w/ Belvedere Dryer Chairs, or w/ Dryer Wheel and Handle Set (Sold Separately)
  • Extra-Large Hood,
  • 5-position Heat Control
  • 60 Minute Timer, Easy-to-Remove Dust Filter
  • UL/CUL Listed,
  • Inside Hood: 11.75" (Front to Back)
  • Weight: 30 Lbs.

SalonPro Orbiting Halo Infrared Hair Color Processor Dryer Accelerator

  • New and improved fully adjustable swing arm & wall mount
  • Infrared heater dries hair quickly and efficiently without damaging hair
  • Rotating infrared ring orbits efficiently and quietly
  • Heavy-duty construction & quality parts designed for professional use
  • Comparable to a dryer but without airflow
  • takes more time to dry than a conventional drier but keeps the curls looking nice.
  • Digital timer
  • Low EMF
  • 6-month limited warranty
  • not have the o-zone (o3) function

How Much Does a Professional Hood Dryer Cost?

  • Professional hood dryers can range from about $200 to $3,000.


In Conclusion

Professional quality hooded dryers are a bit more expensive than personal home use dryers. But there are a lot of options and a warranty backs them.

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