Folexin Reviews 2023 - Everything to Know Before Trying it

by Lauren Gilmore
[ Hair Stylist and Educator ]

Have you heard of Folexin?

No? Then let me introduce you to your new hair care supplement.

Hair loss is a very common issue and one that many men and women suffer with, it can be caused by medication, chemotherapy, your genes, hormone changes etc.

I'm aware that there are loads of hair care supplements on the market so what makes Folexin so special?

Folexin is made by a natural health company called Vita Balance Inc. They wanted to make an affordable approach to hair growth products.

Personally, I haven't used this product, however I have seen many people that have. Some have seen great results, and some haven't seen as great a result as they'd like.

I have done a lot of research into this company and honestly, I like what I see.

How Does Folexin Work?

Folexin is made to help support the natural hair growth process, this is done by helping it move past the telogen phase into the anagen phase.

Anagen: This is the stage in which the hair is growing, which generally lasts 1-7 years.

Catagen: In this stage the hair starts to fall out, which can last 2 weeks.

Telogen: This is where the hair rests, which can last 3-4 months.

Once a single hair has gone through all of these stages, it will then start again from Anagen.

This product has some really great benefits that help both the hair and skin.

Benefits include:

  • Helps protect the hair against environmental damage, this can be anything from UV rays, pollution, chlorine.
  • It is full of natural ingredients.
  • Helps to support your natural hair growth cycle.
  • Is a manufactured FDA approved facility that follows GMP guidelines.
  • Can be used for both men and women.

Folexin works really well for people who suffer from the following:

  • Digestive issues
  • Anxiety
  • Dry hair, skin and nails

What Ingredients Does Folexin Contain and Why are They So Good for Me?

This is the full list of ingredients that Folexin contains.

Suppliments facts

I want to just pick out a few of the key ingredients and why they are important.

  • Biotin: This ingredient is in most best hair growth products; it works with specific enzymes in your body to help promote healthy protein.

If you are lacking in biotin you may notice that your hair has become dry and brittle.

  • Vitamin B5, B6 and folic acid: These ingredients are really important, B5 in particular is used in the process of making protein, it is also good for soothing and healing.
  • Folic acid helps your body make red blood cells and it supports your hair follicles and hair growth.
  • B6 Activate the chemical reactions involved in the production of keratin and melanin.

All of this combined really promotes healthy hair growth.

A single bottle of Folexin contains 60 capsules, it is recommended that you take 2 capsules a day, with food. Personally, I would take one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening with dinner.

Always make sure that you read through everything thoroughly before taking any supplement, you must avoid this product for the following reasons:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are under 16.
  • You must consult your doctor if you are already taking other supplements and/or medication.
  • If you have a soy allergy.


Let's Have a Look at a Few Client Reviews from Amazon:
                 " I have been taking Folexin for almost 2 months. My hair looks and feels healthier and I have new growth that I can actually see coming in. I am very pleased with the results. 5.0 out of 5 stars It works! "
Customer : David​ Hoffman

               " I've had telogen effluvium which is excessive hair loss for a while now. After seeing reviews on Folexin, I decided to try it. I have been using Folexin for almost a month now and my hair shed has been reduced significantly. No bad side effects. I have also noticed other positive effects on energy and gut health.  Definitely a good product!! "
Customer : Amazon Customer

              " Folexin is a great product, highly recommended, way cheaper than some of the other brands but when you consider the facts panel and compare the numbers it's obvious that it's just the same as something double the price. Only been taking them for 3-4 weeks, so not sure how it will work out but there have been less hairs in the drain so that's all I can ask for. "
Anonymous : Amazon Customer


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You can buy Folexin from amazon, as supplements go it is really affordable! With any sort of hair growth product, you should use it for a minimum of two to three months before you notice any real difference.

It is really important to remember that while there are currently no products that physically grow the hair, there are plenty of products on the market that will help to promote and support healthy hair growth.

Folexin is one of them, and I really like that they promote using natural ingredients too. I feel that they are quite easy to fit into your daily routine and as of yet, I don't believe there are any side effects.

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