Does Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss?

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A lot of people are worried about the question mentioned above. They even fear to wash their hair regularly thinking that it will lead to a rapid hair loss in the near time.

If you are extremely concerned about hair loss, the best thing to do is to steer clear of artificial styling as much as possible. Be it application of styling products like gels, flat irons or blow dryers, everything that pushes heat onto your hair can damage the strands. Although, a hair dryer is one of the most common hair accessories most of us use regularly, it may not be entirely harmless.

If the question “does a hair dryer cause hair loss?” pops up in your head, the answer is that it largely depends on the frequency of usage and the technique one employs while using. Although, opinions are divided on whether hair dryers can cause permanent hair loss or not, they can be associated with substantial damage over time.

Does Hair Dryer Cause Hair Loss after long use?

A hair dryer will always be provided with a temperature control mechanism. To minimize damage, one must always stick to the cool mode as far as possible. The warm mode should be used occasionally. Refrain from using the dryer in the high heat mode.

While using a blow dryer, regulate the direction of the blower towards the tips of the strands instead of concentrating on the roots. Furthermore, you must always keep the dryer at a certain distance away from the scalp because direct exposure to hot air can dry the moisture content of the strands completely and cause irreversible damage to the roots. This will eventually lead to undernourished strands that are brittle and ready to fall off at the slightest impact.

The hair strands can be protected by applying a leave on hair nourishing compound or a conditioner before blow drying. This will minimize the damage to a certain extent.

Keep your hair and scalp adequately moisturized so that they don’t dry out on the first exposure to a hair dryer. Nourished hair will definitely be placed well to combat such damages than dried and undernourished hair. Oiling it well before washing is the simplest solution.
Restrict the usage of hair dryers to not more than twice a week.

There are no proven evidence pertaining to the extent to which hair strands get damaged due to blow drying. Blow drying, however, is associated with dryness of the scalp and hair, which can eventually lead to hair breakage. Does a hair dryer cause hair loss? Yes, but the extent of damage can be easily managed with a few simple remedies.
Regular hair care and maintenance such as washing, combing, dyeing and blow-drying will not result in hair loss. It is good hygiene to wash hair frequently and whilst dyeing and blow-drying can damage the hair itself by pulling on it and burning, it will not cause hair to stop growing.

“High heat from blow-drying will result in dry and brittle hair but not hair loss,”.
“Using heat protecting serums will prevent this.”

Some quick bites are:
• Blow drying, associated with dryness of the hair/scalp, may cause hair damage.
• Exposure to hot air can dry the moisture and cause damage to the roots.
• Refrain from using the dryer in the high heat mode.
• Restrict the usage of hair dryers to not more than twice a week.


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