How Much do Different Hair Dryers Cost?

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We all love to have our hair with a salon finish look. To go for tat perfect hairstyle, we all depend on a professional hand that knows how to take that special care without making a mess out of it. Among many other hair care methods, the perfect use of hair dryer gives the final touch to all the effort put together.

It is finally th­e correct use of a hairdryer that will add the required volume, shine, and style. With the basic knowledge of how to use a hairdryer perfectly, you can easily make your own hairstyle yourself with no compromise on the quality that a salon visit can promise.

Hair dryers are getting popular day after day in the market. A lot of products have already arrived in the market while some are about to launch in the near feature and their quality and quantity are proliferating in the recent time. Some cost around $20 while some may cost up to $500 or even more, and it's unpredictable to guess their reliability from their price. Some hair dryers can leave your hair damaged and frizzy -- not exactly what you set out to achieve when doing your blowout. And that's where this list of the best hair dryers comes in.

Apart from the basic criteria such as weight, price, power, air flow and accessories there are many other factors like your hair type and new advance technologies need to be examined before choosing the best hair dryer for your need. Read our buying guide to help you choose the right hair dryer.

One will be amazed to know that sometime a $20 hair dryer suits your hair well then a $500 so selection of a hair dryer according to your hair type is equally important. Although the quality and reliability increase with price but sometimes the device may underperform too. Coming to the cost of some of the good hair dryer in the recent time are:

Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer,

You can have any type of gorgeous hair styling which you have been desiring till now, sitting at home with the perfect salon finish style by yourself without being dependent on a professional and reach out to your wallet every time. It flows at a velocity of 50 miles per hour consuming 1500W of electrical power which is necessary to keep your hair smooth and maintain its lustre. To match its velocity, the air heat rises at a temperature of 220V.

Philips Kerashine HP8216 Hair Dryer

It runs on1600W with the built in Even Heat Distribution technology which prevents your hair from overheating and any sort of damage. It keeps drying the hair gently and evenly while maintaining its natural moisture. You can get full control over the temperature with its Thermo Protect temperature feature more gentle drying. Turn on the cool air setting for that extra shine.

Now looking at the features you may find that the cost of the hair dryers varies much but the average cost is between $20 to $500 most of the time.

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