Best Steam Hair Curlers for Damage Free Hair Care

by Lauren Gilmore
[ Hair Stylist and Educator ]

Steam hair curlers are a really great way to achieve curls without the damage.

When it comes to picking the right tool for you it can be quite overwhelming as there are hundreds on the market.

In recent years, we have all become more concerned about the condition of our hair, as a hair stylist I always get asked; what damage will be done to my hair? what can I use that will prevent damage being done to my hair?

Unfortunately, any type of heat will damage the hair to some extent, this is because heat opens the cuticle and breaks down the bonds in our hair.

Steam hair curlers are a really good alternative, they curl the hair while locking in much needed moisture.

Yes, they will still damage the hair to some extent, but by using a heat protector, this will be minimum.

Why Would I Pick a Steam Curler Over a Normal Curler?

This is a good question! The first reason is generally just down to improving the overall condition of your hair.

Regular heat from regular curlers will take the moisture out of the hair, whereas steam hair curlers will put the moisture back in.

The only downside to steam hair curlers is that you do have to refill the water tank every 10 to 30 minutes.

Let's take a look at my top steam hair curlers:

Top 4 Steam Hair Curlers​ 

1. YITRUST Steam Curler

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The steam function in this curler releases moisture into the hair when curled. This helps to hydrate the hair, prevent damage and leave the curls feeling smooth and shiny.

Things We Liked : 

  • Will turn off after 60 minutes when not in use.​
  • Has a built-in timer.​
  • Has adjustable heat settings.​
  • Gives long lasting curls.​

The Lackings :

  • This tool only tends to produce one type of curl.​
  • Not ideal for long, thick hair.​

This tool is an automatic curling tool, you simply pop the ends of your hair in the tool and press the button, your hair is then sucked into the tool, it will notify you when it is ready and there you have a beautiful curl.

I would recommend this for anyone that struggles curling their hair in general as it is quick and easy to use, also for anyone that struggles with dry hair as it will add moisture. It can be used on most hair types; I would just avoid using it on very long or very thick hair.

2. Kealive Steam Curler

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This steam curler aims to prevent 50% of damage both inside and outside of the hair.

Things We Liked : 

  • It has four different temperature settings for different hair types.​
  • It will automatically shut off if too much has been put in the chamber.​
  • Curls are long-lasting.​
  • Indicates when the curl is done.​

The Lackings :

  • The water tank will need refilling after 10 or 20 minutes.​
  • Not ideal for long, thick hair.​

This is another automatic curling tool, It is great for anyone that is new to curling their hair as it will shut off if it is not done correctly, it will tell you when the curl is ready and it produces consistent, even curls.

3. Dorisilk Hair Curler

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This tool uses a cold mist technology that provides an equal balance of moisture and heat. It will hydrate the hair and prevent damage, while still giving a beautiful curl.

Things We Liked : 

  • Makes the hair feel smooth and shiny.​
  • Easy to use.​
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds.​
  • Has five temperature settings.​
  • Great for all hair types.​

The Lackings :

  • The water will need refilling regularly.​

This tool allows for a slightly more versatile curl, you can produce tight curls, curls that are just on the ends of the hair or loose waves.

You use this tool by lifting the clamp, and putting the tips of the hair inside, then rolling the tool up to the root of the hair.

4. Professional Steam Styler

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This steam tool doubles up as both a straightener and curler. It has five adjustable steam vents that hydrate the hair, which becomes more soft, smooth and shiny.

Things We Liked : 

  • Can be used to curl and straighten the hair.​
  • Shuts off after 60 minutes.​
  • Reduces damage to the hair.​
  • It heats up quickly.​

The Lackings :

  • This tool can be hard to use if you are new to curling.​

This styler is great for anyone that wants to be able to achieve both straight and curly looks, however it may take a while to master curling with it as it is designed more as a straightener.

How to Use a Steam Hair Curler?

Using a steam hair curler is actually pretty simple!

The only difference between using a regular curler and a steam curler is simply that it lets out steam.

You will need to fill the chamber up with water prior to starting but the actual way you use it is the same.

I really like using steam curlers purely because when curling hair the ends generally do become quite dry, whereas by using these tools they will give you beautiful silky hair and long-lasting curls.

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