Best Steam Hair Rollers You Should Try Out

by Lauren Gilmore
[ Hair Stylist and Educator ]

Do you want full bouncy hair with less damage?

Let me introduce you to steam rollers...

Yes, rollers are back in fashion and have been for a while now...

Steam rollers are a really great alternative to the traditional heated roller.

Generally heated rollers use heat to curl the hair, whereas steam rollers use the steam to lock in moisture as well as the curls.

Once the steam starts to cool it evaporates, leaving the hair soft and shiny, they also help you get volume in your hair without any frizz.

Benefits of Steam Hair Roller to the hair include:

  • Long lasting curls.
  • Added moisture.
  • Smooth and shiny.
  • Added volume.
  • Healthy looking.

What Do the Different Types of Steam Do?

  • Molecular Steam - This steam has small molecules that enter the hair cortex, improving the bonds for creating healthy curls.
  • Ion Steam: This is great for frizzy hair, the negative ions are able to generate up to three times the steam than normal, they help reduce static and frizz by making them smooth and soft.

When picking your steamrollers, I think it's really important to decide what you need them for i.e; to de-frizz, you can then pick the steam technology to suit you.

Choosing Your Roller Size:

This is a really important part to get right, it will determine the success of your hair style.

  • Extra Large rollers: (2 inches +)

    These are great for long hair and will give you more of a bounce than a curl and will give lots of body.
  • Large rollers: (1 inch)

    These are ideal for mid-long length hair, they will give you large bouncy curls or waves, and will give the hair a good amount of volume at the root.
  • Medium Rollers: (1/2 and inch)

    Great for mid to bob length hair, will give a soft curl and volume at the root.
  • Small Rollers: (1/4-3/8 of an inch)

    These rollers are ideal if you want tighter curls, or have shorter hair, however they will not give the hair much body.

To pick the correct roller I would ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want volume to my hair?
  • What length is my hair?
  • Do I want to tight curl, curl, wave or just a bounce?

Once you have answered these questions you will be able to tell which roller is best for you.

Let's Now Have A Look at My Top 2 Steam Rollers:

1. Caruso Steam Rollers

Caruso are a really great brand of rollers that really give the hair long-lasting curls. You can create tight curls, curls and waves with these rollers (refer to the ‘choosing your roller size’ part of this article.


  • Comes with 30 different rollers.
  • Dual voltage, so you can take them anywhere with you.
  •   Affordable.
  • Great for any hair type.
  • Heat up fast.


  • Limited temperature settings.

2. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Gentle Curls Steam Rollers

These rollers are designed with a gentle steam heat, meaning they are great for finer hair types, they also reduce the risk of any damage being done to the hair.


  • You can heat up to four rollers at a time.
  • Ideal for soft, bouncy curls.
  • Gentle on the hair.
  • You get 30 minutes of use out of it, when the water is full.


  • They only come in one size (3/4 inch).
  • Only 12 rollers included.

How to Use Your Steam Rollers:

Before starting, ensure that your hair is freshly washed and completely dry. Always make sure you have used a heat protector prior to using any heat on the hair.

I would 100% recommend the Milkshake Incredible Milk, not only is it a heat protector, but it has eleven other benefits that will also assist with making the hair look and feel healthy.

  1. Fill the water tank up with cool water, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you're using the correct amount, and turn on.
  2. Once you have given the steamer a few minutes to heat up, place the first roller in and wait three to four seconds for the steam to soak up into the roller. Check this on your manufacturer's instructions as some may take longer.
  3. Always start at the top of your head, take a section about half an inch wide and 1-2 inches long, comb the hair up, and roll the roller down from tip to root (you may then want to clip this in place).
  4. Repeat this technique - I would always recommend you work from the center of your head, right down to the back of your neck first.
  5.  Once this section is complete, work down both sides at the front and then the back.
  6.  Leave to cool for around 20 minutes.
  7. Remove all rollers from the hair.
  8. Dress your curls out! You can do this in a few different ways:
     - Run your fingers through to loosen the curls.
    -  Give your hair a shake, this will look slightly messier.
    -  Softly run a brush through them for more of a wave.
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