Best Haircutters for Women : Scissors, Trimmers and More

by Lauren Gilmore
[ Hair Stylist and Educator ]

Let’s face it, when it comes to hair tools there are hundreds out there.

  • What brand do you pick?
  • How much do you spend?
  • What do you need to look for?
  • What should they do?
  • What should they include?

These are just many questions we ask ourselves when it comes to picking the correct cutting tools, the main tools used in cutting are typically scissors and clippers.

First let’s look at a few different types of scissors...

When it comes to picking scissors the main things you want to bear in mind are:

  • Left or Right-Handed.
  • Straight or Offset. Straight are a more basic design whereas offset allow you to use them more naturally.
  • Length of blade.

When choosing your scissor length, I always say that the blade should sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, so for instance if this is 5inches, you would go for a 5-inch blade.

I always go for a 4.5-5-inch blade as I can control them easier, however this length isn’t for everyone, I would suggest trying them for comfort before buying.

Here Are Two of My Favorites Blade:

1. Jaguar White Line Silver

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These scissors are great for beginners as they are on the cheaper side, but they still give an excellent finish.

They are a classic design, long lasting and made of steel.

2. Matsui Rose Gold

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These are truly beautiful scissors! They come left and right-handed and are made from premium Aichei Japanese Steel.

I love these because they fit comfortably in your hands, cut smoothly and leave the hair with a sharp finish.

How Do You Hold Scissors?

To hold your scissors properly is slightly different to holding kitchen scissors.

With the screw facing you, your thumb goes in the bottom whole, with your third finger in the top whole, your other fingers can then rest on the top, with your pinkie finger resting on the finger rest.

See picture below.

Holdind clippers

Next let’s take a look at clippers...

When it comes to picking clippers the main things you want to bear in mind are:

  • What do you want them for?
  • How long do you want them to last?
  • What do you need them to include?
  • How much do you want to spend?

My go to clipper brand is always Wahl as they are easy to handle, they have good longevity and they have different ones to suit different needs.


Here Are Two of My Favorites Hair Cutters:

1. The Corded Clipper Color Pro

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These clippers are great for beginners! They are easy to handle, and the guards are coloured making them easier to understand.

When cutting they achieve a smoothpolished finish.

2. Cordless Magic Clip

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These clippers are slightly more expensive however they are definitely worth it! They are heavy duty; they create seamless blends and are great for thicker hair types.

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How Do You Hold Clippers?

The best way to hold your clippers is to have your four fingers around the handle and your thumb on top, this will give you better control over your clippers.

See picture below.

Correct holding clippers

Once you have your tools the most important thing is maintaining them.

How to Maintain Hair Cutters



Scissors should be maintained by keeping them in a soft case to avoid any damage, these are great as you can keep any other tools, such as clips and combs in here also.

With professional scissors, once dropped they can break very easily, as the blades become unaligned. Unfortunately, most of the time they cannot be repaired due to how delicate they are, so look after them.

Getting your scissors sharpened on a regular basis will help to keep them working to their full potential, however I would only recommend getting this done a maximum of two times.

Large Hair Stylist Scissor Holder Pouch Cases
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Clippers should be maintained by keeping them clean and disinfected, this spray is really quick and easy to use.

You should also use clipper oil regularly as it will ensure that the clipper blade will stay sharper for longer. Simply apply a few drops, turn the clipper on and let it run for a few seconds.

Other things you may want to invest in are a good comb and clips...

Comb – YS Park

These are my all-time favourite combs; I won’t use anything else now. They are lightweighteasy to handle, have fine and wide teeth and they have at the end they have a feature making it easy to section.

YS Park 337 Quick Cutting Comb
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I personally prefer these clips for several reasons:

  • Look better in the hair.
  • They are sturdy.
  • Look professional.
  • Keep the hair neat and tidy.
YS Park 337 Quick Cutting Comb
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