Voloom Reviews - Should you really buy this Styler?

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

The VOLOOM volumizing hair iron is not a curling iron or a flat iron. The company is adamant about saying that it is NOT a crimping iron.

Using VOLOOM, helps you go extra days between shampooing because your hair is never flat. You can also color and heat-style your hair less often, causing less damage to your hair.

The makers of VOLOOM like BIG hair and never want you to have another limp and lousy hair day,  by puffing up flat spots, getting rid of cowlicks creating a more complimentary, full profile.

What does VOLOOM do, and what makes it so unique?

The checkerboard (waffle iron) designed plates, by raising and separating individual hairs. VOLOOM creates a hidden volumizing structure that lifts the top layers of hair away from the scalp.

  1. 200 watts (1 minute) 45 watts (steady)
  2. Patented checkerboard design
  3. Fast Heat-up
  4. Creates volume without gels, sprays or mousses.
  5. Protective ceramic-coated plates
  6. Ionic technology
  7. Locking Mechanism
  8. Temperature settings from 220° F to 395° F
  9. Auto Shut-Off after 30min
  10. 8 foot, 360-degree swivel cord
  11. Includes: sectioning brush, 3 clips, and travel pouch
  12. Dual Voltage 110-240v
  13. 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. If you need to exchange your device
  14. 3 button control On/Off (+) and (-)
  15. 3 button control
    (+) and (-)

Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron

VOLOOM Classic 1 1/2 Inch Volumizing Hair Iron

  • Largest plate area
  • The Original has 10 rows of volumizing bumps
  • Especially Use For 
    • Long to Medium Hair
    • Thick to Medium Hair
    • Maximum volume

VOLOOM Petite 1 Inch Volumizing Hair Iron.

  • Smaller plate size than the original
  • the Petite has 8 rows of volumizing bumps that the same size as the original
  • Especially Use For
    • Mid-length Hair
    • Layered Hair
    • Medium or Fine Hair

VOLOOM Rootie the Rootlifter ¾ Inch Hair Iron

  • Smallest Plate size 
  • The Rootie has 10 rows of volumizing bumps that are smaller than the original and petite
  • Especially Use For
    • Short Hair
    • Fine or Thin Hair
    • Everyday lift 

How to Use your Voloom or Voloom Petite

VOLOOM was designed to be used only on the hair near the scalp.

Unlike other hot tools, it is never gets pulled through the hair or used on the ends.

  1. Set iron to recommended Heat setting:
    • Fine, thin or damaged hair: 320-350 degrees F
    • Normal, medium, healthy hair: 350-370 degrees F
    • Thick, coarse or curly hair: 370-390 degrees F
  2. Use only on DRY hair.​
  3. Section off the top layer of your hair.
    • Approx 1” on either side of your parting. This is the hair that you want to stay smooth and clip it off to the side

  4. Clamp and let go,  move, clamp and let go.
    • Don’t hold volumizing iron on a section for more than 1 sec

  5. 1 press down at the root is sufficient for plenty of volume. You can do 2- 3 press down max if your hair is longer.​
  6. Don’t texturize (crimp/clamp) on the ends of your hair.
    • Our goal is to keep the texturizing and volumizing hidden.

  7. Keep the hair alongside your face smooth and untreated​
  8. Hide any imprint under the smooth outer layer.​
  9. Once the hair cools you can brush through it, and the imprint will soften.​
  10. Smaller sections and more layers equals more volume​

FAQ about Voloom

  1. Will it work on curly hair​? 
    Yes, but It will flatten out the curl pattern. Voloom is Best for wavy curly hair. Since the way it works is by separating the individual hairs, a word of Caution if using it too much or hair is coily kinky texture it may tend to make your hair look frizzy. ​
  2. Does Voloom work on short hair​?
    Yes, but make sure you buy the correct size for your hair. Rootie is the recommended size for short hair​

  3. Does Voloom damage hair?​
    Voloom temperature ranges from 220° F to 395° F
    Average Flat Iron reaches 450° F

In Conclusion

The VOLOOM “waffle crimper” as some people have called it, is

  • A good alternative to teasing or backcombing your hair for updos
  • Great for volumizing long heavy hair
  • Great for volumizing fine thin hair without  heavy products

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