Best Travel-Sized Hair Pomades for Women

by Stephanie Sanchez
[ Veteran Hair Coach and Stylists ]

So have you ever thought that Pomades are only for guys?  think again.  

You DO get that impression when you try and find one that's right for you. 

True, some can smell a bit manly.  others have a fresh gender-neutral scent, but others are kind of girly in a punk rocker, biker chick kinda way.

Molding paste, wax, clay, and pomade are often mentioned together, but they are all slightly different.  I want to help you understand the differences.

In this article, We will consider:
  • What are molding pastes, waxes, clays, and pomades for? ​
  • And of course which are travel-friendly?​

I mean, Have you seen the size of your saddlebags?  Not much room!

So if you want to take this show on the road, or if you are headed to BIkeweek or Biketoberfest, these travel sizes will be the key to rocking your style.

Tip: all finishing creams, waxes clays, pomades go on the ends of your hair NOT at the scalp which can weigh your hair down 

Always work the product in your hands to heat it, soften the product, and make sure you have No clumps of product in your hands

Less is more Start with a dime-size amount ( you can always add more) but you can’t remove it without shampooing. 

Rule of thumb: Products that create volume go on wet hair at the root.

Products that create texture goes on dry hair and only on the ends.

Best Travel Sized Pomades For You Hair


There are two types of pomades water-soluble and oil-based.


  1. These are easy to use, easy to spread and easy to rinse out of your hair.​
  2. Since water dilutes this pomade, it gives more hold on dry hair. ​
  3. These give more flexibility in creating different looks throughout the day.​
  4. They are best for former hair gel users, switching over to pomade.​
  5. Some water-soluble pomades are also infused with fibers to give more hold and flexibility. (we will also consider fiber paste later on)​
L’ANZA Healing Style Brilliant Texture, 2 oz.​
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Fibertech | Lady Pomp Womens Styling Pomade​
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Oil-based products give you the most shine 

They are a mixture of wax and oil (in varying degrees)

Oil-based pomades are heavier and thicker (from oil content), more difficult to work (depending on wax content and hardness of the oils)

It's always best to use heat when working with these products. 

Heating up your hands will help you remove it from the container, and disperse it throughout the hair.  The heat from a dryer will help you shape the hair where you want it to go.

These Never completely dry, Even shampooing won't take it completely out  (thus why it's such a great moisturizer) They Can stain your collar, over time. 

Oil-based pomades are known to create strong, long-lasting firmness, moisture retention, and shine, making them ideal for textured, Coily, kinky, or very coarse hair.

Pomades and Coily Hair

Anti-frizz and anti-humidity abilities, work to blend natural roots with relaxed ends, making your hair more manageable. Great for going natural or for in-between salon visits.

 Use as a primer for hair gel; locking in moisture, an adds a layer of protection, and shine. 

Fiber Paste

the most powerful pliable product around.

(great for untamable “porcupine hair”) like the super-strong Moco de Gorila I told you about in my previous article about travel hair gel, but without the crunch and not as shiny.

Fiber is generally thick, and wax-like, which takes a bit of effort to get out of the jar. It may come out in small chunks  Like all wax products you need to heat it up in your hands so that you can work it though your hair.

Fiber products have the ability to add volume to your hair. You can get the “bedhead” kind of look, and it has a matte finish

The fiber binds the strands of your hair together,  kind of like spider webbing. If you’re not careful you could end up pulling some hair out.  So don’t try running your fingers through your hair. Fiber is used for spiking or texture, not for a sleek, wet look of a pomade.

This product is generally used for shorter cuts5cm to 7cm),  if you use it on longer hair, you’d probably end up with a tangled mess.

LOMA Fiber Putty 3 Ounce​
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ORIBE Fiber Groom,1.7 Fl Oz​
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Styling Wax or Texture Paste

As the name suggests, it gives you a low shine finish. It also gives a waxy feel or grip to the hair.

leaves your hair messy or styled, but it will still move in a gust of wind

More hold than a Styling clay

I find that I like this product more when I use it with heat. Which helps spread the wax.  

If I blow dry my hair straight, it really lasts for days with this product. Wax repels water making it less susceptible to humidity. And keeps it bone straight 

SEXYHAIR Style Control Maniac Styling Wax, 1.8 oz​
No products found.
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ColorProof RuleBreaker Firm Flexible Wax
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Not great for tight curls, but can give wavy hair that fun beachy look

 Some brands come with a color added to give you “special effects”  to your hairstyle

MOFAJANG (not TSA approved size for carry-on luggage)

Molding Cream or Styling Clay

happy medium between Gel and Paste. It has a stronger hold like gel, without the high-shine finish.

Like molding gel in that, you can create dramatic shapes and lots of hold.

This product has a matte finish and is re-moldable   Unlike molding gel that once you brush it the hold is pretty much gone.

Living Proof Amp Texture Volumizer, 2 oz​
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Wella EIMI Texture Touch Reworkable Matte Clay​
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SEXYHAIR Style Frenzy Matte Texturizing Clay​
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KMS Kms travel set​
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Some of you asked:

Can pomade be used together with hair cream?

Yes depending on your hair. 

Not for fine or limp hair.

If you have very dry or coarse hair. Or if you are looking for products that have weight. Then yes

Hair cream is like gel and conditioner in one. If you use a small bit of water-based pomade to finish your style. You should not have any problems. Oil-based pomade with hair cream. Will give you a lot of piecing texture. But it will give a lot of additional weight to the hair. 

Can I apply oil-based pomade in my damp hair?

Unless you have short hair  or you want to protect your hair from sun and salt or chlorine 

I would Not, 

it’s not a good idea, Because this product never fully dries. 

on short hair, you would get a slick look all day but without the hardness of a gel.

If your hair is longer unless you have coarse or dry texture it will look stringy and weighed down. Some curly hair girls to this and think it’s great.  I have fine wavy hair texture and would NOT recommend this. 

Can I use a pomade to press my hair with an iron to protect it from the heat?

I actually asked a similar question “is pomade the same as pressing oil?

Sort of, pressing oil has no wax.  Wax is part of the holding ability of a pomade.  So the wax will soften with heat then firm up when cool.  Each pomade has differing amounts of oil to wax content. The more wax content the more holding power it has.

Another factor to keep in mind is, make sure your pomade has oils that are heat resistant and thus better at protecting your hair. Such as Coconut, Argan, etc.

ArtNaturals Professional Argan Oil Pomade​
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SUNAROMA Organic Coconut Oil Hair Pomade​
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Can I use a pomade to curl my hair?

Absolutely make sure you use the right product though 

I would steer clear of Waxes and clays these are for roughing up the texture.  

Curly hair needs smoothing products that add shine .

Where should I keep my pomade?

Most products have some sort of preserving ingredient even if it’s a natural one

Wax, clay and water-based pomade don’t usually go bad

Only if you are not using it every day you can store your oil-based pomade in the fridge so the oils don’t go rancid and get a funky smell. 

The problem with that is, to use it will be difficult.  Run your blow dryer over it for 15-30 seconds to scoop some out of the container.

In Conclusion

  • Texture products can have wax or fibers to give hold, volume, and a matte finish.
  • Pomades are a great finishing product to give you a polished look and tame flyaways.
  • Oil-based pomades are a great primer for gel on coily, 4c, thick textures. As a primer, they help counteract any drying effect of the gel.
  • Pomades can also be used instead of gel for defining curls or for managing short hair.
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