The Top 5 Paddle Brushes for Curly Hair

If you’re looking for the perfect paddle brush for your curly hair, look no further! 

Paddle brushes are essential to maintain and style your curls. Whether you’re looking for a brush to reduce frizz, detangle knots, or add shine to your hairs, there’s a paddle brush for you. We’ll cover the top 5 paddle brushes for curly hair and how each can benefit your hairs. 

Read on to find out which brush will suit your needs!

Buying Guide

We've compiled this comprehensive buying guide to help you find the best one for your curls.

  • Consider the Bristles

The type of bristles used in a paddle brush is crucial in how well it will work for your curly hair.

  • Size and Shape Matters

When choosing a paddle brush for your curly hair, consider the size and shape of the brush head. 

  • Handle Comfort

Using a paddle brush for your curly hair means spending some time holding it, so it's essential to consider the handle's comfort. 

Best Paddle Brushes for Curly Hair

Here are the top 5 paddle brushes for curly hair that can make your hair look beautiful and tangle-free.

1. Goody Let It Shine Paddle Brush

Paddle Brush

Curly hair can sometimes be challenging to manage, but with the right tools, you can have beautiful, tangle-free hairs. One such tool is the Goody Let It Shine Paddle Brush. 

With this brush, you can easily detangle and style your hair with medium to thick hair.


  • The flexible ball-tipped bristles of this paddle brush gently detangle the hair without causing any pain or discomfort. This makes it suitable for both adults and children.
  • The ombre design adds a touch of style to your beauty routine, making it a fashionable accessory in your hair care collection.


  • The bristles' flexibility may not be suitable for those with very fine or thin hair, as it may need more grip on the strands.

2. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 427 Paddle Brush

paddle brush

When caring for curly hair, finding the right paddle brush is essential. The Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 427 Paddle Brush is a top contender that guarantees impressive results for all curl types. This brush, available in a sleek black color, effortlessly glides through your hairs, making it a favorite among hair professionals and enthusiasts.

The rectangular shape of the Paul Mitchell Pro Tools 427 Paddle Brush is specifically designed to cater to the needs of curly hair. Its wide surface area helps to detangle and evenly distribute the product throughout the curls, minimizing the risk of breakage. 


  • Lightweight design for comfortable usage
  • Rectangular shape ideal for detangling curly hair
  • Smooth finish for polished-looking curls
  • It helps build body and volume
  • Suitable for both wet and dry hair


  • The black color may make it challenging to spot any accumulated hair strands during cleaning.

3. Fromm Intuition Hot Paddle Thermal Ceramic Straightening Hair Brush


The Fromm Intuition Hot Paddle Thermal Ceramic Straightening Hair Brush is the perfect solution for effortless styling. This incredible 2-in-1 paddle brush allows you to style your hair while drying it, eliminating additional hot styling tools. 

With its heat-safe bristles that can withstand temperatures up to 425°F, you can create smooth and straight styles without worrying about heat damage.


  • Retains heat for superior smoothing and straightening
  • Adds lift and volume at the roots
  • Reduces frizz and flyaways
  • Ideal for use with a blow dryer


  • It may not be suitable for very thick or coarse hair
  • Requires a blow dryer for effective use
  • Some users may find the paddle shape inconvenient for certain hairstyles

4. T3 Smooth Paddle Brush


A flat cushioned paddle brush is an excellent tool for untangling, smoothing, styling, and maintaining all hair lengths and types, including curly hair. The T3 Smooth Paddle Brush is designed to cater to the unique needs of curly-haired individuals.

With its easy-to-use paddle shape, this brush effortlessly detangles damp hair, making it an ideal choice for post-shower grooming. 


  • Ideal for detangling, smoothing, styling, and grooming all hair lengths and types
  • Particularly beneficial for curly hair
  • It helps reduce frizz, enhancing the natural beauty of curls


  • It may not be suitable for those with extremely thick or coarse hair
  • Bristles may require regular cleaning to maintain optimal performance

5. Conair Detangling Paddle Brush

paddle brush

The Conair Detangling Paddle Brush is a great choice for curly hair due to its gentle and effective detangling abilities. Unlike ordinary hair brushes, this brilliantly crafted brush prevents ripping or pulling out knotted hair

Painless soft plastic bristles glide through the hair with the utmost gentleness, comparable to a wide-tooth comb. This brush is designed to effortlessly detangle those pesky knots without causing any breakage or frizz.


  • Gentle and painless detangling
  • Long bristles for scalp massage and increased circulation
  • Nylon flexible bristles with smooth round tips
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Fine and delicate silicone bristles


  • Requires proper cleaning and maintenance to prevent product buildup

Choosing the right paddle brush for your curly hair can make a big difference in how it looks and feels. We have highlighted five of the best paddle brushes designed to work well with curly hair.

No matter which paddle brush you choose, remember to use it gently and avoid tugging or pulling on your hair. Curly hair requires special care, and these brushes are designed to help you achieve the best results. 

So go ahead and give them a try. Your curly hairs will thank you!

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