Sleeping With a Perm: Materials, Products, and More!

by Tara Smith
[ Hair Stylist ]

How many times have you woken up in the morning only to find your hair in a messy, tangled heap? For individuals with chemical perms or naturally curly hair this can be a huge inconvenience in the morning that not only takes time but a lot of energy and maintenance as well.

Did you know that the way you prepare your hair when you go to sleep the night before can drastically improve ease of styling and the health of your hair overall? This includes what you put on your hair and how you style it for sleeping as well! Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks that can come in handy for our hair when going to sleep with a perm.

Sleeping With a Perm: Wet Hair or Dry Hair

Whether you go to bed with your hair wet or dry is going to be up to you and your personal preference. A certain style you are trying to achieve may need to be started on wet or damp hair which would require sleeping on a wet head. Personally, I would advise against going to sleep on hair that is wet or damp. If possible you want to remove as much moisture using either a microfiber towel or old T-shirt. This will take the excess moisture out of your hair while also reducing the potential for frizz and fly-away. Coating your strands in a light leave-in conditioner product or oil can also promote softness, sheen and healthy, defined curls.

Sleeping With a Perm: Sleep Styles

  • Loose Bun

A super easy, low manipulation sleep style that will protect your hair and define your curls is the loose bun! This sleep style is great for “S” shapes curls or waves. This is usually done on hair that is damp. Simply apply your favorite leave-in conditioner or light oil and pile your hair on the topmost part of your hair. Use a hair-friendly elastic to keep it secure and voila! You’re ready for some shut-eye.

  • Pineapple/Plop

When going to sleep with a perm, the pineapple is incredibly quick to do and makes sure to define your curls for the morning. This style is traditionally done after washing, on damp hair, and uses that microfiber towel we were talking about earlier. Apply your favorite nighttime hair product, lay your microfiber towel on a flat service and place your head directly above it, not too far, and let your hair fall onto the towel. Secure the towel and wake up to soft, defined curls.

  • Braids

Tying the hair up in braids before bedtime is something that has been practiced for centuries across all different types of people. This easy sleep style keeps the hair contained, detangled, and helps define curls. You can do two, three, or as many braids as you want when going to sleep with a perm. Once again, you’ll apply your favorite product and then simply braid your hair and boom! You’re finished!

sleeping with a perm baids

Sleeping With a Perm: What Do I Sleep On?

what do i sleep on

Sleeping presents you with an optimal time to allow products to penetrate your hair while also receiving no manipulation. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or putting on a silk bonnet can greatly reduce any potential damage that could occur to your hair. Cotton can snag the hair and dry it out throughout the night while your hair will glide easily across silk. A simple nighttime regimen for going to sleep with a perm that can help your hair is applying a very light coat of coconut oil to the ends of your hair, damp or dry, putting your hair into your preferred sleep style, and sleeping on your silk pillowcase or bonnet.

Sleeping With a Perm: Healthy Hair

How you prep your hair for going to sleep with a perm can make or break the health and desired style of your hair. Quality products, low manipulation sleep styles that don’t tug or pull on the hair, and a great silk pillowcase or satin bonnet can transform your hair and make styling easier and produce better results. Be good to your hair even while you sleep by implementing these methods into your nightly routine and watch your hair flourish!

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