Side Effects of Hair Volumizing Treatments

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

I have found this topic very difficult to talk about. There isn’t much information based on side effects of volumizing treatments so I’m going to talk to you about what I know from experience

I’m a firm believer in product houses and the research they put into their products.

Extensive research is done for a few years before any product is released onto the market and into salons.

Volumizing treatments are made up of Vit B5, C and E, sunflower , almond , soybean and coconut oil to help add volume to your hair and in some cases keratin. I have never heard of a vitamin being bad for you so I think we are good here so far.

Most volumizing treatments are effective on your hair for up to 6 days of which are then shampooed off little by little when you start washing your hair. Depending how often you wash your hair your treatment can last up to 4 weeks on your hair shaft.

They are designed to layer or bulk up your hair shaft a little more permanently then a volumizing spray or mousse thus lasting a few days.

The only thing I can tell you of its side effects is that too much of any treatment will and can have a build-up on your scalp which can eventually block your follicle causing hair breakage and loss of hair.

This is in extreme cases and isn’t heard of often.

I would suggest you only have this treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Are volumizing products bad for your hair?

As we have already discussed, volumizing treatments contain bulking agents.

The same will apply to volumizing products.

I’ve broken them down into categories for you

  • Volumizing shampoo, I wouldn’t advise you to use this at all. These shampoos contain thickening agents and resins that are formulated to hold onto the cuticle and therefore won’t rinse out of your hair when you wash it.

 It will give you a temporary feeling of bulk but not for long before it creates a build-up on your scalp.

 Remember when you shampoo your hair you are cleansing your scalp of any oils and product build up. Therefore, why would you want to use a volume shampoo that adds agents to your scalp?

 Your scalp won’t be clean. It would be better for you to use a deep cleanse shampoo to lift all build-up of natural oils to get volume instead.

Continued use of volume shampoos can cause inflammation block and irritate your follicle. When this happens, healthy hair stops growing and strands suffocate and can fall out or break.

Salon approved shampoos are less harmful but I would alternate this with a deep cleansing shampoo to avoid build up should you still prefer to use this shampoo. A thumbs down for me!!!

  • Volumizing conditioner, your hair should always be conditioned.

Volumizing conditioner is the best solution for fine thin hair.

It won’t cause the hair to be weighed down unlike the richer ones do. Volumizing conditioner is formulated to improve texture of fine hair and re hydrates and protects the hair with lighter coatings.

Some swell the hair shaft to fatten your hair temporarily.

I give this a thumbs up

  • Volumizing mousse can be bad due to the alcohol in it which helps dry    the product into the hair quicker however there are plenty of best volumizing mousse on the market that don’t all contain alcohol.

You can however use mousse every day on your hair.

Remember though that these products can make your hair sticky as they include ingredients to define frizz and give volume.

Always apply to wet hair and blow dry into your hair for best results and to activate your volume. I give this a thumbs up.

  • Volumizing spray, if used correctly this cannot damage your hair

In fact, most of them contain heat protectors.

Make sure you follow the directions.

If it says apply to wet hair then do that.

These sprays are paraben free, contain pantheons and vitamin E. These are temporary products that wash out of your hair causing no damage or build up. A thumbs up for me

Out of these four products it is obvious to see that the volumizing shampoo Is the only product that can have a side effect on your hair.

If you insist on using this shampoo as it works for you then I would suggest you alternate it with a deep cleansing shampoo to remove any build up on your scalp that may occur.

Do not panic if you have been using your volumizing shampoo for months, it doesn’t mean your hair is going to break, it just means that by now it isn’t working as well as it did and there is probably build up on your scalp.  Now is the time to change products or look at  Natural ways to get volume in hair

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