Mason Pearson: Junior vs Popular vs Handy

by Lauren Gilmore
[ Hair Stylist and Educator ]

Have you heard of Mason Pearson Brushes?

Always though they were too expensive?

Not sure that they are worth the money?

I have used these brushes numerous times and they are truly stunning...

What Is a Mason Pearson Brush?

Mason Pearson hairbrushes have been around for generations, they are a British design that are extremely popular in the hair industry.

The brushes iconic orange pad fills with air through a small hole in the tip of the brush, giving the hairbrush a luxurious soft cushion. It has high-quality boar bristle ensuring beautiful results and longevity of use.

The plastic handles are hand-finished to remove any sharp edges and make the hairbrush more comfortable to hold.

All brushes also come with a 12-month warranty, although they are designed to last.

They Have Numerous Ranges Such As:

  • Large Hair Brushes

  • Medium Hair Brushes

  • Handy Hair Brushes

  • Military Hair Brushes

  • Pocket Hair Brushes

  • Combs

We are going to be taking a look at the Handy, Popular and Junior brushes

Most Popular Mason Pearson Brush 

Mason Pearson Handy Brush :

The Handy hairbrush is one of the smaller hairbrushes in the range, they come in Boar Bristle, Bristle and Nylon and Nylon meaning that there is a brush to suit every type of hair.

They are also available in the following colors:

  • Dark Ruby
  • Blue
  • Ivory White
  • Pink

Boar Bristle B3: 6 rings of stiff Boar Bristle Tufts.

Bristle and Nylon BN3: 6 rings of Boar Bristle and Nylon Tufts.

Nylon N3: 6 rings of Nylon Tufts.

Sensitive SB3: 6 rings of fine Boar Bristle Tufts for fine or thinning hair.

In this range there is a brush for every hair type. It is great for distributing natural oils from the scalp, and it is a great deterrent.

This brush is so gentle, meaning it lowers the risk of  breakage from brushing, making the hair feel fuller, healthier and smoother.

Mason Pearson Popular Large Hair Brush

The popular brush comes in the large hair brushes range. These larger hairbrushes capture more hair with each stroke and are ideal for longer hair.

They come in the following colors:

  • Dark Ruby
  • Blue
  • Ivory White
  • Pink

Popular BN4: 8 rings of Boar Bristle and Nylon Tufts.

This brush makes your hair feel soft and shiny after brushing, it looks and feels professional, and the bristles intensely massage your scalp.

This brush will last you years, as will all of the other brushes in the Mason Pearson Range.

Mason Pearson BN2 Junior Bristle and Nylon Hair Brush

The Junior brush comes in the medium hairbrush range. These hair brushes are one of the more popular choices for all types of hair and they come in a full range of bristle choice and colours

These brushes come in the following colors:

  • Dark Ruby
  • Blue
  • Ivory White
  • Pink

Junior BN2: 7 rings of Boar Bristle and Nylon Tufts.

This brush is great because it glides through the hair easily without the hair going static, it leaves the hair looking neater and it can be used for detangling and/or blow drying.

It is definitely worth the money!

Regular brushing is important for our hair, so it is important to find a brush to suit you!

When picking your brush, it is important to know which Mason Pearson brushes suit which hair type.

Pure Boar Bristle: For fine to normal hair, with sensitive versions for fine/thinning hair.

Boar Bristle and Nylon: For normal to thick hair.

Nylon: For thick hair types.

How Do You Maintain These Brushes?

If you maintain your Mason Pearson brush it can last you around 30 years!

All brushes should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain hygiene, keep the bristles in good condition and keep them looking the best that they can.

See this video on tips on how to clean your Mason Pearson Brush.

Brushing Your Hair With A Mason Pearson

The key to brushing your hair is to brush slowly, starting from the tips, continue up the hair in slow downwards strokes, then brush from the crown to the tip letting the bristles massage the scalp.

The bristles will ensure that the scalps' natural oils are distributed evenly throughout.

If you do want a cheaper alternative the Denman D80M Brush is really good, this brush is made from Nylon Bristles.  It is suitable for all hair types and is designed to reduce pain when brushing.

I love this brush for extensions and detangling as it is soft and easy to use, although the longevity isn’t as good.

All of the Mason Pearson brushes are beautiful! My favourite out of the Handy, Junior and Popular brush is definitely the Junior BN2 brush.

I love this brush because it’s a good size, ideal for all hair types and it is light weight to use.

It is definitely a good all-rounder brush and is definitely worth the investment!

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