Top Least Damaging Hairdryers Picks for you

by Noelene Peters
[ Hair Stylist and Salon Owner ]

We are all concerned with the amount of heat applied to our hair and how much damage we are doing when blow drying our hair.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it time and time again from some of my clients. They simply do not blow dry their own hair until they visit me at the salon. This can be up to 6 weeks.

What most of you are unaware of or have not been educated about from your stylist is that although heat can cause damage to your hair, with the correct heat protectant products, holding your hair dryer at the right angle, as well as a great hair dryer, these simple steps can and will eliminate less damage to your hair.

For years I have been guilty of not educating my clients on the simple steps of blow drying their hair while minimizing the damage that heat can cause.

Before I begin asking about their families and events they have attended, I sit them down and discuss their hair problem first. I always include in my consultation the correct shampoo and conditioner, the best suited heat protector and a finishing styling aid.

These few steps will make your hair feel amazing. That is my promise to you. The added bonus is you can use your hair dryer without fear.

Revlon One Step and volumizer

Something different if you are feeling adventurous and don’t want the hassle of a dryer and brush.  Why not try this for volume and styling your hair.

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Its features include :

  • The brush part of the dryer has nylon pins and tufted bristles for detangling your hair.
  • The round edges give you volume.
  • It has 1100 watt power, not the highest there is but gives off enough heat without causing damage.
  • It can be used close to the scalp creating volume.
  • Includes 3 heat settings and has an ion generator for quicker drying time.  The ceramic coating is to protect the hair with even heat distribution.

Instyler Turbo Ionic Hair dryer

This dryer has technology that guarantees to dry your hair twice as fast.

The DC motor and Turbine fan give the lightest and most powerful dryer to make it easier to dry your hair.

It has customized ion levels that will ensure your hair has the perfect style.

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Its features include :

  • High compression Turbine fan.
  • Turbo ionic switch which allows you to set this to your preferred setting, remember you can set it high for thick hair and lower for thin or fine hair.
  • Tourmaline technology which emits infrared heat and negative ions , making the heat more gentler on your hair.
  • It comes with 2 heat settings.

Conair 1875 Ionic Ceramic

This dryer comes complete with a powerful motor and airflow for a quick dry which is what you want if your hair is damaged.

The motor is Tourmaline Ceramic Technology which to recap gives off infrared heat protecting your hair from heat damage, the ionic technology assists with eliminating frizz.

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Its features include :

  • 3 heat settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • Non slip grip
  • Cool shot button
  • Hinged filter for cleaning

Bio Ionic Gold Pro Travel

I’ve decided to throw in a travel dryer for the more adventurous people who travel frequently.  It doesn’t mean you have to settle for a hotel dryer when this baby comes complete with everything you need technologically for your hair. It is designed to fit comfortably into your travel bag without taking up too much space.

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Its features include :

  • It has a compact 1200 Watt motor
  • Gives off  bio ionic moisturizing heat
  • Infrared heat
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Adjustable speed settings

This compact dryer’s ceramic barrel is infused with 24K gold mx, which is a mineral complex that conditions the strands of your hair and locks in the moisture while you dry your hair.

I think this is a fabulous dryer to maintain your hair while on holiday.

Amaxy limited edition

This dryer has a great look to it finished off with a hint of gold.  It gives me a bit of comfort knowing my hair is in great hands as the color gold always reminds me of quality.

The Amaxy limited edition has ceramic honeycomb technology which has taught me something new today.  This is where the dryer uses low penetration heat to dry your hair.

Its perfect for dry damaged hair and other hair types.

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Its features include :

  • 2000 watt powerful motor
  • Far infrared heat (explained further down)
  • Offers maximum shine
  • 2 nozzles
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 2 speed settings
  • Removable filter – always handy to maintain your dryer
  • Ensuring it lasts longer.

Keep in mind damaged hair is fragile hair so I would suggest amongst other technologies offered in a hair dryer to look out for infrared.

Infrared infuses heat gently into your hair while infrared heats the up evenly and helps seal moisture inside the cuticle.

This edition of the Amaxy includes a free flat iron which has titanium plates for less damage to your hair.

It’s the perfect combination of a hair dryer and flat iron to finish and lock in your style.

The above hairdryers all have ionic technology in them to remind you this reduces the hairs surface tension leaving your hair less prone to tangle.

  • Tourmaline – emits infrared heat and negative ions
  • Ceramic – emits non damaging infrared which dry’s the hair more gently

Just a gentle reminder that it is important to dry your hair off before you begin styling your hair with a brush.  Do not brush your hair when it is wet as it is fragile as mentioned earlier and always use a comb.  The rule of thumb is brush dry hair and comb wet hair. 

Never try and dry your hair from completely wet to dry.  It makes no difference how much technology is in any hairdryer you will simply damage your hair.

I would not suggest you leave your hair to dry naturally either as once water touches the hair it begins to swell thus changing the molecular structure of the hair.  This is when the hair is at its most fragile state. Rather give it a quick blast to avoid the hair swelling further.

It is becoming popular to have a 3 speed dryer, but don’t stress if yours is only 2 speed as this is most common.  The third speed of the dryer is there to give extra air flow options.

I prefer using one speed to blast and dry the hair off and the other lower speed to style my hair into shape controlling the hair from flying away.

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